Cyber Olympiad For Class 5

Students of standard 5 participating in International Computer Olympiad (ICO) exams are assumed to have thorough knowledge on basics of computers. It is an International level competition where students from all over the world participate with a lot of enthusiasm. This subject is a mandatory subject taught in school, which is why Cyber Olympiad for Class 5 exams enhances students’ knowledge on the same. The workbook focuses on mental ability too. It has multiple-choice questions with answers and explanation to all answers. This allows students to understand basic concepts in the simplest manner. Workbook content is designed by a team of professionals who are up-to-date with latest happenings. The book is updated on a timely basis and keeps in mind present student requirements. It has illustrations and pictures to make it interesting for students to study. Computer teachers often identify students who have a keen interest in the subject. Most schools recommend books from Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO), as it has the most student-friendly content. The book helps them to study for their school exams as well.


Preparation Material for Class 5 Computer Olympiad


Syllabus For Olympiad Class 5:

  • Subjective Exercise
  • Mental Ability Exercise
  • Answers And Explanation


Computer Books:

ICO Computer Olympiad Class 5

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International Computer Olympiad (ICO) exams are conducted once a year at National & International level in respective schools. The organization provides computer book for Class 5 on different topics for students of class 5. Content is explained using pictures and illustrative material wherever applicable. The content is designed by experts from the field of information & technology, who understand exact requirements of students of class 5. Think and Answer questions have been included to help develop higher order thinking skills (HOTS). Each book is developed to provide guidelines and techniques to assist students learn effectively. For effortless learning of the students, the topics are drafted in simple language. This exam improves the learning experience.