Essay Writing Competition Class 8

National Essay Olympiad for students of class 8 helps them to participate and compete with each other at national levels. Books for the same are provided by Indian Talent Olympiad. These books provide ideas for writing essays on various topics. It helps them to understand topics and write content for the same. Students in standard 8 must be exposed to such competitions. It helps them to become confident while participating in other exams. Essay material for Class 8 by Indian Talent Olympiad provides in-depth knowledge on essay writing skills. Students can use the same ideas to write essays for their school exams too. Teachers often recommend students to use these books as it boosts their knowledge on a variety of topics. It develops vocabulary, improves writing skills and enhances thinking capacity of students. Schools must encourage more and more students to take part in this exam.


Preparation Material for Class 8 Essay Olympiad

The preparation material for Essay Writing Competition Class 8 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, students can get the best study material in the form of workbooks that they can use for essay writing for school exams and also for Olympiads. Class 8 students need to prepare well for class tests. Students who develop good writing at this age, find it easy to take part in other competitions such as IELTS and TOEFL. Refer to the workbooks provided by Indian Talent Olympiad and begin your preparation.


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad decides Essay Topics for class 8 students based on their age and caliber. The topics are of a little advanced level as class 8 students are expected to be at par with global expectations. The topics vary between different categories. Students are taught to write different short description essays so that they can provide context for readers to understand. They are mainly taught to write in a clear, concise and effective manner. They can state points using facts, figures, fiction, and even reasons to back up their essays. The process of arriving at conclusions forms a good essay. 

  • Chapter 1: Mahatma Gandhi
  • Chapter 2: Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Chapter 3: Missile Man of India – Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  • Chapter 4: Narendra Modi
  • Chapter 5: My Neighbour
  • Chapter 6: Republic Day
  • Chapter 7: Festivals of India
  • Chapter 8: My Favourite festival – Dussehra
  • Chapter 9: My Favorite Book
  • Chapter 10: Autobiography of a Book
  • Chapter 11: The Importance of Education
  • Chapter 12: A Cricket Match
  • Chapter 13: Urban Life versus Rural Life
  • Chapter 14: A Dust Storm
  • Chapter 15: Blessings of Science
  • Chapter 16: My Aim in Life
  • Chapter 17: My Hobby / Things I like to do during My Pastime
  • Chapter 18: The Happiest Day of My Life
  • Chapter 19: If I were The Prime Minister!
  • Chapter 20: The 'Lotus Temple'
  • Chapter 21: My Visit to Agra and Taj Mahal
  • Chapter 22: A Visit to an Exhibition
  • Chapter 23: The Person I Admire – Mother Teresa
  • Chapter 24: An hour at the railway platform
  • Chapter 25: Complete Blackout a Day – Before Examination
  • Chapter 26: The Generation Gap
  • Chapter 27: My Idea of a Happy Life
  • Chapter 28: Global Warming
  • Chapter 29: Role of Computers and Internet in Everyday Life
  • Chapter 30: Plastic – A Boon or a Bane?
  • Chapter 31: Life in a Big City
  • Chapter 32: Craze of Western Culture
  • Chapter 33: Unity in Diversity
  • Chapter 34: Pollution: A Threat to Life
  • Chapter 35: Terrorism
  • Chapter 36: Liberty is not Anarchy


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad provides essay workbooks for National Essay Olympiad Class 8. These books can be bought on the website for a minimal cost. These books are designed by experts who understand the present educational requirements. The books are as per the present standards of all the leading boards of the country. All books give a fair idea about the topics and gives them an idea on how to write. The books teach them how to write the key elements such as the paragraph that consists of supporting sentences, and even concluding sentences. The books also teach them how to explicitly illustrate a point and never separate a point from the illustrative paragraph. These are small tips and tricks of writing that students of class 8 can learn on their own when they read more and more essays. The description should also not be exaggerated. Students must refer to these essay books before they take part in the Olympiads. 

NESO Essay Olympiad Class 8


Class 8 Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the NESO exam for all students of class 8. This is the annual Olympiad which is conducted every year. Students who want to improve their writing skills can participate in this exam. It gives them maximum exposure and teaches them to write well. These are skills that are useful for their entire lives. To register for the annual Olympiads, please visit the Student Registration page. Here, you can fill all details and thus register for the class 8 National Essay Olympiad exam. This is a very prestigious exam that students from different schools and boards take part. It brings all students on the same platform. 

Essays are very common in elementary, middle school and high school. Throughout students’ childhood they are taught to write essays. This is to instill very good writing capabilities among all. Essay is defined as a short piece of writing that is well expressed by students. The Olympiad exam gives them to opportunity to write thought-provoking essays to bring a good name to themselves and to their schools. Students need to do a lot of planning before they can write an essay. Thus, if students want plan to improve their writing skills, they need to write regularly. 

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 8

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly tests for all students of class 8. These are very similar to the annual Olympiads. The only difference being, these are conducted every month. Thus, it gives them maximum practice before the main exam.

To register for the monthly Olympiads please visit the Student Registration page, select monthly Olympiads and get started. Students who take part in the monthly Olympiads always have an upper hand as compared to those who don’t. This is because students are given maximum practice the final exam. They understand the topics well, have ideas about what to write and can thus frame very good sentences.

The monthly tests provide maximum exposure to all students. If students want to improve their writing skills, they must go through the several steps in the writing process. The monthly Olympiads are the best way to indulge excellent writing skills in all participants. Students can decide what kind of essay they want to write, brainstorm each topic, do their research well in advance, outline the essay topics, focus on coherence, edit their writing and grammar. Students who take part in the monthly Olympiads learn to impart information in formal way. It teaches them to give a detailed description best liked by the readers.