Essay Writing Competition Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad offers essay writing books for National Essay Olympiad (NESO) exam, which is conducted across the country. It is a national level exam where students are judged on their writing skills. Essay writing does not require vast experience in writing but a proper knowledge about the elements required in essay could take you towards perfection. In this way, it would become the easiest task for you and the continuous writing activity will give you wide range experience and in depth knowledge. Indian Talents Olympiad’s books on Essay may be beneficial in widening student’s oral as well as written communication. Essay writing task is best for the students to learn and increase knowledge. Students can be a part of National Essay Olympiad exam by enrolling their name from their respective school.


Preparation Material for Class 7 Essay Olympiad

Essay writing is one of the best ways to express one’s ideas. At times children feel difficult to communicate with one another. But, it is always easy when they write down their points and express themselves freely. Essay Writing Competition Class 7 preparation material is available at Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, you will find both short essays and long essays. Class specific essays especially for grade 7 are arranged accordingly. Students can refer to workbooks, read the essays and even write on various topics on their own to prepare for the exam.


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 7

Class 7 Essay Topics are related to different categories. The topics are to enhance one’s existing writing capabilities. It teaches them analytical skills of writing. Indian Talent Olympiad has curated a list of variety of English Essay topics for class 7 that will help them in their practice sessions. This is to intensify students’ vocabulary and to encourage them to write on their own. The workbooks have variety of essay topics for all students in different categories. This encourages them to work on their imagination, creative mind, and thus practice writing. Students learn the art of story-telling through essay writing.

  • Chapter 1: Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Chapter 2: Mahatma Gandhi
  • Chapter 3: Mother Teresa
  • Chapter 4: APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Chapter 5: Dr. Varghese Kurian – The Milkman of India
  • Chapter 6: A Rainy Day
  • Chapter 7: A Market
  • Chapter 8: A Morning Walk
  • Chapter 9: The Newspaper
  • Chapter 10: Computer
  • Chapter 11: Television
  • Chapter 12: Mobile Phone
  • Chapter 13: The Policeman
  • Chapter 14: Our National Flower Lotus
  • Chapter 15: The Ganga
  • Chapter 16: Discipline
  • Chapter 17: My Best Friend
  • Chapter 18: A Visit to a Zoo
  • Chapter 19: Taj Mahal/ A Visit to Historical Place
  • Chapter 20: A Visit to a Hill Station
  • Chapter 21: The Day I Will Never Forget/ My Picnic
  • Chapter 22: My First day at School
  • Chapter 23: My School Library
  • Chapter 24: Happiest Moment in My Life
  • Chapter 25: My Aim in Life
  • Chapter 26: My Favorite Book
  • Chapter 27: My Favorite Subject
  • Chapter 28: An Ideal Student
  • Chapter 29: Cricket – My Favourite Game
  • Chapter 30: Hockey - National Game of India
  • Chapter 31: Independence Day
  • Chapter 32: Republic Day
  • Chapter 33: Holi
  • Chapter 34: Christmas
  • Chapter 35: Milk-The Complete Meal
  • Chapter 36: The Camel
  • Chapter 37: A Street Hawker
  • Chapter 38: An Indian Wedding
  • Chapter 39: A Soldier
  • Chapter 40: Health is Wealth
  • Chapter 41: The Traffic Hazards in My City
  • Chapter 42: Autobiography of a Bicycle


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad provides essay books through which they can pick a topic, read how essays are written for the given topic, analyze and understand statements and come up with their own styles of writing. The essay workbooks teach students to prepare an outline of the ideas they have in mind. It teaches them how to write an opening statement. Students then can slowly move towards writing the body of the essay. The introduction and the conclusion are the two main points present in an essay. These determine how well an essay is written. The essay books teach exactly what is required for all students. It teaches them how to form statements, connect phrases, describe things, and thus create a picture in the reader’s mind. Writing is a skill that cannot be learnt in a day. It takes years of dedicated practice to master the art of writing. The idea of conducting the NESO exam is to make students efficient writers.

NESO Essay Olympiad Class 7


Class 7 Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 7 - 

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the National Essay Olympiad Class 7 in the form of annual Olympiads. This exam gives them the confidence to take part at national level and even international level writing competitions. To register for the exam, please click the Student Registration page, fill up all details for class 7, buy class 7 workbooks and get started. The registration happens within a few clicks. It is a matter of great pride to see young students taking part in such writing competitions. It gives them a lot of confidence to continue and improve writing in their growing years.

When students write essays, they capture an event. They can use descriptive writing that involves paying attention to minute details. Students must be encouraged to use their own imagination. They can use dynamic words to engage the reader. At the same time, it is believed that simple, clear and concise language must be used in all writings. Students can use their point of view to express themselves. They learn to write detailed character descriptions. Creative writing exercises helps them to write beautifully when in their future. At times, sensory details also apply to writing. The objective of a good writing is to get the reader feel as if they are there with you.  

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 7 - 

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly essay Olympiads for all students. These ensure that students are in touch with writing every month. It gives them maximum practice the whole year that helps them to write well in the annual Olympiads. To register for the monthly Olympiads, please visit the Student Registration page, and fill in all details for the monthly tests. You may even buy books and get started with your practice. The registration happens within a few minutes. When students take part in the monthly tests, they learn to write different types of essays. They include descriptive, argumentative, narrative, thought-provoking and so on. When students write argumentative essays they need to start with an argument. Next, they must say why they agree or disagree with the topic. Presenting the evidence with facts, quotes, examples are the best way to support evidence.

Students who participate in the monthly tests learn how to take the reader straight into the experience so that they are left engaged and immersed. Teachers must encourage maximum participation in such tests. They learn to form their opinions, come up with new ideas and write efficiently for the given topics. Participate in the NESO exam today and be prepared for the upcoming exam.