Maths Olympiad Class 7

In order to stay ahead in this competitive world, different Olympiad exams have been introduced in several schools. Indian Talent Olympiad’s international Maths Olympiad for Class 7 is one such exam that tests the reasoning ability of the students. The thoroughly updated and revised IMO Class 7 book is conceptualized and designed by Indian Talent Olympiad, which is a well-known name for all Olympiad exams. The book provides complete coverage on different topics of different boards. It has several practice questions that allows students to practice at home. The book engages the student, thus making it interesting to solve more and more questions Children of today have a lot of potential to exceed teachers’ expectations, provided they are given the right backing. Schools encourage students to take part in such exams, so that they are ready to face other competitive exams too.


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Syllabus For Olympiad Class 7 - 

Class 7 mathematics focuses on topics that eventually build up to the board exams. The topics here are crucial as it forms the base for the coming years. Hence, it is important for students to get their concepts clear from now. Students of class 7 need to concentrate on developing basic knowledge before they move on the to the next chapter. Each and every chapter holds equal weightage in this class. Be it the number system, fractions, linear equations, integers, data handling, lines and angles, triangles and its properties, quantities and lot more, students must be through in all of them. Olympiad exams can be one of the ways through which students can achieve mastery over questions. The syllabus for Olympiads is the same as prescribed by schools. These are additional exams that have proven to be beneficial to all participants. Students indirectly practice for the same set of questions that may be asked in school, but in a different way. The question framing is done differently for Olympiads as it is aimed to test students’ understanding of fundamentals. Students require to utilize their knowledge on each and every question of the Maths Olympiad.

Some of the other advantages of these tests are that students receive thorough understanding on the subject. The syllabus is exactly as prescribed by school. Students feel motivated when they fare well in these exams. Questions range from simple to advanced levels, to help students to grasp the subject matter. Many times students find it tough to juggle between formulas and their implications. The Olympiad exams makes learning a lot easier. All thanks to the exam pattern and the format, students develop good command over all the topics covered in school.

- Chapter 1: Number System

- Chapter 2: Fractions & Decimals

- Chapter 3: Linear Equation in One Variable

- Chapter 4: Algebraic Expression

- Chapter 5: Comparing Quantities

- Chapter 6: Exponents and Power

- Chapter 7: Ratio & Proportion

- Chapter 8: Practical Geometry & Lines and Angles

- Chapter 9: The Triangle & Its Properties

- Chapter 10: Mensuration

- Chapter 11: Data Handling

- Chapter 12: Logical Reasoning


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IMO Maths Olympiad Class 7


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Maths Privous Year Question Paper Class 7


Class 7 Maths Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

The class 7 Annual Olympiads are conducted twice a year – in December and February. These are similar to the school annual exams; the only difference being is the format of the paper. The Maths Annual Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes, in which students are asked 50 multiple choice questions.

The Olympiad exams for class 7 cover all the important concepts and topics that are required to develop strong mathematical foundations. The content and the questions asked in both monthly Olympiads as well as annual Olympiads are designed by highly qualified Maths exponents of the country. The solutions provided after the exam helps students to comprehend the right answer. It acts as a learning guide and is one of the best methods to help students prepare for higher standards. Those who develop excellent foundational abilities in Maths, find it easy to attempt other competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, NTSE etc. Olympiad exams are the best way to develop an aptitude for the subject. All tests conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad is built on the most trusted and latest platform. Students are encouraged for their performance in Olympiads. They undergo rigorous training throughout the year and thus are able to outshine their peers.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s monthly and annual Olympiads are tech-enabled that are delivered to your doorstep. Teachers often recommend students to participate in Olympiads through Indian Talent Olympiad and contribute to the community in which we live. The organization strives to make the world a better place for the generations to come. Its focus on education ensures to leave no stone unturned in bringing the best out of all school children. Online teaching has paved way for a better tomorrow.



Monthly Olympiads - 

The monthly Maths Olympiads are online tests where students of class 7 can participate and practice for their upcoming school exams. These tests can be taken any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Students are asked 30 multiple choice questions and are given a time limit of 25 minutes, within which they have to complete the test. Students will be given four options to choose from, out of which one option would be the correct answer. The other subjects in which students can participate for the monthly Olympiads are the power packs. These power packs are all-inclusive in nature. Students who opt for power packs can participate in Maths, Science, English, GK and Essay.

Students often find that they are lagging behind as compared to their peers. This may be because, some students may take more time to understand difficult questions. Students who are exposed to the monthly tests, get used to tricky questions. It becomes easy for them to select the right answer and thus improve their speed. Olympiad exams help students to work on their proficiency, accuracy and even speed. It teaches them time management skills, which are crucial for all competitive exams. Olympiads precise content allows students to develop better understanding of the subject.