Maths Olympiad Class 10

As students enter 10th standard, there is a pressure on them to perform well. The level of difficulty in Mathematics is at its peak in class 10. To make learning easier the students must be introduced to Olympiad exams that help to clear basic concepts. Such exams have become the norm in today’s’ times. It is conducted throughout the country in different schools. Maths Olympiad exam assists students to think-out-of-the box. It helps them to attempt different types of questions. Indian Talent Olympiad provides IMO Workbook for Class 10 that consists of practice questions and solutions to all questions with appropriate explanations. The book is easily available. Logical reasoning is also included as a part of the book. All competitive exams include reasoning as part of their exam. This is to test students’ reasoning skills. It allows them to analyze each answer before selecting the correct option.


Preparation Material for Class 10 Maths Olympiad

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 10 - 

There is unnecessary pressure and fear revolving all students of class 10. Although this year is one of the most crucial academic years in students’ life, there is nothing to be extra stressed. Class 10 board exams require students to have sound knowledge of all topics. Indian Talent Olympiad understands parents and students’ psychology thus recommends all class 10 students to participate in Olympiad exams. These would act as extra practice sessions. The syllabus for Olympiads are the same as prescribed by school. No matter which board exam students are going to appear for, it is going to be helpful to all boards.

Olympiad questions for class 10 helps students to analyze their level of preparation. Parents and teachers can identify students’ knowledge of concepts. The variety of sums in class 10 Olympiad helps students to clear their doubts quickly. Whether it is algorithms, HCF, LCM, rational numbers, irrational numbers, decimal expansion, theorems, decimal representation, polynomials, etc. all concepts become clear. Maths Olympiad for class 10 makes students to recall previously learnt study material through terms, formulas, basic concepts and other facts. They show an understanding of different ideas by organizing, comparing, translating and stating the main idea.

Class 10 Olympiad exams helps students to solve problems based on situations. They have to apply learnt facts, and other rules and techniques in different ways for different questions. Students have to examine information into parts and recognize the causes. They have to make inferences, thus find evidence to support general statements. Students also learn to combine information in different ways, group elements, and create alternatives to arrive at the right answer.

The more they practice, the better they become in solving all kinds of questions in their board exams.

- Chapter 1: Real Number

- Chapter 2: Arithmetic Progression

- Chapter 3: Polynomials

- Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations

- Chapter 5: Probability & Permutation Combination

- Chapter 6: Co-Ordinate Geometry

- Chapter 7: Triangles

- Chapter 8: Circle and Its Area

- Chapter 9: Quadrilateral and Its Area

- Chapter 10: Mensuration

- Chapter 11: Trigonometry

- Chapter 12: Data Handling

- Chapter 13: Logical Reasoning


Maths Olympiad Books - 

IMO Maths Olympiad Class 10


IMO Previous Year Question Paper - 

Maths Privous Question Paper Class 10


Class 10 Maths Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

The Annual Olympiads are similar to monthly tests. These are also conducted online. The class 10 annual Olympiad is conducted usually before the board exam, so that participants can benefit from this exam. The annual class 10 Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. Participants are given a variety of 50 questions to solve from. These questions are part of school syllabus. All are multiple choice questions. Students have to solve each and every question to find out the right answer. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts annual exams in December and February. Students can select any of these slots to participate in these exams.

The annual Olympiads builds strong fundamental concepts. Students are able to learn various methods to solve questions. Maths is one such subject that improves problem-solving abilities of students. It is also the base for future competitive exams. Olympiad exams help students to develop love towards mathematics.

Some of the tips to score well in class 10 Maths Olympiad are to find solutions yourself. Students must be encouraged to find the correct answer on their own. They must understand the syllabus well in advance. It is a good practice to maintain a separate register for formulas, theories and methodologies used in the subject. Parents and teachers can determine areas for improvement and focus on such sections. Students must attempt familiar questions first. Study the school textbook and other Olympiad workbooks well. Learn the application of theories and theorems to solve questions correctly. Repeat questions from the Olympiad exam paper for practice.

Lastly, Maths Olympiad can be cracked only through rigorous practice. Get a hold on as many questions as possible and outshine in class 10 board exams.



Monthly Olympiads

Class 10 is considered to be the benchmark exam. The marks scored in this exam reflects in future records of achievement. Indian Talent Olympiad provides complete assistance through monthly Olympiads for students to perform well in their board exams. Exam preparation is an on-going process. It requires overall understanding of all chapters covered in the board exams. The monthly Olympiads for class 10 are conducted online. Students can take these tests using any smart phone or mobile. The duration for the monthly online Olympiad is 25 minutes. Students are given 30 multiple choice questions to solve.

Indian Talent Olympiad also provides power pack exams in all subjects namely English, Maths, Science, GK, Essay and Drawing. Monthly Olympiads play a significant role to equip all participants to prepare well for other competitive entrance exams. Once they complete their board exams, they would have to appear for other competitions to enroll in their preferred course. Whether they opt for Science, Commerce or Arts, almost all colleges tests students’ capabilities and aptitude for the course. Thus, monthly Olympiads act as practice sessions not only for boards, but also for such competitions. The questions in these exams are asked in the clearest and lucid manner. Students are able to solve complex problems efficiently.



Class 10 Maths Olympiad FAQs

Can You Please Tell Me The Date For Maths Olympiad For Classes 1 To 10?

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) by Indian Talent Olympiad is conducted in two modes – online and offline respectively. The online exam consists of student tests at home, which is a weekly test scheduled every 2nd and 4th Saturday. These tests can be given using any smartphone or tablet available at the student’s home. The date for Maths Olympiad for classes 1 to 10, annual exam is scheduled to be held in December and February. Students can choose any slot as per their convenience. The result of the online test series in updated regularly on the portal. The website of Indian Talent Olympiad provides additional details on the date and exam schedule of all subjects.