International Science Olympiad for class 5 exam for students tests their knowledge on various topics such as states of matter, environment, internal organs, solar system, natural resources, fuel and energy, crops, diseases and their prevention, and so on. Olympiad books for class 5 are designed by Indian Talent Olympiad keeping in mind student’s requirements. A team of professionals has devised content, practice questions with answer keys and explanations, and logical reasoning section in all books available for the International Science Olympiad. The organization understands that students require questions that are relevant to their school exams. Therefore, keeping this in mind, books are based on the existing school syllabus. It caters to all boards namely State boards, International boards, CBSE, and ICSE boards. It helps them to score well in school exams apart from the Olympiad exams. The books have various chapters with many multiple-choice questions for students to practice at home.
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Workbooks offer a structured and organized approach to studying for the Class 5 Science Olympiad. These along with the previous year question paper form a part of educational resources ut out by ITO to help students, these typically provide a step-by-step breakdown of concepts, allowing students to grasp complex topics gradually and introduce them to the exam format and question types. Workbooks often include diagrams, and examples, making learning more engaging and facilitating better retention. The systematic progression in workbooks ensures that students cover the entire syllabus in a logical sequence, leaving no knowledge gaps. Previous year question papers also serve as handy reference guides, while workbooks provide quick access to key formulas, definitions, and important concepts.


Students of class 5 are believed to have entered middle-school age. In the 5th grade, students are introduced to complex concepts in different subjects. They learn new scientific notions, and vocabulary that is used significantly in the higher classes. The 5th-grade curriculum forms an important part of their academic life, as this is the time to cement skills learned and use them to lay foundations for the years ahead. In short, class 5 is all about helping students what they have practiced in the previous years, grow and refine their skills. The science Olympiad exam for class 5 helps students to analyze material in a well-structured way. The syllabus is the same which is prescribed by all boards nationally. The Olympiad exams are to encourage students to become more independent in learning. Teachers expect students to understand concepts, analyze and come to conclusions using their own research methodologies. The learning outcome is focused more on a self-governing model. The chapter-wise Olympiad syllabus that would be covered for students of class 5 is here.
  • Chapter 1: States of Matter
  • Chapter 2: Environment and Us
  • Chapter 3: Busy at Work - Our Internal Organs
  • Chapter 4: Community and Health Hygiene
  • Chapter 5: Force, Work, and Energy
  • Chapter 6: Solar System
  • Chapter 7: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 8: Fuels and Energy
  • Chapter 9: Solar System
  • Chapter 10: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 11: Fuels and Energy
  • Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning
ISO Science Olympiad Workbook Class 5


Students gain a variety of advantages when they prepare for the Science Olympiad for class 5 with the help of a workbook. Firstly, it provides a structured approach to learning, ensuring that all necessary topics are covered. Students are able to strengthen their understanding and identify areas in which they need improvement, thanks to the numerous practice opportunities that are provided by workbooks. In addition, the fact that workbooks are interactive keeps students actively engaged, which in turn, makes the learning process enjoyable and efficient. By utilizing Science Olympiad workbooks, students can acquire a solid scientific foundation and develop the skills necessary for success in future competitions and academic pursuits.


Incorporating previous year question papers into the preparation process for the International Science Olympiad Class 5 is highly beneficial. It not only helps students become accustomed to the format of the examination, but it also contributes to the development of their confidence, improves their ability to solve problems, and reinforces their understanding of scientific concepts. Students can improve their chances of doing well in the Science Olympiad for Class 5 by studying these question papers and applying the knowledge they obtain from them. The resource can be put to good use for practice, for working on one's improvement in weaker subject areas, and for aiding in the management of one's time.
Science Previous Year Question Paper Class 5


Students have the opportunity to be recognized for their scientific knowledge by competing in the Science Annual or Monthly Olympiad for class 5. These monthly exams are held all year long. If a student participates in the Olympiad and achieves a high level of success, they may be eligible for prizes such as awards, certificates, and scholarships. These things can significantly improve a student's academic profile and open doors to new opportunities in the future. The Science Annual Olympiad is often recognized and respected by educational institutions and employers, providing students with a competitive edge in their educational and professional pursuits.Students can participate in either of the exam formats based upon their convenience.


The annual Olympiads are conducted in December and February by Indian Talent Olympiad. These exams are for 50 marks. The subjects of annual Olympiads are Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, Computer, Drawing, Essay and Social Studies respectively. The time limit for all subjects is 45 minutes (online exam) and 65 minutes (offline exam), except the Drawing exam is for 60 minutes and the Essay exam is for 40 minutes.
Indian Talent Olympiad allows the fifth graders to experiment with different questions. It allows them to form a new perspective of scientific concepts. It becomes easy for students to differentiate between different perspectives. Science is one of the critical subjects in students’ life. It acts as one of the stepping stones and plays a crucial role in enabling students to enjoy learning. The annual exam pattern is designed keeping in mind the school syllabus. The questions are from the same chapters taught in class. Those who participate in annual Science Olympiad are able to study better for their school exams. It indirectly reduces stress faced by students during examinations. This is because of the practice that Olympiads provide well before the final exam.
Annual Olympiads are extremely beneficial for students. It covers the entire syllabus, proves to be a valuable aid to complete their science projects and prepare for competitive exams. The base formed after participating in these exams cannot be compared to any other exam. It gives a strong foundation from a young age. It is very easy to participate in the online annual Olympiad. All you have to do is get yourself registered with the organization. Once the registration process is complete, you will get to know the dates of upcoming Annual Olympiads. Our website is updated with the latest exam happenings. Please check the timetable and syllabus online. Annual Olympiads be at your doorstep.
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The monthly Olympiads are practice exams conducted each month by Indian Talent Olympiad. The monthly Olympiad of science for students of class 5 is held for a duration of 25 minutes, in which they have to attempt 30 questions. These exams are conducted online for which students can use any tablet or smartphone. They can participate any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm according to the schedule. Students can opt for Science as one subject or enroll themselves for Combo Packs that include Olympiads in Maths, Science, GK, and English. Most of the questions in these tests focus on teaching students how to understand and develop ideas of their own. They are encouraged to support their ideas using the Olympiad workbooks.
The monthly Olympiad includes multiple-choice questions. It makes students to ponder over the question before finalizing the right one. This ensures have understood the concept well. It is believed that such objective questions are difficult to solve as compared to long subjective questions. Olympiad exams make students thorough in each and every chapter and each and every topic.
All exams are conducted using the multiple-choice format, except for the Drawing and the Essay exam. For these two exams, students have to upload live photographs of their drawings or written content for evaluation. It helps them to learn facts, develop opinions, explain events and learn other texts. Olympiad exams help students to identify certain strategies that can be used in their future years of learning. Monthly Olympiads help to expand students’ skills as they practice extensively from all subjects.
The key to success is practice, this practice is best given by Indian Talent Olympiad. Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive five subjects for Practice Live Test with Score.


Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive five subjects for Practice Live Test with a Score


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To prepare for Science Olympiad class 5 students must have an analytical bent of mind. Science is a practical subject that requires a practical understanding of concepts. Although theoretical knowledge is important to understand basic concepts, science makes students apply those theories to real life. With experiments and hands-on practice, Science becomes an interesting subject. Science teachers often teach using real-life examples to make learning fun. To prepare for Science Olympiad class 5 refer to workbooks prescribed by Indian Talent Olympiad. These books consist of a variety of questions that make students develop problem-solving skills from a young age.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Science Olympiad (ISO) every year. It has announced the Annual exam to be scheduled in December and February. It has only one level but the exam is scheduled in two slots as per the convenience of students. The organization ensures students get maximum practice thus has organized weekly test series also known as the student test at-home exam. Being conducted every 2nd and 4th Saturday, these tests expose students to a variety of questions. These are probably the best way to prepare for Science Olympiad.