Olympiad Scholarships Awards Prizes

Olympiad Awards Prizes


Olympiads require hard work and dedication, hence, to keep the morale of the student up and to keep them motivated such that they strive to show their best and keep working to improve, a number of cool prizes are made available for the meritorious students. There happen to be scholarships, cash prizes, gadgets like laptops and tablets, certificates of merit and more. The prize for students depends upon their performance.
A cash prize of Rupees 1 Lac is allotted to the first 8 students who achieve 1st Rank at the National Level. The 10 students obtaining 2nd Rank at National Level are honoured with a cash prize of Rupees 40,000. Rs.20,000 are given to 10 students who stand subsequent to second rank holders on the national level. Rs.6000 are given to the 100 meritorious students who earn the 4th rank, respectively. State Level Scholarships (State Rank 1 to 10) and Excellence Medal Awards (State Rank 11 to 25) (For School Registered) are allotted to the students who fit the criteria of the respective awards as well. Best Performer Title is given for the individually participating students who rank between Rank 11 and Rank 100 at State Level. The awards include scholarships of varying amounts, medals and certificates of merit.

Besides this, the Indian Talent Olympiads also maintains a winners gallery to not only honour the hard work of students who stand apart but also for it to serve as an inspiration for those who choose to participate in the near future.