Essay Writing Competition Class 4

National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is an essay writing competition for students of standard 4. It is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad(ITO), one of the best Olympiad organizations that provides books for the same. All books have different topics of essay writing. Students can study from essay book for Class 4 and participate in the exam. Books help them to get good marks in essay writing in their school exams as well. Topics for essay writing are easy to understand. Some of them include our clothes, various flowers, my teacher, the sky, birds, the rain, vegetables, pet animals and so on. The language used in the book is simple and as per student’s standards. It encourages self-study among children. The content is written using simple language as per student’s requirements. It improves their grammar and language skills. It goes a long way in developing a flair for writing.


Preparation Material for Class 4 Essay Olympiad

Essay preparation material for class 4 students is available at Indian Talent Olympiad in the form of workbooks and even monthly tests. The books ensure that students are provided the required guidance and taught what is expected in the exam. The monthly tests ensure that with regular practice they improve their writing skills and master the art form well before the annual Olympiads. The preparation material helps students to not only prepare for Olympiads but also for Essay Writing Competition Class 4.


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 4

Class 4 students are expected to write long and short essays about topics that they would be familiar with. There are numerous essay topics that students can read and prepare themselves accordingly. The Essay Topics range from current affairs to personal opinions, experiences to personalities, environment to science and technology, and so on. There are different categories of topics given in the workbooks provided by Indian Talent Olympiad. When students refer to one category, they would have an understanding of how to write essays from similar categories. Thus, it becomes easy for them to prepare for variety of topics. It gives them the required confidence to write on different topics. 

  • Chapter 1: Our Clothes
  • Chapter 2: Our Body
  • Chapter 3: Plants
  • Chapter 4: The Fruits
  • Chapter 5: The Sun
  • Chapter 6: Water is Life
  • Chapter 7: Various Flowers
  • Chapter 8: Wild and Pet Animals
  • Chapter 9: The Rain
  • Chapter 10: Birds
  • Chapter 11: The Sky
  • Chapter 12: My Teacher
  • Chapter 13: Vegetables We Eat
  • Chapter 14: Homes of Animals
  • Chapter 15: My Mother
  • Chapter 16: My Father
  • Chapter 17: My Grandparents
  • Chapter 18: Myself
  • Chapter 19: My Family
  • Chapter 20: My Town
  • Chapter 21: My Classroom
  • Chapter 22: My School
  • Chapter 23: My Home
  • Chapter 24: My Garden
  • Chapter 25: My Hobby
  • Chapter 26: Diwali
  • Chapter 27: The Peacock
  • Chapter 28: My Pet Animal
  • Chapter 29: My Best Friend
  • Chapter 30: My Country
  • Chapter 31: Our National Flag
  • Chapter 32: The Cow
  • Chapter 33: Why should be drink Milk?
  • Chapter 34: The Mango
  • Chapter 35: The Tiger


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 4

Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks for the National Essay Olympiad Class 4 exam. These workbooks help students to think in the right direction and write excellent essays. It improves their writing skills, which is one of the most important component of this exam. Essay writing is an important part of study that increases understanding, helps the process of learning and provides a clarification behind thoughts. It allows students to analyze source material and also to pass on critical judgement. Those who refer to essay workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad improve their existing knowledge, gain confidence to become excellent writers in the future. It shapes their thinking and writing abilities. Writing improves the speech of a person. It gives them the confidence to participate in debates and express their viewpoints. Using the essay workbooks, students can write descriptive, argumentative, narrative and expository essays. The books teach them to start the essay with a brief introduction that prepares the audience to read, develops the main idea in the body and ends with a brief conclusion bringing the essay to a logical end. 


Class 4 Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 4 - 

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the NESO exam for class 4 students which is an annual Olympiad conducted every year. This exam is open for all students who want to improve their writing skills and also win prizes at national and international levels. There are no minimum eligibility criteria for this exam. All students can participate irrespective of the school, state or board they are studying in. To register for the annual Olympiads, you need to visit the Student Registration page, select National Essay Olympiad as the chosen subject, buy books if required, pay the fees and get started. The registration process can be completed within a few clicks. 

One of the best advantage of participating in such essay writing competition is that it encourages self-study among all children. The content may be simple as per student understanding, but they learn to express their views in the best possible way. It improves their language and grammar skills. It helps them to develop an excellent flair for writing. It promotes critical thinking that makes students to form an opinion, and thus reflect upon an issue. It makes students assess different arguments to help them to come up with strong points. Students learn to observe different views and perspectives.

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 4 - 

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the National Essay Olympiad Class 4 in the form of annual and monthly tests. The annual tests are conducted once a year, whereas the monthly tests are conducted every month. It gives excellent practice as student are in regular touch with various essay topics. The organization ensures that they are given maximum exposure before the annual Olympiads. To register for the monthly Olympiads, you need to register by clicking on the Student Registration button. This will further take you to the monthly Olympiads page, where you can register for the exam. Fill up all the required details and get started with the exam.

Teachers believe that writing yields number of intellectual, emotional, psychological and even physiological benefits to all participants. Some of the advantages of writing include improved memory, great feelings of happiness, and the best way to improve personal skills. Essay writing further helps to evaluate students’ research skills, analytical skills, persuasive skills and thus assists overall development. Writing is one of the best activities that needs to be introduced as early as possible. It helps them to write basic outline that further helps them to write wonderful essays. Register for the monthly and the annual Olympiads with the Indian Talent Olympiad.