Social Studies Olympiad Class 5

Class 5 is when students must be encouraged to participate in Olympiads. Social Studies Olympiad class 5 is one such prestigious exam that students the direction to prepare well for different topics of social science. It is an important subject on the basis of which students can even decide their careers. The exam covers content from different perspectives of the subject. Apart from subjective questions, it also prepares them on the logical reasoning skills. The question paper includes questions from this section that helps students to work on their creative thinking abilities, critical thinking skills and even analytical thinking skills. Social studies for class 5 students includes topics such as our earth, our environment, our country, our great achievers, agriculture, transport and communication, evolution of mankind and so on. Students find it very interesting to study on these topics. 

Olympiads are here to help in the overall development of children. Thus, apart from having a good command over the subject the logical reasoning section includes questions on patterns, relationships, direction, water image, shadows, diagrams and so on. These questions make students think deeply. It enhances their thinking power. It helps them to think in all directions. Students become confident when they have the ability to think differently. Social Studies Olympiad Class 5 are conducted at national and international levels. It is to test the true potential of students. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the best platform for Olympiads. It encourages students by awarding them with medals, certificates, cash awards, laptops, tablets and other such exciting prizes from time to time. The organization has several students, and schools that participate every year with a lot of enthusiasm. Teachers at Indian Talent Olympiad ensure that students are tested on unique content so as to keep transparency in the exam. It has a team of qualified teachers who leave no stone unturned in bringing the best out of all students.

How to Prepare for Class 5 Social Studies Olympiad

Social Studies Olympiad Class 5 preparation can be done at home using school text books. Most of the school text books are prepared using the NCERT syllabus. The books are as per the ICSE, CBSE and State board syllabus. Students need to reach each chapter to become thorough in the subject. They need to read between the lines to understand different ways in which they can be questioned. Olympiads are all about getting the concepts right. These exams are tested on their conceptual ability. Thus, students who have mastered the basic fundamentals, find it very easy to give this exam. Students must keep a tab on their preparation. They must allocate a separate time for Olympiad preparation. Students who prepare for Olympiads, prepare for class tests too. They need to refer to different resources if possible to get maximum information. Hard work and determination is the key to crack Olympiads.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 5

Social Studies Class 5 syllabus is available on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam tests students on different topics that are important for overall development. It ensures students are benefitted in the long run with this exam. It is one of the best exams that provides holistic development. The syllabus covers topics that are important from present, past and even future point-of-view. The syllabus is designed at par with school syllabus. Thus, Olympiads do not become a burden instead is a pleasure for all students. Parents are happy that through Olympiad preparation, their children prepare for school exams too. Winning any rank at the Olympiad is a matter of great pride for parents, teachers, and of course our little ones. Indian Talent Olympiad encourages such great minds to come forward and take part in such competitions. 

The syllabus is set by experts who understand the requirements of class 5 students, their capacity, caliber to perform and their psychological developments. Social Studies Olympiad Class 5 can be taken as a general practice to check individual capabilities. Teachers and parents must encourage all students to take part in competitions irrespective of the scores they score.  This is to ensure that there is true competitive spirit among one and all. 

Chapter 1: Introduction History and Geography

Chapter 2: Evolution

Chapter 3: Stone age

Chapter 4: Settled Life and Urban Civilization (World)

Chapter 5: Earth and Solar system

Chapter 6: Living world on earth

Chapter 7: Family and Society

Chapter 8: States and Important cities

Chapter 9: Agriculture and Industries

Chapter 10: Forest cover of India

Chapter 11: Natural Resource- Soil and minerals

Chapter 12: Physical features of India

Chapter 13: Religion, Culture and Tradition

Chapter 14: Democracy and local governing Bodies

Chapter 15: Natural Disasters

Chapter 16: Maps- Crops


Class 5 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Olympiad Class 5 for all students. This exam is conducted online as well as offline. It welcomes students from different schools and different boards to be a part of this exam. The annual exam is conducted during the months of December and January. For exact exam schedule please visit our Schedule Page. For other details such as for registration for the upcoming exam, please visit the Student Registration page. Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes individual as well as school registration. Parents can register on behalf of their children and enroll them for this exam. Likewise, subject teachers or class teachers can do the same by visiting the School Registration page.

Social Studies Olympiad Class 5 is one of the best exams conducted for all students. It gives students the required motivation to do well in all exams. The best part of the Olympiads is that they are conducted on the basis of school syllabus. Students need not study anything apart from the school syllabus. It builds the right kind of competition required in the preset times. Students are taught to learn from their mistakes and score better when they take part in other similar competitions.