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About ICO

Today’s generation is more tech savvy as compared to those of the previous times. All thanks to information and technology, computers have become the talk of the town. International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is one of the most interesting exams because of the love for the subject. Students from class 1 to class 10 can participate in ICO. It is also called as Computer Olympiad exams under different names such as Cyber Olympiad, Informatics Olympiad, and Digital Olympiad. The motive of this exam is to train young minds and prepare them for future. The world is turning digital, thus giving rise to such exams. Apart from creating an unusual interest, it has also become the need of the hour.

How to Participate in International Computer Olympiad:

  • All in International Computer Olympiad (ICO) though Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO).
  • The subject teacher must give all interested students’ names to Indian Talent Olympiad before the last date. The exam is conducted in their respective school.
  • Participating in Olympiad exams is possible only from the school. It has only 1 level & conducted at international level.
  • Indian talent Olympiad rewards deserving students with prizes and awards topping in National Computer Olympiad exam.


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