Social Studies Olympiad Class 7

Social Studies Olympiad Class 7 is an important exam where students are tested for different subjects under the same umbrella. Each and every chapter has equal weightage and importance. This exam is conducted for the intent and purpose to encourage and develop students’ understanding for all kinds of situations. It makes the future ready, be it for their careers or even for other competitive exams. The Olympiad exams not only test the academic knowledge of students but also tests their decision making, creative thinking and analytical thinking ability. Apart from asking questions from the particular subject, Indian Talent Olympiad includes questions from the logical reasoning section too. The exam captures the fast imagination of the present generation. All students of class 7 are eligible to take part in this exam. There is no pre-requisite for this exam. Teachers and parents must encourage all students to participate in such competitions. These are conducted at national and international levels. Thus, any rank scored in these exams matter in the students’ future. These are recognized when they go in for higher education.

The application fee or the registration fee is Rs 200 that can be paid online. The exam is conducted annually offline as well as online. Social Studies Class 7 Olympiad syllabus caters to the school syllabus. Students when take part in such exams, find it easy to prepare for other competitions apart from their school exams. Olympiads are the best way to bring in confidence, clarity in concepts and improve one’s performance. The Olympiad exams are based on multiple choice questions, but with tricky incorrect answers and one correct answer. Students need to have a very strong understanding of the subject before they select the right answer. Thus, only those who prepare for this exam from the beginning are able to find the correct answer easily.

How to Prepare for Class 7 Social Studies Olympiad

To prepare for the Social Studies Olympiad Class 7 exam, students need to understand the concepts well. If students are aware of the syllabus and the basic fundamentals, it becomes easy for them to identify expected questions and thus prepare accordingly. Students can also work on their weak areas. It motivates them to excel in studies. Once a student gets deep into the concepts, it becomes easy for them to know what is happening around. Parents must encourage their children to read the newspapers regularly. Apart from school textbooks, other sources such as the newspapers and magazines also give them a lot information. It improves their general knowledge and even reading capabilities.

Once students understand the events that take place around the world, they are able to write theories related to the same. Writing answers in their own handwriting is a good thing. It helps them to memorize and strengthen their communication skills. It helps them to keep a check on areas where they may require additional support. Parents must encourage students to keep revising the concepts and topics again and again, so that they can recall it better. School textbooks are the best study material to rely for Olympiad preparation.

Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 7

The syllabus for the Social Studies Class 7 Olympiad exam is as prescribed the schools and the leading boards of the country. Students need not learn something that is out of the school curriculum. NCERT textbooks and other school recommended textbooks are more than sufficient for individual preparation. The syllabus is available on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Students can compare the same with their school books and realize that if they prepare for the Olympiads, they automatically prepare for school academic exams. The syllabus is created by subject matter experts who compare the existing school curriculum with the present requirements.

All chapters that are included in the Olympiad syllabus are given equal importance and weightage. Indian Talent Olympiad has taken a lot of effort in considering minute details from the school curriculum to leave no stone unturned in students’ preparation. The learning outcomes play a crucial role in improving students’ performance. Teachers can help students understand the syllabus well in advance, provide a quick revision of all chapters before the Olympiad exams and ask them tricky questions in class. Students must practice and revise concepts regularly. Never skip any concept due to any reason. At Indian Talent Olympiad students gain the required confidence to improve their academic scores.

- Chapter 1: Vijyanagra and Bahamani Kingdoms

- Chapter 2: Bhakthi and Sufi movements

- Chapter 3: New kings and Kingdom

a: Nayakas, Palegaras, Naada Prabhus

b: Wodeyars of Mysuru, Kakatiyas, Rajputas, Marathas, Deccan Kingdoms

- Chapter 4: Sultans of Delhi

- Chapter 5: Mughal empire

- Chapter 6: Arabs and Turkish Invasions

- Chapter 7: Establishment and impact of British Empire

- Chapter 8: Freedom struggle

- Chapter 9: Social and religion reforms

- Chapter 10: Industrial Revolutions

- Chapter 11: Asia, Africa and Europe

- Chapter 12: America (North and South), Australia and Antarctica

- Chapter 13: Weather And Climate

- Chapter 14: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

- Chapter 15: Structure of Earth

- Chapter 16: Human Environment- Settlement, Transport and Communication

- Chapter 17: Air and Water

- Chapter 18: Natural Resources-Soil Minerals

- Chapter 19: Naturals regions

- Chapter 20: Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

- Chapter 21:Democracy

- Chapter 22:Fundamental Rights of Duties

- Chapter 23:Our Defense Forces

- Chapter 24:Factors of production

- Chapter 25:Tax and its Importance

- Chapter 26:Our Constitutions

- Chapter 27: Map


Class 7 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Class 7 Olympiad exam for all those interested to improve their scores in this subject. Many times students and parents give extra attention only to Maths and Science, thinking that these are scoring subjects. That’s of course true, and these two subjects also lay the foundation for many career option, however, social studies are also equally important. This subject ensures that students become responsible global citizens. Parents and teachers can register for the Social Studies Class 7 Olympiad exam by visiting the Student Registration page. Here you will get all details about the exam and can also opt for other exams if required.

The registration is open for all students irrespective of the schools and boards they come from. The registration can be done within a few clicks. The mobile number given for registration will be used for all further communication. The Olympiad exam schedule is live and up on the website. To check the dates please visit the Annual Exam Schedule button on the home page. The exams are conducted during December and January for the first round. The online exam as well as the offline exam timetable is displayed on the website.