Pencil Drawing Class 4

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam for students of class 4. IDO is a national & international level exam where students compete with one another. It is conducted across the country in their respective schools. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in this exam. Pencil Drawing exam or drawing competition as it is called, opens thinking horizon of students. It gives them a chance to explore their creativity. It is one of the best platforms to showcase young talent. It goes a long way in building artists in the near future.National Arts Olympiad is conducted once a year.


Preparation Material for Class 4 Drawing Olympiad

The preparation material for Drawing Competition class 4 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad. Students can opt for workbooks and even previous years question paper sets that would help them to prepare for the exam. The workbooks are extremely useful to all students of class 4 as it gives them a direction on the strategies they can apply to practice for this exam. The drawing workbook can be referred to all drawing competitions conducted at school level, state level, national level or even international level exams. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 4

Drawing Olympiad Class 4 topics are well defined in advance so that students can prepare accordingly. The topics are as per the ability of class 4 students. These topics give them an idea about what would be expected from them in the exam. When students practice different topics for the competition, it naturally gives them visually and kinesthetically more power to exceed all expectations. Drawing is done primarily for pleasure, need, happiness, satisfaction and other such benefits that would sooth the mind. Students who practice for the drawing Olympiad develop excellent observation, and interpretative skills that enables to investigate and understand the world better. 

- Chapter 1: Grass Effect Using Oil Pastels

- Chapter 2: Space Effect Using Oil Pastels And Scraper Tool

- Chapter 3: A Castle

- Chapter 4: Madhubani

- Chapter 5: Hand Fish

- Chapter 6: Crazy Joker

- Chapter 7: My Pet Cat

- Chapter 8: Aliens And Monsters Party

- Chapter 9: Flying Bird In Mosaic

- Chapter 10: A Potter

- Chapter 11: Dandiya Is Fun

- Chapter 12: Village Girl

- Chapter 13: Kite Flying

- Chapter 14: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 4

The Class 4 Drawing book provided by Indian Talent Olympiad can be purchased from our website. These books are very useful for all students who are taking part in the International Drawing Olympiad or the IDO exam. Apart from these, others who take part in other drawing exams conducted by schools can also refer to these books. The workbooks are created by experts who have strong creative knowledge on various topics. Some students believe consider drawing to be difficult. It is because, it is our natural ability to interpret things as a whole. Eyes do not get an authentic image of what we draw. At times drawing becomes difficult because students draw things as they know them. Thus, here when students refer to drawing books it would help them to divide what they see in bits and parts. It gives allows their eyes to focus on different entities, instead of looking things as one whole group. When students learn to divide drawings into pieces of chunk they develop the art of drawing in the most impressive ways.


IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 4


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 4

The Drawing Exam Class 4 also known as the International Drawing Olympiad or the IDO exam is conducted through Indian Talent Olympiad. It is one of the most prestigious exams that gives students the freedom to express their emotions through wonderful artwork. To register for the class 4 drawing Olympiad, please visit the School Registration page. Here, you can fill all details, select drawing Olympiad as your preferred subject and get started with the practice. It takes year round practice to master perfect strokes. Drawing Olympiad cannot be won in day. Only when students refer to different resources, try to improve on their skills they are able to come out with beautiful ideas and designs. 

It is one of the most useful exams as it trains students’ thoughts and collective feelings. Drawing is one of the creative subjects through which students can express what they feel, what they want and their perception of looking at the world. The way children draw, can predict their intelligence. Students can comfortably practice for the IDO exam by practicing drawing daily for at least one hour each day. If you want to see significant improvements, students can gradually increase the time based on their requirements. 


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 4

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Drawing Olympiad Class 4, monthly test for all class 4 students. As the name suggests, these tests give students an opportunity to practice every month so that they can win the annual Olympiads. Monthly Olympiads are the best way to prepare for the final exam and other such competitions. You can register for the monthly drawing Olympiad class 4 on the same registration page, choose IDO as the test, opt to buy workbooks and get started with the practice. Learning to draw is not that easy as it may sound, at the same time it not that difficult as it is thought to be. It is a quicker and an easier process when you have the right resources and guidance to prepare for the exam. 

Learning to draw is one of the most rewarding experience that makes it important to focus on each and every minute detail. The outcome is always a beautiful art form that makes the journey successful. According to a new study, drawing is much more effective to learn as compare to reading. Visualizing and then turning those visuals into reality is an art which requires a lot of practice. Participate in the monthly drawing Olympiads and enhance your drawing skills.