Science Olympiad For Class 9

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the well-Known organizations offering International Science Olympiad Class 9 is one among different subjects. It consists a team of professionals who are well-versed with the subject. The Olympiad books for class 9 are designed by experts in various fields. Each chapter has topic wise questions and answers. Explanations are given so that students understand the concept better. Topics for class 9 science exam include matter & its properties, life around us, food & health, music, friction, sun, gravitation, reproduction, motion and so on. The workbooks include logical reasoning section for students as an additional benefit to enhance their reasoning skills. It also helps them to prepare for school exams. Students appearing for Science Olympiad exams can buy Olympiad books for class 9 from Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) It is one of the well-known organizations offering Olympiad exams in different subjects.


Preparation Material for Class 9 Science Olympiad - 

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 9 - 

The class 9 Olympiad syllabus is the same as prescribed by different boards. It focuses on the same chapters that are taught in school. Students who participate in Olympiad exams find it easy to attempt the school tests. The 9th grade is one of the crucial years in students’ life. The foundations and the basic knowledge learned here help children to focus on advanced concepts the next year. It forms a good base not only for 10th standard but also for competitive exams taken in the years to come.

The class 9 Olympiad syllabus requires students to get a hold of detailed concepts. Students are introduced to new topics that would act as the base for the upcoming years. Indian Talent Olympiad revamps its questions from time to time, so as to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge. Students who prepare themselves for these exams become confident to answer questions in the upcoming years. Students must try to attempt all questions asked in the Olympiad exams. This gives them a better understanding of varied topics. They can always go back to their workbooks and other study material if they are stuck while answering any question.

Class 9 Olympiad exams have several advantages. It helps students to exhibit memory of previously learned material. It enables them to recall facts, terms, and other fundamentals. Students are able to demonstrate an understanding of facts in a better way. It paves the way for new ideas, helps to organize, compare, translate, interpret and state main ideas. It becomes very easy for students to solve problems, adapt to new situations, apply acquired knowledge, and techniques in a new way.

Students can make inferences, and find evidence to support their answers. It makes them confident to make judgments about information and the validity of certain scientific terms. Finally, they are able to compile information together in a different way, combine all elements learned and apply the same in their upcoming exams. The detailed syllabus of the class 9 Olympiad is given below.

- Chapter 1: Matter and Its Properties

- Chapter 2: Life around Us

- Chapter 3: Food and Health

- Chapter 4: Energy and Work

- Chapter 5: Music

- Chapter 6: Friction and Force

- Chapter 7: Gravitation

- Chapter 8: Sun

- Chapter 9: Reproduction

- Chapter 10: Crop and Its Management

- Chapter 11: Unit of Life

- Chapter 12: Motion and Its Laws

- Chapter 13: Solid Waste Management

- Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning


Olympiad Workbooks - 

Science Olympiad for class 9 is the best way to investigate student’s interest in Science subjects. Class 9 students can themselves take a test of their knowledge by resolving the multiple-choice questions from Olympiad books for class 9. It’s a step of pre-construction for class 10, and the students need to clarify their fundamental knowledge of Science. By learning the explained answers to the multiple-choice questions, students get to understand the concept and logic behind each question. Olympiad workbook contains chapters based on the school board syllabus which makes it easy for students to learn their subject efficiently.

ISO Science Olympiad Class 9


Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper - 

Students of standard 9 appearing for Science Olympiad exams can buy previous year Olympiad sample papers from the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO).Practice greatly increases the likelihood that students will permanently remember new information. Students may be good at solving problems topic-wise. But to understand how the real ISO paper is like, sample papers need to be solved.Proper time management and speed improvement techniques can be devised after solving sample papers.Solving previous year question papers is not the only recipe for success; students need to merge it with hard work and other preparation tactics in order to do well in their exams.

Science Privous Year Question Paper Class 9


Class 9 Science Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiads are organized by Indian Talent Olympiad every year to welcome talent from different schools. It gives students an opportunity to come together and showcase their skills on national and international platforms. They are conducted both online as well as offline. Both these exams are open to students from class 1. It is indeed an honor for parents to see kids as young as 5 or 6-years old participate at such a prestigious level.

Indian Talent Olympiad encourages students of grade 1 to become thorough in concepts taught in class. This can be done only when they are exposed to different competitions. The Annual exams Online mode is held for a duration of 45 minutes. Except for the Drawing exam, which is held for 60 minutes, and the Essay exam, which is held for 40 minutes. Similar to the monthly exams, these can also be taken from home using any tablet or smartphone. Students can take these exams at their convenience anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The annual Olympiad exams consist of MCQ questions that have to be answered within the given time limit. These questions are all asked in the multiple choice format. Students have four options to choose from, out of which one would be the correct answer and the other three would be distractors. When children of class 1 think which option would suit the most, they analyze why the other options would probably be wrong. This learning methodology helps them to differentiate from the other options and become confident about the right answer.

Olympiad exams are all about arriving at the right answer. The exam questions include subjective questions, logical reasoning questions, and higher-order thinking questions. To know more about the upcoming Olympiads, please click the link below:

To know more about the upcoming exam timetable please click the button below - 


Monthly Olympiads - 

The monthly Olympiads are online exams conducted each month by Indian Talent Olympiad. The combo pack exams include monthly tests in Science, Maths, English, and GK. The questions asked in these tests help them to recall concepts discussed in class. It enhances grasping power among all participants. It helps students to understand each and every chapter. These are conducted for 25 minutes. Each test has a total of 30 questions. Students can take these tests anytime between 10:00 and 6:00 pm. Being online tests, students can attempt these using any smartphone or tablet. The marks of monthly Olympiads are displayed on the website. Winners are awarded cash prizes and scholarships.

There are immense benefits of monthly Olympiads to students. It helps them to practice chapter-wise questions of Science in one go. It makes students stay focused on questions one after the other. It increases their concentration. It encourages them to finish all questions within the given time. These monthly tests act as self-evaluation. Students get to know where they stand, how much more practice is required and the areas that require special attention. The questions practiced in the 9 th grade, help students when they enter the 10 th grade. It is believed that this is the age when concepts have to be clear.

To participate in the monthly Olympiads, or to know more about these exams, please click the link below.

Online Practice Test Class 1 to 10. Get Exclusive five subjects for Practice Live Test with Score



Live Online classes:

It is to aid the student’s learning and their preparation that the Indian Talent Olympiad  has in the recent times introduced the live online classes for those  participating in the Science Olympiad class 9, these educational resources have been curated to provide the students with the opportunity to experience an  impactful learning keeping things lucid, informative and practical. These classes have several benefits:

1.    The students are given a  chance to have one to one interaction with the teacher, on the online platform and understand things better. 

2.    Students get proper attention, interaction and care from the teachers themselves thus it makes the learning more impactful.

3.    One can gain  access to the classes from any and multiple devices as per their suitability.

4.    Students find it much easier to clear doubts in a simpler and more effective way with a quick informative interaction.

5.    The students also learn to gain confidence upon their understanding when they discuss their subject better and in depth.

6.    The classes are quite interactive which helps one in developing a better understanding of the subject.

One can register for the classes here:




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Class 9 Science Olympiad FAQs

How Do I Prepare For Science Olympiad Class 9?

To prepare for Science Olympiad class 9, students must be thorough in all concepts. Grade 9 is surely a turning point that decides students’ future. It is important to provide correct guidance at this age. Refer to as many as books as possible. The best of the lot are workbooks provided by Indian Talent Olympiad. These books provide in-depth understanding of tricky questions. It has sections that are divided into different sub-sections for the convenience of the learner. Practice previous year’s question papers and become a master of International Science Olympiad (ISO) within no time.


Which Is The Best Olympiad?

Several organizations conduct Olympiad exams in the country. Out of all Indian Talent Olympiad’s exams are undoubtedly the best Olympiads. The reason being, Indian Talent Olympiad is an organization that comprises of some of the best educationists and professionals. Madam P.T Usha, an Olympian Champion, Arjuna and Padmashree Award winner is herself the Chief Advisor of the company. She understands what it takes to conquer Olympiads. Apart from this, Indian Talent Olympiad conducts regular weekly tests to provide maximum practice. The final exams are scheduled to be conducted in two slots – in December and February. It also provides workbooks that are comprehensive with questions from all topics in the subject. Students love to participate in all the tests conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad.