Science Olympiad For Class 7

International Science Olympiad for class 7 (ISO) exams by Indian Talent Olympiad is an Olympiad exam aimed to familiarize students with international level competitions. This exam is for students of standard 7 who want to excel in their school exams. Olympiad books for Class 7 are designed by experts in the field of science. The books contain chapter-wise multiple choice questions with answers and explanations to the questions. This helps students to understand the concept in a better way. It also contains logical reasoning sections to help the students boost their reasoning skills. The syllabus for International Science Olympiad class 7 exam is based on existing school syllabus. Teachers often recommend students to practice as many questions as possible from Olympiad books so that their existing knowledge on topics is enhanced. Students are indirectly exposed to different questions that helps them in their school exams.


Preparation Material for Class 7 Science Olympiad - 

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 7 - 

Preparing for the class 7 Science Olympiad becomes very easy when students have a good understanding of the syllabus. All Olympiad exams follow the school curriculum. It helps students to create strong foundation for the years to come. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the best platforms to prepare not only for Olympiad exams, but also for other competitions. Class 7 is a crucial point in the lives of all children. It is now when their minds are stable to take informed decisions. Having said so many students still find it tough to arrive at career choices. To solve the confusion, parents can help them by permitting them to participate in Olympiads. It allows them to know their strengths and weaknesses. It is one of the best exams that tests aptitude. When students prepare for Olympiad exams, they indirectly revise the entire school syllabus, and thus gain more marks in all school tests. This exam helps them to build a scientific mindset, right from an early age.

Parents can compare the syllabus provided by Indian Talent Olympiad with the school curriculum. It is advised not to miss out any chapter or topic. Teachers recommend to cover the entire portion in the given time. It is a good practice to start early preparations, and maintain a time table to prepare for Olympiads. These exams provide a good command over basics. Solve sufficient number of questions from the International Science Olympiad (ISO), to boost self-confidence. Check out chapter-wise syllabus that would be covered for students of class 7.

- Chapter 1: Natural Resources and Calamities

- Chapter 2: Waste Water Management

- Chapter 3: Reproduction in Living Things

- Chapter 4: Classification of Substances

- Chapter 5: Light Propagation

- Chapter 6: Water

- Chapter 7: Organization of Living Things

- Chapter 8: Circulation

- Chapter 9: Acids, Bases and Salts

- Chapter 10: Heat

- Chapter 11: Adaptation

- Chapter 12: Food

- Chapter 13: Control and Co-Ordination

- Chapter 14: Electricity

- Chapter 15: Sound and Its Propagation

- Chapter 16: Logical Reasoning


Olympiad Workbooks - 

Science Olympiad for class 7 is the best fit for students to improve their understanding of the subject. The Olympiad books for class 7 keep students fully acquainted with different topics from the school board syllabus. The topics are segregated according to Chapter. The questions in the workbook are multiple choices that come with explanatory answers for every logical question. The questions in the workbook are composed of experts. Competitive exams like Science Olympiad encourages students to gain a thorough knowledge of all topics that are part of their school syllabus. The reasoning skills of the students increase by attempting logical questions. Students existing knowledge on various topics gets enhanced.

ISO Science Olympiad Class 7


Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper - 

Previous year National Science Olympiad Question Papers for Class 7 are set by highly experienced and talented teachers. These standardized papers will also have improvised Science Olympiad sample questions which a child can get exposed to early on. Performance in these papers can give a realistic view of child’s skills. It focuses on helping a child extract vital information within the problem and adopt a reasoning approach. A child must go through solved examples related to the application of any theory and try to solve similar types later on. When students solve exam papers of the last few years, it will help them to understand the recent trend of the exam.

Science Privous Year Question Paper Class 7


Class 7 Science Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads are organized by Indian Talent Olympiad every year to welcome talent from different schools. It gives students an opportunity to come together and showcase their skills on national and international platforms. They are conducted both online as well as offline. Both these exams are open to students from class 1. It is indeed an honor for parents to see kids as young as 5 or 6-years old to be participate at such a prestigious level.

Indian Talent Olympiad encourages students of grade 1 to become thorough in concepts taught in class. This can be done only when they are exposed to different competitions. The Online Annual exams are held for a duration of 45 minutes whereas the Offline Annual exams are held for a duration of 65 minutes. Except for the Drawing exam, which is held for 60 minutes, and the Essay exam, which is held for 40 minutes. Similar to the monthly exams, online exams can also be taken from home using any tablet or smartphone. Students can take these exams at their convenience anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The annual Olympiad exams consist of 50 questions that have to be answered within the given time limit. These questions are all asked in the multiple-choice format. Students have four options to choose from, out of which one would be the correct answer and the other three would be distractors. When children of class 1 think which option would suit the most, they analyze why the other options would probably be wrong. This learning methodology helps them to differentiate from the other options and become confident about the right answer.

Olympiad exams are all about arriving at the right answer. The exam questions include subjective questions, logical reasoning questions and higher-order thinking questions. To know more about the upcoming Olympiads, please click the link below:

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Monthly Olympiads - 

Students of class 7 can participate in the Monthly test of International Science Olympiad (ISO). These are held every month. Keeping in mind today’s pace, these are online tests that can be taken from any smartphone or tablet. It allows students to practice different questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is the best way to test students’ interest in the subject of science. It also allows to them to choose medical or engineering fields in the near future. The general objective of the monthly test is to evaluate ones’ personal learning, review one’s own work, and enjoy the different ways questions can be represented.

The combo pack exams include tests in Science, Maths, English, and GK. The tests are conducted for a duration of 25 minutes, in which students get to solve 30 questions. The tests can be taken anytime between 10:00 and 6:00 sitting at home. Parents can supervise their children and understand their strengths and weaknesses. The scores scored at Olympiads help to evaluate self- performance.

Instead of simply mugging up concepts, the monthly tests assure a complete understanding of fundamentals. Students are able to relate to scientific experiments and pinpoint trends that have evolved over the years. Science is one subject that constantly focuses on research and development. Recognize the scientist in your children and promote healthy learning environments for a bright future ahead.

Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive five subjects for Practice Live Test with Score.



Live Online classes:

The students’ might find navigating educational resources rather complex, hence to aid the, the Indian Talent Olympiad has very recently introduced the live online classes for those enrolling for the Science Olympiad class 7 , it  provides them with the opportunity to experience an  impactful learning. These classes have multiple benefits:

1) One gains the opportunity  to have one to one interaction with the teacher on the online platform.

2) The students get to learn with proper interaction , attention and care from the teacher.

3) The students can access the class from any devices as per their convenience.

4) The classes greatly  benefit the students when it comes to  clearing doubts in a simpler and easier way with effective, informative interaction.

5) Students become confident upon their learning and skills when they understand their subject better.

6) The classes being interactive greatly aid the students in  developing a better understanding of the subject.

One can register for the classes here:




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