How To Prepare For Olympiad Exams

How To Prepare For Olympiad Exam

Students prepare for various competitive exams all-round the year. One such prestigious exams are the Olympiads. These are conducted at national and international levels. The Olympiad exams are organized at the school level for all classes from 1 to 10. The motive behind the Olympiads is to assess students' capabilities and make them master concepts that are taught in school. Students can select subjects as per their choice. It is one of the best exams to identify weaknesses and work on them. If you are still wondering how to prepare for the Olympiads, you are on the right page. Read on to learn about some preparation tips, best practices, and the benefits of Olympiads. 

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading organizations that are humbly proud to be associated with 33,175+ schools across the country. It has an extensive student base of 10 crores+ students who are more than happy to participate in these exams. The organization considers each and every child as a winner in themselves. It believes in the concept of motivating all its participants and thus awards students with various exciting prizes. In order to be eligible for these prizes, you need to achieve certain ranks as prescribed by the organization. First and foremost, you need to be aware of the Olympiad syllabus. Although the Olympiad syllabus is prescribed by different boards, the questions asked here are a little different. Therefore, you need to have a plan for preparing for these exams. 

Success requires time, energy, resources, and attention. To effectively pass an Olympiad test, one should be committed to the work required and standards set forth in order to sufficiently stand out and leave a mark with their results. The following are some essential tips to remember while you study and prepare for the Olympiad exams and succeed in them to increase your chances of performing the best:

? The test's schedule and curriculum should be fully understood, and both can usually be found on the official website.

? The Olympiad topic curriculum should be finished eventually as a matter of course, providing critical time for critical practice and review.

? Anyone can benefit from having a good schedule since it promotes good habits and allows data retention and correction.

? In order to get a better idea of the types of questions the students can encounter, it is also advised that they solve the question paper from the previous year.

? It's crucial to keep one's attention on getting to the bottom of the problem.

? In order to respond to questions that assess one's understanding of the subject, Olympiads aid one in developing their aptitude for logical reasoning and thinking.

? Giving oneself enough time to comprehend the subject and unwind in a way that helps retain what has been taught is advised.

? Students can then employ the necessary strategies to better prepare for the exam and accentuate it, making their weak points better.

? On the one hand, students are advised not to overwork themselves and are discouraged from learning material at the last minute, while on the other, they are urged to strain continuously with their notes.

? The test-related curriculum should not be skipped, and one should allocate time to later address more delicate areas in order to finish the test.


Points To Be Noted:

Participate in Monthly Olympiads:

Monthly Olympiads are one of the best ways to practice for annual Olympiad exams. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly Olympiads that are similar to mock tests or demo tests that are conducted every month for Science, Maths, English, GK, Drawing and Essay. These tests are conducted online every 4th Saturday. Students can participate using any tablet or smartphone and practice the whole year for the annual Olympiads. The monthly Olympiads are conducted on chapter-wise questions that make it easy for students to prepare different chapters. Online monthly tests have proved to be very helpful to all Olympiad participants.

To register for the monthly Olympiads, click on the below button. If you are already registered, click on the LOGIN NOW button to login into your profile.


- Start as early as possible:

Students who prepare for Olympiads must start their practice at the beginning of the year. Olympiad exams are usually conducted during November-December, so students who start early get to complete the syllabus well in time. It allows them to practice a variety of questions that may be asked in the annual Olympiads. "An early bird catches the worm," this saying holds true for all participants of the Olympiads. One who starts early has the best chance for success.


- Get to know the syllabus:

Indian Talent Olympiad has explained the Olympiad syllabus in detail on its subject page. Please visit the individual subject page to learn more about the exact syllabus. Students, parents, and even teachers can understand and compare the Olympiad syllabus with the school syllabus to get a fair idea about what can be expected in these exams. Once you know the syllabus well, it becomes easy to focus on concepts that may seem difficult.


- Plan each day:

Olympiads do not require students to study anything extra but need them to practice every day. It is an excellent habit to have a study plan and be prepared for the portion. It is important to calculate the total number of days required to complete each topic. The last month must be saved for revision. A proper schedule helps to divide topics equally. After completing a particular topic, read the essential concepts once again for better recall.


- Manage time for different subjects:

Time management plays a significant role in covering the entire syllabus for different subjects. Students must maintain a timetable where they would be allocating separate time schedules for studying for the Olympiad exams. The best part about these exams is that they help you to directly or indirectly prepare for class tests and other school exams. If you prepare for the Olympiads, the concepts taught in school become clearer. 


- Refer to Olympiad workbooks:

Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks in various subjects of Olympiads. These workbooks provide exhaustive information on different topics. Students can practice a variety of questions from these workbooks and prepare for the Olympiads. The books have a proper explanation of topics with examples for betting understanding. Referring to relevant study material helps to succeed in Olympiad exams. Students can buy these books of respective subjects of their choice by clicking on the below button.


- Practice sample papers:

Indian Talent Olympiad offers the previous year's question paper sets for students. Students can practice these sample papers to understand the type of questions asked in the final exams. It helps them to know the level of difficulty of the exam so as to prepare accordingly. Students can also understand how many questions they can answer within the given time limit, which is one of the most critical aspects of Olympiads. Students can buy previous year's question paper sets online from Indian Talent Olympiad. 


- Practice, practice and practice:

Practice is the key to success in any examination in life. The more you practice, the better understanding you have about fundamentals. Revision is imperative for any exam preparation. Practice is the answer to your question, "How to prepare for Olympiad exams." Getting a hold of the right content, devoting time, and maintaining a positive attitude helps you to succeed in the Olympiads.

The other common tips to prepare for Olympiads include strengthening concepts well. Only when the concepts are clear are students able to answer any question, irrespective of its complexity. Stay calm during the exam, do not panic. Keep a tab on the time to know how much more time you have to complete the paper. Follow and stick to a regular study plan. Get a good night's sleep so that you can start each day with a fresh mind. 

For updates regarding Olympiad exams, schedule, dates, books, sample papers, online exams, monthly Olympiads and annual Olympiads, please visit our website regularly. We are happy to share tips on how to prepare for Olympiads with all aspirants. We wish all the participants all the best for their exams.


Important Tips to Prepare For Olympiad Exam -

- Understand the syllabus & pattern of every Indian Talent Olympiad examinations:

For classes 1st to class 4th, the question paper comprises 35 questions for a total of 50 marks & for classes 5th to class 10th question paper comprises 50 questions for a total of 50 marks & is divided into three sections. Section 1 contains questions based on their respective academic fundamentals & section 2 includes questions based on logical reasoning, problem-solving & analytical skills, and section 3 comprises High Order Thinking questions.


Understand the difficulty level of Indian Talent Olympiad exams:

The difficulty & complexity level of questions will vary depending on the class. For each class, exams and question papers are prepared by understanding their knowledge, ability reasoning capacity. There will be testing of concepts and fundamentals of each & every student through every Indian Talent Olympiad examination. The question paper will also include logical reasoning and problem-solving question, which will not be in the direct question; students' analytical & reasoning skills will be tested through these questions.


Know the relevant Olympiad books:

Students need to prepare from their coursebooks suggested by their respective school boards (ICSE/ CBSE/ State boards). In addition to this, students can refer to & order Indian Talent Olympiad's workbook, the Olympiad study app offered by Indian Talent Olympiad, the Previous year's question papers & sample papers for every Olympiad examination. Indian Talent Olympiad also provides reasoning books for every class so that students can prepare the reasoning & logical section.


Practice Olympiad sample papers:

Students can avail of previous year's question papers and sample papers from Indian Talent Olympiad's website. Solving sample papers and previous year question papers will give a fair idea about the difficulty level & pattern of question papers.


Olympiad Subject Wise Preparation - 

Click to know subject-wise preparation for Olympiad Exams.






Preparation Material For Olympiad Exams:

Preparation for the Olympiad Exams can be done in an easy way. Click on the respective study materials to practice more for the Olympiad Exams.

Monthly Olympiad TestsOlympiad Study Material



How to Prepare for Olympiads?

In order to prepare and perform well on Olympiad exams, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the schedule and curriculum. Practice using previous year's papers and allocate enough time to comprehend the subject matter thoroughly. Remember to take breaks and avoid overworking yourself, as last-minute cramming is ineffective.


What are the Tips to Prepare for Olympiad Exams?

Having a strong grasp of the concepts is absolutely crucial for excelling in Olympiads. This will give students the confidence to tackle even the most intricate questions effortlessly. Staying composed during the exam and avoiding any unnecessary anxiety is also key. Furthermore, keeping track of the time remaining to complete the paper can be extremely beneficial. By following a consistent study plan and ensuring adequate rest, one can approach each new day with a clear and focused mind.