Pencil Drawing Class 4

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) exam for students of class 4. IDO is a national & international level exam where students compete with one another. It is conducted across the country in their respective schools. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in this exam. Pencil Drawing exam or drawing competition as it is called, opens thinking horizon of students. It gives them a chance to explore their creativity. It is one of the best platforms to showcase young talent. It goes a long way in building artists in the near future.National Arts Olympiad is conducted once a year.


Preparation Material for Class 4 Drawing Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 4:

  • Chapter 1: Grass Effect Using Oil Pastels
  • Chapter 2: Space Effect Using Oil Pastels And Scraper Tool
  • Chapter 3: A Castle
  • Chapter 4: Madhubani
  • Chapter 5: Hand Fish
  • Chapter 6: Crazy Joker
  • Chapter 7: My Pet Cat
  • Chapter 8: Aliens And Monsters Party
  • Chapter 9: Flying Bird In Mosaic
  • Chapter 10: A Potter
  • Chapter 11: Dandiya Is Fun
  • Chapter 12: Village Girl
  • Chapter 13: Kite Flying
  • Chapter 14: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books:

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 4

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Class 4 Drawing mainly covers chapters knowing colours, freehand design, pattern making, graph drawing, city scape, and many more. Students from all India enrol themselves in this exam. Class 4 drawing book is been carefully compiled by the best teachers in the field of Drawing across India. This practice workbook helps students to prepare which will help students to concentrate more in areas which carry more marks. Students learn different shapes, designs, colour combinations, etc. Drawing Exams class 4 opens the door of creativity and encourages student to display their art work. Students get a chance to compete other students at the national level, which gradually increases their confidence and results in the growth of the student.