Social Studies Olympiad Class 2

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 2 is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad for all those interested to improve their knowledge in these subjects. It tests them on school syllabus and gives them a chance to compete at national and international levels. This exam helps all children to focus on topics in a much better way. It ensures that learning is enhanced, students are able to recall and retain concepts better. The topics that students are tested include water, clothes, food, family, safety, and other such simple topics that are easy to understand. This is one of the most important subjects that must be given a lot of importance since students’ childhood. Most parents and guardians give utmost importance to science, maths and languages. But, all of us need to understand that the average score of a student improves when equal importance is given to all subjects. Scoring good marks in science and maths is excellent, but scoring well in subjects such as the social studies is imperative to bring up the average school score. 

Social Studies plays an important role in the overall development of children. It teaches them day to day habits, manners, morals and also enables them to explore about the world around them. Children are a bunch of inquisitive mindset. Parents and teachers must encourage them by solving their queries, and encouraging them to ask more and more questions. Only when they question, their thirst for knowledge is complete. The questions in this exam are designed by experts who understand the nuances of all grade 2 students. They know their caliber and thus have set the question paper accordingly. Indian Talent Olympiad has the best of staff, teachers and executives who understand the present educational requirements. You may visit our website or call on our toll free number for more details on the exam.


How to Prepare for Class 2 Social Studies Olympiad

To prepare for Social Studies Class 2 students must read their school textbooks thoroughly. They need to understand that questions may be twisted or asked differently. The exam for class 2 students is based on the same syllabus that is prescribed by schools. Thus, they need not prepare separately for the same. Parents and teachers can help their young ones to prepare for the annual Olympiads. They must be given the right guidance so that they can come out with flying colors. Any rank scored at the Olympiads is of great importance. This is because, these are greatly valued at the academic levels. 

The other ways to help children prepare for annual Olympiads are by making them aware of the exam pattern along with the syllabus. Help them in managing their time well. Time management is one of the most important aspects of preparation. Schedule a timetable for your children and encourage them to follow it. Help them to make their conceptual knowledge strong. Help them to polish their skills and guide them in their journey of Olympiads.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 2

Indian Talent Olympiad has defined the Social Studies Class 2 syllabus that is at par with the syllabus prescribed by the leading boards of the country. It is set as per the CBSE, ICSE and State boards respectively. The syllabus covers variety of topics in detail such as our country, our great leaders, social helpers, places of worship, natural resources, festivals, transport and communication to name a few. It ensures that the students who participate in this exam become responsible citizens of tomorrow. It instills a sense of responsibility in the small minds through the syllabus. The questions in the exam are crafted carefully keeping in mind school syllabus and the present educational requirements. 

The aim of this exam is to increase social awareness among one and all. It brings in great deal of knowledge about India and Indian culture and also introduces them to world heritage. It encourages wider views on worldly topics. The syllabus is designed keeping in mind the developmental needs of children. Social issues have been introduced in a delicate manner so that they become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Students are taught about their role in the family, neighbor, and society at large. It provides a balanced perspective about the rest of the world.

- Chapter 1: Family, neighbours and society

- Chapter 2: Basic Needs

- Chapter 3: Our Ancient men

- Chapter 4: Our Country

- Chapter 5: Our Great leaders

- Chapter 6: Social Helpers

- Chapter 7: Places of worship

- Chapter 8: Public Places

- Chapter 9: Good Habits

- Chapter 10: Hobbies for recreation

- Chapter 11: Road Safety

- Chapter 12: Natural Resources

- Chapter 13: Our Festivals

- Chapter 14: Transport and Communication

- Chapter 15: Map-States and Capitals


Class 2 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the annual Social Studies Olympiad Class 2 exam for all students. This exam gives students a chance to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. Students from different schools, cities and corners are given a chance to compete on the same platform and bring a good name to themselves and their schools. The exam is conducted annually. The registration can be done through our Student Registration page. Fill up all the details and you would get all required information about the exam. All the details about the upcoming exam is available on the website. Students can opt for an online or an offline exam.

Subject teachers can also encourage maximum participation in their respective classes. The annual Olympiads are here to test students’ basic understanding of the subject. Based on the marks scored, students, parents and even teachers can get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Those who prepare for the Olympiads, prepare for school exams too. The Olympiad exams by Indian Talent Olympiad do not require students to prepare separately. Thus, they automatically improve their school academic scores too. Indian Talent Olympiad encourages all class 2 students to prepare well and outshine themselves in all competitions.