Essay Writing Competition Class 1

National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is a national level essay writing competition class 1 is conducted for students of standard 1. It tests writing skills of children. It is a national level competition where students are given a platform to compete with one another. It allows students to think and play with their imagination. Indian Talent Olympiad provides essay writing books with topics, hints and ideas to explore. It has several topics for students to read from. This is the right age to encourage writing skills in students. Therefore, essay on books for Class 1 provides simple topics for students to read and understand. The book enhances thinking capacity of students. This book helps little children to develop a flair for writing and love for the language. Content for these books are developed by experts using simple language. It encourages self-study among children.


Preparation Material for Class 1 Essay Olympiad

The preparation material for Essay Writing Competition Class 1 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad in the form of workbooks. Parents can buy these workbooks for their children and help them in their preparation. The workbooks are designed as per the learning ability and understanding of class 1 students. The topics are age appropriate, which students will be able to grasp well. The preparation material has variety of topics, which class 1 students can read and understand. They would require basic help from parents and teachers who can guide them accordingly. 


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 1

The topics for the National Essay Olympiad Class 1 revolve around very simple topics on which students will be able to make their own sentences. Class 1 students would be the youngest ones giving this exam. Examiners understand that they are just out of kindergarten and thus do not put any kind of pressure on them. Students are encouraged to frame their own essays as per their own understanding. Parents can make them read different Essay Topics through Essay workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad to increase their knowledge and even help them in their choice of words. The books are colorful, informative and attractive for all our tiny tots. 

  • Chapter 1: Our Clothes
  • Chapter 2: Our Body
  • Chapter 3: Plants
  • Chapter 4: The Fruits
  • Chapter 5: The Sun
  • Chapter 6: Water is Life
  • Chapter 7: Various Flowers
  • Chapter 8: Wild and Pet Animals
  • Chapter 9: The Rain
  • Chapter 10: Birds
  • Chapter 11: The Sky
  • Chapter 12: My Teacher
  • Chapter 13: Vegetables We Eat
  • Chapter 14: Homes of Animals
  • Chapter 15: My Mother
  • Chapter 16: My Father
  • Chapter 17: My Grandparents
  • Chapter 18: Myself
  • Chapter 19: My Family
  • Chapter 20: My Town
  • Chapter 21: My Classroom
  • Chapter 22: My School
  • Chapter 23: My Home
  • Chapter 24: My Garden
  • Chapter 25: My Hobby
  • Chapter 26: Diwali
  • Chapter 27: The Peacock
  • Chapter 28: My Pet Animal
  • Chapter 29: My Best Friend
  • Chapter 30: My Country
  • Chapter 31: Our National Flag
  • Chapter 32: The Cow
  • Chapter 33: Why should be drink Milk?
  • Chapter 34: The Mango
  • Chapter 35: The Tiger


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 1

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the best National Essay Olympiad Class 1 books for all those interested to prepare well for the exam. These books have variety of topics that help students to write their essays. It helps them in sentence construction, ideation, choice of words, phrases, sentences and thus write the essay individually. When children are encouraged to read these books, they become confident about what they would want to write in the annual Olympiad. Essays for all class 1 students are the most attention-grabbing activity for all individuals. It is considered to be one of the most creative exams that has been prevalent since time immemorial. The books help students to assess their thinking capacity. For all class 1 students, writing an essay is like expressing their thoughts, feelings and emotions in black and white. It gives them the freedom to express what they like using a pen and paper.

NESO Essay Olympiad Class 1


Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 1

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the NESO – National Essay Olympiad exam for all students of class 1. To participate in the annual Olympiad, please visit the Student Registration page, select the NESO exam and get started. Once the registration is complete you will get all details regarding the exam on your registered mobile number. Participating in the essay annual Olympiad benefits children in numerous ways. This is one such exam that helps students to discover their knowledge and writing skills on any given topic. It also makes parents and teachers know the true capability of their children. Essays for class 1 students can be as short as 10 lines. These lines would generally be short, crisp and concise. Students can use an attractive language to frame their sentences. 

Students of class 1 have delicate minds. When they are given a chance to express themselves on a topic, they write it with an open heart. They have very pure and crystal clear images in their minds, which comes down through their essays. It is a delightful experience for all parents and teachers to see their little ones trying their best to express their views in their own words. Short and simple sentences framed by small children is an achievement in itself. 

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 1

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts National Essay Olympiad Class 1 monthly tests for all students. These are very helpful as these tests assists our tiny tots in their preparation for the annual Olympiads. Conducted every month, it brings a lot of confidence in students to write on any given topic. This further improves their English writing skills too. Essay writing is an art that can be developed since a young age. It requires polishing and amendments from time to time to secure national rank in the annual Olympiad. Monthly tests are extremely beneficial in the long run. The monthly Olympiads are a modest attempt by Indian Talent Olympiad to help children to be more expressive in their thoughts. It also develops a liking for writing. 

To register in the monthly tests for the NESO exam, please visit the Student Registration page, select NESO as the subject, class 1 as the class, buy workbooks if required, fill up all the remaining details and get your child ready. The monthly tests are a step by step guide that prepares students for the annual Olympiads. It makes students, parents and teachers understand the criteria, put your own thoughts, frame arguments and structure the essay carefully. All of these combine to become a good essay. Participate in the monthly NESO exam and develop the required confidence in your child today.