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Social Studies Olympiad

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) is an exam that tests students’ knowledge on subjects such as History, Geography and Civics. It is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad at National Level once in a year. The exam is conducted within school premises. The syllabus for NSSO is according to the respective classes & includes the base of all the boards. Students from different boards namely, State board, CBSE, ICSE, and International boards can take part in Social Studies exam.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Olympiad for all class from class 1 to class 10. This exam ensures that students are tested on different subjects of social studies that incudes civics, geography, history, politics all put together called the social science. It is a subject that promotes the studies of humanities. The main purpose of this exam is to help young children take informed decisions in their growing years. It is an exam that promotes the development of making children good citizens of the society. 

When students gain strong hold over social studies, they can focus on other deeper subjects in their future. These include anthropology, psychology, political science, economics, sociology, criminology and even international relations. Within the school, students learn coordinated and systematic studies. As part of the school curriculum, this is an important subject that is concerned with the study of social relationships. Students are taught the functioning of the society. The other topics that this subject focuses on are constitutional laws, rights and duties, morals and ethics, virtues and code of conduct, thus making students all classes aware of their roles and responsibilities in their lives. 

Social Studies Olympiad is an important exam that lays the foundation of our children’s growing years. The subject gives students the opportunities to develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that further enables them to become active and responsible citizens of the country. It teaches them the fundamental concepts of culture and politics that grooms them into well-educated citizens. This subject makes students understand how the world works on a social level. 


How To Participate In Social Studies Olympiad

To participate in the Social Studies Olympiad parents can register on behalf of their children online through Indian Talent Olympiad. Please click on the Student Registration button on the home page. Select, National Social Studies Olympiad as your choice of subject and pay the respective fees. The exam is conducted in one round for social studies. The annual exam dates are live on the website. Please visit the Annul Exam Schedule on our website to know about the exact exam date.

Techers can do the same for students who are interested to be a part of this exam. They can register on behalf of students and allow students to attempt the annual Olympiads. Teachers can get all information under the School Registration section on the same page. The offline exam is conducted in their respective schools so that it is easy for teachers to monitor and also students to visit the examination center. 

- National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) exams are open to students from Class 1 to Class 10.

- The registration process happens online and offline. It is easy to enroll and participate in this exam.

- Teachers encourage maximum participation, as Olympiad exams make students confident and ready for national-level competition.

- It is a platform where students can judge their existing knowledge and improve their academic performance.

- Indian talent Olympiad rewards deserving students with prizes and awards topping in Social Studies exam.


Social Studies Olympiad Syllabus

The syllabus for the Social Studies Olympiad is set by the leading boards of the country. The syllabus includes topics on culture, people, time, places, environment, development, power, authority, governance, production, distribution, science, society and technology. More than social studies the topics look to be more oriented towards general knowledge. The exam ensures that students are made thorough in questions that help them to use their knowledge throughout their lives. Because of this exam, students are able to enhance their critical thinking skills. They become very good orators in their future. They become confident to convey their views on different topics and thus take part in debates.

Indian Talent Olympiad has categorized the syllabus of this exam through respective classes. The syllabus for each class is different and as per the capacity of children. For a detailed syllabus, please visit our website and choose class-wise syllabus.  Indian talent Olympiad has a team of well-experienced and qualified teachers who ensure that students are tested based on their caliber and capacity. This is one subject that is sure to build values in the young minds. Apart from the academic importance, this exam is important to bring about other significant changes in children’s lives.


How to Prepare for Science Olympiad

To prepare for the Social Studies Olympiad students can refer to their school textbooks and read thoroughly. The questions in the annual Olympiad exams are all based on school syllabus. It caters to all the boards namely the CBSE, ICSE even other state boards respectively. Social studies at the ground level is believed to be the study of man and his environment. This environment includes the physical, social, political, social, economic and cultural environment. It focuses on the development of man and mankind. It is all about how the man influences his surroundings and how the surroundings influence the man in return. Some of the tips to prepare for the exam are to:

- Start early

- Know your syllabus well

- Go through all the chapters

- Highlight the important points

- Visualize things to memorize them better

- Jot down dates

- Mark maps

- Get to know the basics of social studies and then delve deeper in those topics one by one.


Social Studies Annual Olympiad Class 1 to 10

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the annual Social Studies Olympiad for all classes from class 1 to class 10. This exam is extremely beneficial for an overall development of all participants. The annual Olympiad exam as the name suggested is conducted once a year. The organization welcomes individual as well as school participation. Parents can register for the exam for their children and at school, subject teachers or class teachers can do the same. The exam focuses on questions that are from the school syllabus so that students are not burdened with additional information.

The registration process happens online. Please visit the Student Registration page, fill in all the required details and get started with the exam. This exam identifies hidden talent in all students and motivates them to excel in all fields. Cracking Olympiads is a great achievement for all students. It adds value to their academic record. It helps them in their years to come. Students who score well in these exams stand a bright chance to get an edge over the others. This exam helps them to prepare for other competitive exams too. The annual Olympiads not only helps to make concepts clear, but also develops a competitive spirit among all participants. 

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