Social Studies Olympiad Class 1

National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) provides students a basic understanding of human relationships and how society works. It is a subject that generally covers the topics related to society which are based on history and geography. Class 1 students can register for the Olympiad of Social Studies to enhance their social knowledge from a small age which can help them grow a better understanding of the functions and the systems that are followed across the world.

Preparation Material for Class 1 Social Studies Olympiad:


Chapters For Olympiad Class 1:

  • Chapter 1: Family, neighbors and society.
  • Chapter 2: Social helpers
  • Chapter 3: Earth
  • Chapter 4: Landforms
  • Chapter 5: Religion culture and traditions
  • Chapter 6: Seasons
  • Chapter 7: Transport and communication
  • Chapter 8: Our Duties towards family and society.
  • Chapter 9: Waterbodies
  • Chapter 10: Manners
  • Chapter 11: Map- States