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Science Olympiad for Class 5

International Science Olympiad for class 5 exam for students tests their knowledge on various topics such as states of matter, environment, internal organs, solar system, natural resources, fuel and energy, crops, diseases and its prevention and so on. Olympiad books for class 5 are designed by Indian Talent Olympiad keeping in mind student’s requirements. A team of professionals have devised content, practice questions with answer keys and explanations and logical reasoning section in all books available for the International science Olympiad. The organization understands that students require questions that are relevant to their school exam. Therefore, keeping this in mind, books are based on existing school syllabus. It caters to all boards namely State boards, International boards, CBSE and ICSE boards. It helps them to score well in school exams apart from Olympiad exams. The books have various chapters with many multiple choice questions for students to practice at home.

Syllabus of Olympiad Exam for Class 5:

  • Chapter 1: States of Matter
  • Chapter 2: Environment and Us
  • Chapter 3: Busy at Work - Our Internal Organs
  • Chapter 4: Community and Health Hygiene
  • Chapter 5: Force, Work, and Energy
  • Chapter 6: Solar System
  • Chapter 7: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 8: Fuels and Energy
  • Chapter 9: All about Crop
  • Chapter 10: Sense and Emotion
  • Chapter 11: Disease and Its Prevention
  • Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning

Olympiad Workbooks:

If you are planning to appear for competitive exams like Olympiad exam for class 5, you have to be prepared to face higher level questions which need a clear understanding of the basics and a very strong foundation. Indian Talent Olympiad(ITO) launched Science Olympiad exams for class 5 students. The Olympiad books for class 5 are also made available to the students. These workbooks comprise the topics from the school board syllabus. The topics in Science Workbook are well classified and segregates as per the chapters. Every question comes with answer keys which are well explained. Simple and reader-friendly language is used so that the students may understand effortlessly.

Olympiad previous year question paper:

Students who fail to solve previous year National Science Olympiad Question Papers Class 5 often feel that they miss out on questions in the examination as they didn’t manage time appropriately. So, solving previous year papers teaches students the value of time management. Students also improve with the passage of time. For instance, if students solve one sample paper in an hour and 10 minutes the first time they attempted it, it is highly likely that student will finish it within an hour the next time they attempt it.The question paper of International Science Olympiad (ISO) has informative content that engages the child thoroughly. Students are referred to this question paper not only for Olympiad exams but for general knowledge as well.

How do I prepare for Science Olympiad class 5?


To prepare for Science Olympiad class 5 students must have an analytical bent of mind. Science is a practical subject that requires practical understanding of concepts. Although theoretical knowledge is important to understand basic concepts, science makes students apply those theories to real life. With experiments, and hands-on practice Science becomes an interesting subject. Science teachers often teach using real-life examples to make learning fun. To prepare for Science Olympiad class 5 refer to workbooks prescribed by Indian Talent Olympiad. These books consist of variety of questions that make students develop problem solving skills from a young age.

How many levels are there in Science Olympiad?

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Science Olympiad (ISO) every year. It has announced the Annual exam to be scheduled in December and February. It has only one level but the exam is scheduled in two slots as per the convenience of students. The organization ensures students get maximum practice thus has organized for weekly test series also known as the student test at home exam. Being conducted every 2nd and 4th Saturday, these tests expose students to variety of questions. These are probably the best way to prepare for Science Olympiad.

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