Maths Olympiad Class 4

IMO Book for Class 4 is specially designed for those who wish to participate at national and international level competitions. It lays the foundation for competitive exams. It makes them confident to answer variety of questions. Olympiad exams make students improve their problem-solving skills. This comes very handy when they go to higher classes. The workbooks offered make students ready to compete with each other at ease. Books are well designed and have chapter wise collection of different topics such as basic geometric shapes, number system, data handling and other calculations that provides in-depth detail on the type of questions asked. Students who master Math are said to have conquered the world. They are able to perform well not only at school level exams, but also at other competitive entrance exams, thus increasing their score.


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Syllabus For Olympiad Class 4 - 

The syllabus for class 4 Maths Olympiad is the same as prescribed by schools. It is as per the norms prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE, and State boards respectively. There are several skill sets that students develop when they enter class 4. They are introduced to variety of concepts such as number sense, division, units of measurement, time, addition up to five digits, mixed operations, geometry, multiplication, data, graphs, fractions, patterns and sequences, money and probability. Olympiad exams introduce all of these concepts in the most innovative manner. While participating in Olympiad exams, students can easily find unlimited practice questions that are specifically tailored to each learning objective. Students who refer to Olympiad syllabus, can track performance and compare the same with their peers.

Indian Talent Olympiad includes visual simulations that make concepts easy to comprehend. The team of experts at the organization love to answer doubts. Thus, it provides explanation to each and every question given as part of the exam. More students solve these questions, the better they become in tackling advanced level questions. The books provided by the organization guarantees individual attention. Students will be able to understand each and every concept without much help.

The language is student-friendly, which is even more beneficial to participants. The teaching methodology adopted by Indian Talent Olympiad is unique. The puzzle cards offered by the organization as part of questions are students’ favorite. It helps them to visualize tricky Math problems and hunt for innovative solutions.

- Chapter 1: Basic Geometric Shapes

- Chapter 2: Number System

- Chapter 3: Addition & Subtraction

- Chapter 4: Multiplication & Division

- Chapter 5: Fractions

- Chapter 6: Measurement

- Chapter 7: Time & Calendar

- Chapter 8: Data Handling

- Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning


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IMO Maths Olympiad Class 4


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Maths Privous Year Question Paper Class 4


Class 4 Maths Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Annual Olympiad - 

The annual Olympiads for class 4 are conducted twice a year – in December and February respectively. These are very similar to the monthly Olympiads. These are also conducted online keeping in mind the convenience of students. Today’s children are more tech savvy as compared to the older generations. In order to match up to their levels, the organization conducts online Olympiads. It takes care of maintaining compliance and obedience in all online exams. The organization has strict rules that cater to the betterment of children. It uses advanced features such as audio recording, video recording, eye ball recognition and facial recognition elements to ensures cent percent transparency in the exams.

The duration for most of the exams except the drawing and the essay exam is 45 minutes. All the other subjects test students’ capabilities using multiple choice questions. The paper pattern is suitable for comprehensive learning and development of all individuals. Instead of rote learning, it focuses on concept based education. Multiple choice format of exams is followed in most higher level national competitions such as NET, SET, NEET, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc. It trains the young minds to be accustomed to future competitions. Students are given 50 questions as part of Annual Olympiads with four options. They have to apply their analytical skills to find out the right answer.

The drawing and the essay exam are held a little differently. The drawing exam is conducted online for 60 minutes, whereas the essay online exam is conducted for 40 minutes. Students have to turn in their work within the given time limit.

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Monthly Olympiads - 

The monthly Olympiads offer immense practice sessions all through the year. As the name suggests, these are monthly tests that act as additional preparation. The class 4 monthly Olympiad is conducted online. Students can use any smart phone or tablet to take these tests. They can be taken any time between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Students can appear for monthly Olympiads not only in Maths, but also in Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. The duration for the monthly Olympiad is 25 minutes, in which students are given 30 questions to solve.

Students who take part in Maths monthly Olympiads develop excellent number sense. Their calculations become easy. Maths requires hardcore practice so that all mathematical computations are on children’s finger tips. The best way to inculcate mastery in Maths is by allowing them to practice maximum questions. It may not be enough for students to get a good command over concepts by focusing only on classroom training. Thanks to information and technology, the students of today can access variety of questions online through the monthly Olympiads. The team at Indian Talent Olympiad works hard to solve all doubts or queries each month during these tests. Students can participate in these tests by registering themselves for the exam. Olympiads act as booster doses for all participants. It ensures that whatever they learn in the young age, stays with them for years to come.

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Class 4 Maths Olympiad FAQs

What Is Class 4 Olympiad Exam?

Class 4 Olympiad exam is conducted at national and international levels for all students studying in standard 4. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts both offline as well as online Maths Olympiad (IMO). These are challenging exams that prepare students for a competitive future. Students are judged on questions from school syllabus. These exams ensure students get a good idea of questions from school textbooks and also get a hold on tricky questions. It tests students’ knowledge on various topics. Class 4 Olympiad exam is the stepping stone for future competitions.


How Do I Prepare For Class 4 Olympiad?

To prepare for class 4 Olympiad students need to understand the syllabus very well. It is recommended to practice workbooks offered by Indian Talent Olympiad to become a champion in Maths. These workbooks provide in-depth knowledge on various topics. A thorough understanding of all topics and sub-topics makes students proficient in this subject. Preparing for International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is very simple if students follow all instructions laid out by the subject teacher. Maths is one subject that requires regular practice. Class 4 Olympiad provides immense practice that is helpful for students when they attempt the school exams as well.


Is Math Olympiad Useful?

Yes. Absolutely, Math Olympiad also known as the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is an extremely useful exam for students wanting to improve mathematics. It ensures seamless calculations in the minimum time possible. It exposes students to tricky and advanced level questions. It gives them the confidence to overcome the fear of numbers. It makes them perfect in various concepts such as geometry, algebra, measurements, theorems, trigonometry, data handling and so on. It is one of the most useful competitions that brings together students on the same platform. It inculcates analytical thinking and problem solving qualities in the young minds. Practicing several problems from Math Olympiads identifies strengths and weaknesses of children. It provides a deeper understanding on the areas that require more practice.


What Is The Age Limit For IMO?

IMO or International Maths Olympiad is open for students from class 1 to class 10. This means, any child who is 6 years or above is eligible for this exam. The upper age limit is around the ages of 16, where students enter grade 10. There is no limit on how many times students can appear for this exam. Many students make it a point to appear for the same every year, either through their respective schools or on an individual basis. Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes candidates to appear for Online Olympiads through weekly test series. These tests are conducted every second and fourth Saturday. As long as the participants meet school guidelines or the guidelines set by Indian Talent Olympiad, there is no age limit, nor any pre-requirement to qualify for the same. These are national and international exams open to Maths enthusiasts from different schools. Participation holds utmost importance for child’s future.