English International Olympiad Class 7

Students appearing for English Olympiad for Class 7 exams are expected to be familiar with basic grammar and sentence structure. Class 7 is considered to be the turning point in student’s life, which is why the course content is divided into different segments. Olympiad exams give them an edge over others and make them confident to take up school exams. Students can practice the questions from this book and test their knowledge on the subject from preparation material for class 7. English book for Class 7 are available for students to familiarize them with questions and their related answers. Students can take up English proficiency test and get well-versed with the topic.


Preparation Material for English Olympiad Class 7


English Olympiad Syllabus Class 7


The list of skills developed in class 7 forms the base for the upcoming years of students’ study life. The syllabus for class 7 English Olympiad exam is based exactly as per the prescribed norms of different boards. No matter which board your school refers to, it caters to the syllabus of ICSE, CBSE and State boards respectively. Having said so, the focus of class 7 online Olympiad exam is on enhancing grammatical skills. Students are taught sentence structures, they have to identify if the sentence is declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory. Further, they have to figure out the subject and predicate of a sentence.

English grammar is very vast. Some English words have their roots to Greek and Latin. To become a master in this subject, it is advised that students must register for online Olympiads through Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam teaches the same topics, but exposes them to variety of questions. Transitions, modifiers, conjunctions, compound adjectives, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, punctuations and the list goes on. Parents can carefully compare the syllabus of school English exams with the Olympiads and register for online Olympiads.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s online English Olympiad includes several reading and writing exercises. The more the students practice these exercise, the better they become in this subject. Lesson explanation is available in the form of workbooks that can be purchased from our website. All the multiple choice questions covered in the books are helpful for revision for the final exam. With our support registered students can feel at ease while solving their school English exam paper. The entire team of Indian Talent Olympiad is here to help you work successfully and achieve your goal of mastering the subject.

  • Chapter 1: Word power
  • Chapter 2: Degree of Comparison
  • Chapter 3: Clauses
  • Chapter 4: Infinitive, Participle and Gerund
  • Chapter 5: Modal and Auxiliary Verbs
  • Chapter 6: Voices and Speeches
  • Chapter 7: Tenses
  • Chapter 8: Transformation of Sentences
  • Chapter 9: Grammar Exercise
  • Chapter 10: Composition
  • Chapter 11: Sequencing
  • Chapter 12: Comprehension
  • Chapter 13: Idioms and Proverbs
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning


Class 7 English Olympiad Workbook

EIO English Olympiad Class 7


Class 7 English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper

English Privous Year Question Paper Class 7


Class 7 English Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad

English Annual Olympiad Class 7

The annual Olympiad exam for students of class 7 are also conducted exam. Students can attempt these exams in December or in February. To register for online Olympiad in English, Indian Talent Olympiad allows individual registrations as well as school registrations. These exams promote a lot of confidence in the young minds. The English Olympiad is an online exam that can be taken any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.


English Monthly Olympiads Class 7

The monthly Olympiads for class 7 are a blessing in disguise. These tests are conducted every month on each and every chapter of the subject. It ensures that students are used to solve a variety of advanced level questions. It gives them unlimited practice to questions that are a part of their school syllabus. Register for online Olympiads, monthly tests by clicking on the Student Test @ Home button on the home page.

The monthly tests for students of class 7 can be taken using any tablet or smart phone. All they need is a stable internet connection so that these exams can be taken smoothly on any device. These are online tests that are monitored through artificial intelligence. Audio record, video record, eye ball recognition, facial recognition, and image capture are some of the salient features of monthly Olympiads. These tests can be taken anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The monthly Olympiads are conducted for a duration of 25 minutes, in which students are asked 30 questions.

They are given four choices, which are mostly confusing for beginners. Students who master questions at the monthly Olympiads, get a good grip over the questions asked in the annual Olympiads. Register for online Olympiads today.





Class 7 English Olympiad FAQs

What Are The Questions For English Olympiad Class 7?

The questions for English Olympiad Class 7 are based on school syllabus itself. Some of the chapters covered in this exam are word power, degree of comparison, clauses, participles, modal and auxiliary verbs, tenses, composition, sequencing, idioms and proverbs. For details on syllabus, please visit the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad and go the Syllabus section. You can find class-wise syllabus for all classes here. The organization also offers workbooks for class 7 that are rich with questions and answers. Each and every question is explained in detail that ensures maximum understanding of the topic. Students can apply for the English International Olympiad (EIO) online and participate in both Online exams as well as the Annual exams.