Social Studies Olympiad Class 1

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) provides students a basic understanding of human relationships and how society works. It is a subject that generally covers the topics related to society which are based on history and geography. Class 1 students can register for the Olympiad of Social Studies to enhance their social knowledge from a small age which can help them grow a better understanding of the functions and the systems that are followed across the world.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Social Studies Olympiad Class 1 is an exam for the little ones who want to explore the world around them. The exam provides an early exposure to all class 1 students to take part in national as well as international competitions. It becomes easy for them compete with one another outside of school boundaries. It brings in the ability to work hard, sharpens their analytical thinking skills, critical thinking and thus overall development. This exam is sure to help your tiny tots in all their future endeavors. Class 1 students aged between 5 and 6 are just out of their kindergarten and have entered formal schooling. These are the young ones with a curious bent of mind. These children must be allowed to explore the outside world at their own pace. 

Indian Talent Olympiad allows students to focus on different topics of their choice. They are allowed to explore different questions and thus find answers to all of those. Class 1 is considered to be the beginners stage of learning. When they take their first step towards elementary education, parents and teachers ensure that they are given the best of everything. Class 1 learning plays an important role in shaping their future. Introducing simple topics keeps them engaged in the most productive manner. Students are familiarized with simple topics on social studies. They get a better understanding of different elements in the world they live in. The exam also creates awareness about the surrounding. Children become mindful about daily activities. 

How to Prepare for Class 1 Social Studies Olympiad

To prepare for the Social Studies Class 1 exam, students can read chapters from their school text books. Parents can help their young ones to read the chapters, understand the concepts and allow them to ask questions. The more questions they ask, the better they would get to know about the world. These exams ensure that students develop a sense of fulfilment and understand all the key concepts in greater detail. When they prepare for the annual Olympiads, they get to know what questions are likely to be asked in the final exam. Parents can sit with their children and help them in their preparation. Subject teachers can do the same and encourage maximum participation. 

Olympiad exams are all about solving brain-tickling general knowledge questions. Indian Talent Olympiad has made learning a fun-filled process. Learning has become enjoyable for all students. Intriguing questions, easy trivia questions ensure maximum participation. Prepare today and take part in the annual Olympiads today. 

Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 1

Social Studies Olympiad Class 1 syllabus are designed by the leading boards of the country. The team understands the requirements of class 1 students and have set the syllabus accordingly. It comprises of topics that are easy to understand and also of utmost importance. Topics such as my family, neighbor, social helpers, society, earth, seasons, transport, basic manners, water bodies, transport, our duties and responsibilities are all included in the syllabus. These are important topics that help in overall development of children. Schools may not introduce social studies as a different subject in class 1, however they would definitely have EVS – popularly called as Environmental Studies for class 1 students. This subject covers exactly the same topics that is covered I the Social Studies Olympiad Class 1.

Logical reasoning is also an important part of the annual Olympiads. This section allows class 1 students to think in all directions and answer simple questions on patters, colors etc. This section is also designed as per the caliber of class 1 students. Overall, the syllabus for the Olympiads is designed as per the norms of the leading boards namely the ICSE, CBSE and the State board. A team of experts designs topics that need to be covered to each class looking at their age.

- Chapter 1: Family, neighbors and society.

- Chapter 2: Social helpers

- Chapter 3: Earth

- Chapter 4: Landforms

- Chapter 5: Religion culture and traditions

- Chapter 6: Seasons

- Chapter 7: Transport and communication

- Chapter 8: Our Duties towards family and society.

- Chapter 9: Waterbodies

- Chapter 10: Manners

- Chapter 11: Map- States


Class 1 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Olympiad Class 1, which is an annual exam conducted every year for all interested participants. This exam gives students an edge over the others as it exposes them to national and international competitions. It makes their mind sharper and enables them to take competitions in the right spirit. It is an excellent developmental exam for the tiny tots. To register for the annual exam, please visit the Student Registration page, select class 1 Social Studies Olympiad and get started. Parents and even teachers can fill in the registration form, fill up all the required details and get started.

The annual Olympiad exams are important exams to bring the best out of children. It allows parents and students to understand students’ aptitude. Indian Talent Olympiad’s annual Olympiad platform is for students to provide the best learning experience in their childhood. It helps them to improve upon their academic outcome. When students are exposed to such competitions since an early age, they develop excellent competitive spirit. They become focused on competitions and aim to do well always in all such exams. The annual Olympiad exam for class 1 is just a beginning to showcase their talent. It gives them wings to fly when they reach higher classes.