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Science Olympiad for Class 2:

International Science Olympiad (ISO) exam is an Olympiad exam open for students studying in class 2. This exam is conducted across the world with several school students actively taking part. Books for the same are designed by experts from Indian Talent Olympiad(ITO), who are professionals in the field of science. The content is structurally divided into segments, easy to understand. It makes students familiar to different topics covered in school. Thus, it includes school syllabus as well. Books cater to different boards namely State boards, International boards, CBSE & ICSE boards. Science Olympiad for class 2 exams helps students to prepare a strategy to score well in their school academics as well. These books form the foundation for other competitive exams as well. It is the best way to prepare oneself for National and International competitions. The book’s content is easy for students to read and comprehend. The language used is student-friendly.

Syllabus of Olympiad Class 2:

  • Chapter 1: Festival and Celebration
  • Chapter 2: The Night Sky
  • Chapter 3: Food, Clothing and Shelter
  • Chapter 4: Transport and Communication
  • Chapter 5: Know Your Body
  • Chapter 6: Occupation
  • Chapter 7: Good Habits and Safety Rule
  • Chapter 8: Plants around Us
  • Chapter 9: Animals around Us
  • Chapter 10: Air, Water and Weather
  • Chapter 11: Logical Reasoning

Olympiad Workbooks:

Students of class 2 can participate in International Science Olympiad (ISO) by referring Olympiad books for class 2. Second grade science teaches your child to plan and conduct simple investigations. As your child learns science skills, he or she may able to identify components of the natural world, including the water cycle and the use of resources. Additionally, second graders can compare the lifelong needs of plants and animals (including humans), understand how living organisms depend on their environments, and identify the functions of the parts of plants and animals. Science Olympiad books for class 2 may benefit students of class 2 to revise and improve their awareness about science. Exam syllabus for Olympiad class 2 Science is a combination of various school boards.

Olympiad previous year question paper:

International Science Olympiad (ISO) is a competitive exam conducted annually for school students. Class 2 is a stage where students get a glimpse into what makes up our world. Students can refer previous year national science Olympiad question papers introduced by Indian Talent Olympiad. As students practice and solve a good number of sample papers, they improve their speed of solving questions and also, with regular practice their mistakes get less and they solve questions to get the correct answer. Students can make revision of topics by solving science Olympiad question papers consistently. Solving previous year question papers helps you to revise the syllabus in an easy manner.

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