English International Olympiad Class 1


International English Olympiad exams for standard 1 focus on building reading skills for students. Workbooks are designed in such a manner that facing English exam becomes easy. The content of English Olympiad Class 1 is reader-friendly and designed keeping in mind the psychology of Class 1 students. Indian Talent Olympiad understands the exact need of students of falling under this age-group, which is why chapters are divided into different segments. Students are initially taught how to make words using vowels and consonants. Gradually, they learn the meaning of each word. Further, opposites of words are introduced. Some other concepts that are covered in English Book for Class1 include picture reading, nouns, actions, articles and prepositions. Each chapter consists of multiple-choice questions, with answers and explanations. Students can also test their logical reasoning skills.


Preparation Material for English Olympiad Class 1


English Olympiad Syllabus Class 1


The English Olympiad Class 1 is one of the best exams to introduce basic grammar to students. These children are generally as small as 5 or 6 years-old. This is the right time to inculcate correct spellings, punctuations, and develop reading habit. Students of class 1 are just out of their senior KG, where they may have learnt to form two-letter words and three-letter words. Picture reading with the help of picture comprehension is an important activity that is introduced in the Kindergarten itself. Class 1 English Olympiad gives it more leverage and takes it to the next level. Here, students are taught to read small sentences, identify the meaning of words, understand opposite words, identify nouns, use ‘a’ or ‘an’, identify the odd one out, making words – feminine or masculine, jumbled letters, jumbled words, identify words from the picture and so on. The detailed syllabus for class 1 Olympiad is given on the website.

Class 1 is the best time to introduce students to Olympiad exams. It becomes a fun activity for them as they are exposed to a variety of questions from their school syllabus. It also acts as an indirect way of increasing knowledge. Indian Talent Olympiad also provides workbooks and sample papers for practice. These are worksheets that can be used for regular study. Schools can order sets of these practice papers and provide it to their students. If you are looking for Olympiad English textbook, Indian Talent Olympiad has its in-house team of teachers and experts in the subject. These books are designed keeping in mind children’s needs. Each and every section ends with a recap, so that the concepts learnt previously is not forgotten. English is one such subject that builds up as the child steps into the next class. The basic grammar taught at class 1 is applicable even to students of class 10, but in a different and advanced way. Olympiad preparation material for class 1 by Indian Talent Olympiad serves the purpose of all competitions.

  • Chapter 1: Make the Word
  • Chapter 2: Meanings of Words
  • Chapter 3: Opposites of Word
  • Chapter 4: Picture
  • Chapter 5: One and Many
  • Chapter 6: He and She
  • Chapter 7: Which One is Different?
  • Chapter 8: Babies, Sounds and Groups
  • Chapter 9: Nouns
  • Chapter 10: Action Words
  • Chapter 11: A' or 'An'
  • Chapter 12: Preposition
  • Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning


Class 1 English Olympiad Workbook

EIO English Olympiad Workbook Class 1


Class 1 English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper

EIO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 1


Class 1 English Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad

English Annual Olympiad Class 1

The Annual Olympiads for English are conducted twice a year. The first slot is in December and the second slot is in February. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts annual exams using the online mode. Students have to login using their mobile number and password through any smartphone or tablet. Registered candidates will only be allowed to participate in these exams. The registration process is also simple. Schools or individual students can apply for the annual Olympiads. The International English Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. Here, students are given 50 different multiple choice questions to solve from. Class 1 students find this exam very interesting. To register for Annual Olympiads please click the link below.


English Monthly Olympiads Class 1

The International English Olympiad is conducted every month for class 1 children. It is truly wonderful to see such small children finding out the right answer in Olympiads. Students are given 25 minutes to solve 30 multiple choice questions. The monthly Olympiads are conducted online using any smart phone or table. They are made to understand that it is important to stick to the time limit, apart from selecting the correct answer. Indian Talent Olympiad believes that students should not be a part of the rat race. Competing with oneself is more important than competing with peers. Thus, the monthly Olympiads are targeted to make children focus and work on their weaknesses. When students practice the monthly Olympiads every month for the entire year, it becomes easy for them to attempt academic exams. These exams help students to remain calm during school examinations.

The Power Packs allow students to attempt monthly Olympiads in all subjects. These enable students to participate in Science, Maths, English, GK, Essay and Drawing at one go. Students can register for the monthly Olympiads either in one subject or choose the power pack that includes 6 subjects. The power packs allow them to gain mastery over all subjects and topics taught in class. English is one of the most interesting subjects for all. It is because of the story-telling approach followed by this subject. It makes students involved, they are made to learn and understand the concepts. It is nice to see small children reciting poems, answering questions from chapters based on self-analysis. Monthly Olympiads boost up students’ confidence. To register for the monthly Olympiads please click the button below. The registration is open to all aspirants. Teachers, parents and guardians can spread the word about Indian Talent Olympiad’s registrations to bring out the best in all our children.