Science Olympiad For Class 6

International Science Olympiad for class 6 (ISO) workbook by Indian Talent Olympiad is a uniquely designed book that enhances student’s understanding of various topics. The workbook is enriched with illustrations and different types of question patterns to make learning interesting. It helps students to improve their reasoning skills, thinking ability, and problem-solving skills. The Olympiad books for class 6 keep students fully acquainted with different topics such as separation of mixtures, magnetism, lights, electric circuits, classification of materials, living organisms, measurement and distance, and many more. The language used is simple, thus easy to understand. It contains multiple-choice questions with answer keys and explanations to the questions. It encourages students to gain a thorough knowledge of all topics that are part of their school syllabus. This book assists students to test their scoring abilities and identifies topics where they need special practice.


Preparation Material for Class 6 Science Olympiad - 

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 6 - 

Science is one subject that paves way for students to become ready for competitive exams in engineering or medical. Students studying in class 6 may not be very clear about what career options they want to choose after their 12th standard. Thus, it is important to have strong basic knowledge of all subjects, so that the options after 12 th are plenty. Science and Maths are two subjects that have maximum openings for future career. Science is one subject that is used in day-to-day life. The syllabus for class 6 Olympiad is the same as prescribed by the school.

The syllabus of the Science Olympiad exam for students helps to clear all doubts and dive deeper into concepts. It boosts exam preparation. The science solutions provided are very easy to comprehend. It ensures that students understand fundamentals well. It includes topics such as food and its sources, components of food, different food items such as starch, protein, and fat. It gives them knowledge about deficiency and diseases. It has topics related to different types of fabrics, plant fibers, and spinning of cotton yarn. It also includes sorting material into groups, separating substances using different methods such as handpicking, threshing, winnowing, filtration, and evaporation.

The fun part of science is when students are introduced to body movements, living organisms, shadows and reflections, electricity and circuits, magnets and their uses, and water. These topics are used in our daily lives. It becomes very interesting for students to know more about these concepts. At Indian Talent Olympiad, students get complete assistance to learn and develop their knowledge. All important questions, exam strategies, and other study material can be found here. Below is a chapter-wise overview of all that is covered in the International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam.

- Chapter 1: Separation of Mixtures

- Chapter 2: Changes around Us

- Chapter 3: Magnetism

- Chapter 4: Movement in Living Beings

- Chapter 5: Food and Nutrition

- Chapter 6: Classification of Materials

- Chapter 7: Light

- Chapter 8: Electric Circuits

- Chapter 9: Motion

- Chapter 10: Living Organism and Its Classification

- Chapter 11: Substances in Daily Use

- Chapter 12: Air

- Chapter 13: Measurement and Distance

- Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning


Olympiad Workbooks - 

Students have an Olympiad book for class 6 for Science subject. The book has a combination of the chapters from each section known as Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Olympiad workbooks for Class 6 consist of various chapters from the school board syllabus. Each chapter has a practice question series of various types based on the trending exam pattern. The book is designed specifically to cover up the school board syllabus as a whole. Answer key to these questions come with a justified explanation. The content is designed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Enhancing the thinking ability of students is the main motive of the Science Olympiad exam.

ISO Science Olympiad Class 6


Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper - 

International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam encourages children to develop to understand science concepts from a competition perspective. Revision of topics can be done by solving the previous year Class 6 Science Question Papers consistently. Olympiad exam syllabus and exam format focus on school board syllabus. Students may be good at solving problems topic-wise. But to understand how the real ISO paper is like, sample papers need to be solved. Attempting full-length paper will test your child’s mental as well as physical fitness. Solving a lot of questions related to a particular topic definitely is a confidence-boosting exercise. This will help to discover his or her areas of strength and weaknesses.

Science Privous Year Question Paper Class 6


Class 6 Science Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads are similar to the final examinations of any school. The difference being here is that school final exams have certain limitations, with regards to the number of participants. It has a limited number of students who compete with one another. Annual Olympiads on the other hands opens the door for participants across the country. These are national-level exams that cater to students from different schools. It is one of the best ways to test individual capacity. Students who perform well and secure ranks in the Annual Olympiads become self-motivated individuals in their future. It makes them proud of their achievements, which can be carried forward in their future careers.

To participate in the Annual Olympiads or to know more about these tests, please click the link below.

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Monthly Olympiads - 

Monthly Olympiads are tests that are conducted every month for different subjects. Students can participate in the monthly Science Olympiad or the combo pack that includes all subjects namely Maths, Science, English, and GK. The test duration is 25 minutes; in which they are asked 30 multiple-choice questions. The monthly Olympiads not only act as practice sessions and improve knowledge, but also helps students to develop time management skills. These skills are extremely important for the future. Most children are aware of all the answers to the question paper, but due to lack of speed, somehow they are unable to complete the entire paper. Thus, teachers recommend students to practice on a daily basis. It not only improves speed but also increases proficiency.

Class 6 is when students are gradually introduced to different sections of Science namely physics, chemistry, and biology. It is the right time to include different questions consisting of definitions on the basis of which the chapters are laid. Science is also about mastering diagrams. Students must be well-versed with terms and other labels used in various topics. Indian Talent Olympiad is of the opinion that students must not mug up definitions, instead understand its practical significance. Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive Six subjects for Practice Live Test with Score.

That is why, the monthly Olympiads help them to be thorough in chapter-wise questions. This helps them not only for their school unit tests and other exams, but also for the annual Olympiads. To participate in the monthly Olympiads or to know more about these tests, please click the link below. 




Live Online classes:

Looking for suitable resources and sorting them can be quite a challenge hence, the Indian Talent Olympiad has newly put out live online classes for the students enrolling for the Science Olympiad class 6, it is  to provide them with an opportunity at impactful learning. These classes have multiple benefits:

1.    To provide one with the chance to have one to one interaction with the teacher on the subject topic.

2.    To allow the students to learn with suitable attention and care from the teacher.

3.    The students gain access to the class from any devices as per their convenience.

4.    It helps clear doubts related to the topic in a simpler and easier way with effective interaction.

5.    Students gain confidence upon their learning when they understand their subject better.

6.    The classes happen to be interactive, this helps the students develop a better understanding of the subject.

One can enroll for the classes here: 




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Class 6 Science Olympiad FAQs

How Do I Prepare For Science 6 Olympiad?

To prepare for Science 6 Olympiad, students can purchase study material from Indian Talent Olympiad. It is one of the best Olympiad organizations that not only conducts Olympiad exams but also provides workbooks for study purposes. Students can also buy the previous year’s question paper sets to understand the format and type of questions asked in the paper. Preparing for the Science 6 Olympiad requires students to put in a lot of hard work. Once they are ready to practice a variety of questions, it becomes easy to appear for the final exam.


What Is The Meaning Of Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is conducted at national and international levels by Indian Talent Olympiad. It is a platform to bring together students from different schools and compete with one another. It is much more than classroom exams. The exam consists of multiple choice questions that have to be answered accurately by students. Science focuses mainly on concepts and experiments. Once students understand these basic concepts, it is easy for them to apply and solve all questions. International Science Olympiad (ISO) aims at leveraging scientific concepts among all learners.


How Many Levels Are There In Science Olympiad?

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Science Olympiad (ISO) that consists of only one level. The organization believes that students must practice thoroughly before the final exam, therefore, it conducts online weekly tests every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday respectively. The Annual Olympiad of ISO is scheduled to be held in two slots, the first being December and the second being February. This exam helps students to master basic scientific concepts. It assists them while solving their school exam as well. It is one of the most preferred Olympiad exam.