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English Olympiad Class 1

International English Olympiad exams for standard 1 focus on building reading skills for students. Workbooks are designed in such a manner that facing English exam becomes easy. The content of English Olympiad Class1 is reader-friendly and designed keeping in mind the psychology of Class 1 students. Indian Talent Olympiad understands the exact need of students of falling under this age-group, which is why chapters are divided into different segments. Students are initially taught how to make words using vowels and consonants. Gradually, they learn the meaning of each word. Further, opposites of words are introduced. Some other concepts that are covered in English Book for Class1 include picture reading, nouns, actions, articles and prepositions. Each chapter consists of multiple-choice questions, with answers and explanations. Students can also test their logical reasoning skills.

Syllabus for English Class 1:

  • Chapter 1: Make the Word
  • Chapter 2: Meanings of Words
  • Chapter 3: Opposites of Word
  • Chapter 4: Picture
  • Chapter 5: One and Many
  • Chapter 6: He and She
  • Chapter 7: Which One is Different?
  • Chapter 8: Babies, Sounds and Groups
  • Chapter 9: Nouns
  • Chapter 10: Action Words
  • Chapter 11: A' or 'An'
  • Chapter 12: Preposition
  • Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning

English Workbook:

English Olympiad for class 1 helps student develop on building words using vowels and consonants. Indian Talent Olympiad gives a platform for students to excel their knowledge. Reader – friendly English book for Class 1are introduced by Indian Talent Olympiad for students to learn various exercises based on their school board syllabus. Workbooks for English Olympiad are composed keeping in mind the learning ability of Class 1 students. The workbook comprises content which is easy to grasp. Also, multiple choice questions are defined with answers for each chapter. Students may able to check their reasoning ability by solving the questionnaire. Students may come across many different words and nouns which can gradually increase their word knowledge.

English Question Paper:

Indian Talent Olympiad’s English Olympiad Class1 Sample Papers are specimen papers which have been specifically designed to give an insight into the type and format of the English Olympiad content. As previous year question papers are of utmost importance for the preparation of any exam, these papers have been designed by our own subject experts. These previous years question paper kit comes with 4 sets of question papers, practice OMR sheets, Answer key with explanation. Students of class 1 can practice their grammar skills and test their knowledge. Students can refer these previous years question paper & quiz for preparing for the exam.

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