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English Olympiad for Class 2

English Olympiad Class 2 exam for students cater to occupational English test, which means making them ready to start loving the language. Students of 2nd standard are taught basics of grammar. Indian Talent Olympiad’s English book for Class 2 allows students to appear for English grammar test that tests their knowledge on nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, punctuations, conjunctions and lot more. International English Olympiad exams focus on developing students’ language skills so that they are ready to face competitive exams in their higher classes. The workbooks contain multiple choice questions with answers and explanations to each question. Students are taught the nuances of grammar so that they master the subject at a young age.

Syllabus for English Class 2:

  • Chapter 1: Nouns and Pronouns
  • Chapter 2: Verbs
  • Chapter 3: Adverbs
  • Chapter 4: Adjectives
  • Chapter 5: A, An and The
  • Chapter 6: Preposition
  • Chapter 7: Conjunction
  • Chapter 8: Make the Word
  • Chapter 9: Punctuation
  • Chapter 10: Meanings of Words
  • Chapter 11: Opposites of Words
  • Chapter 12: Which One is Different?
  • Chapter 13: Tense
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning

English Workbook:

Exams are form of learning activity. English Olympiad enables students to learn new meanings of the words. English book for class 2 can improve the grammar skills and vocabulary of students. Students can craft their word formation skill through such competitive exam. Indian Talent Olympiad makes it possible for students to showcase their talent at National Level. Indian Talent Olympiad helps students evolve their knowledge for English subject and get adaptable to National & international English Olympiad Level competitions. Olympiad Workbook covers the complete syllabus of 2nd Standard. Workbook comprises multiple choice questions which come with the answer keys that justify the answer. Students, by pulling out all the stops in learning English language can conquer the masters in the subject.

English Question Paper:

English Olympiad Class2 Sample Papers help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on weaker sections. Students of class 2 have a sound knowledge of basic grammar. Indian Talent Olympiad understands the exact need of the students. Each and every question in the question paper explains the reasons for correct answer so that students are in a better position to comprehend different types of questions. Question papers are designed in such a manner that facing English Olympiad exam becomes easy. There are 4 sets of question papers that contains ample amount of questions. The answers and explanations are provided at the end. Also, OMR sheets are provided in order to make students used to it and face no difficulty during exams.

What is the meaning of English Olympiad?

English Olympiad is conducted at national and international levels. Popularly known as English International Olympiad (EIO), tests students’ language skills. Conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad, this exam provides a lot of opportunity to improve basic grammar, enhance sentence structures and build vocabulary. If done at a tender age, students can master basic concepts related to grammar very easily. Students can participate in the Online English Olympiad and practice as many questions as possible before the final exam. This practice ensures impeccable English. Students become confident and can use the power of language in all other competitive exams and interviews.

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