Olympiad Winners


Over 33,175+ schools across India register of Olympiad exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. Millions of students take part in these exams. In such huge competition, approximately 7000+ students win prizes and awards every year. For over past 5 years Indian Talent Olympiad preserved the list of winners of Olympiad exams conducted by it. List of National 1st Rank Winners, National 2nd Rank Winners, National 3rd Rank Laptop Winners, National 4th Rank Tablet Winners, State 1st – 10th Rank Scholarship Winners and State 11th-25th Rank Excellence Medal Award Winners is maintained for each academic year separatelyin Olympiad Winner Gallery. Seeing their names in the list of achievements, students get motivated to become Olympiad toppers and this motivation lets them add more efforts in their academics.


Olympiad participants are winners in themselves. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to participate in the prestigious Olympiad exams. Indian Talent Olympiad ensures to recognize the hard work, efforts and determinations of all participants, which is why it announces winners for different categories. It has very carefully segmented top achievers, and makes it a point to make them feel special. To begin with, it rewards Rs. 1,00,000 cash prize to National Rank Holders every year. It also provides Rs. 40,000 as cash prize to State Rank Holders. Others who top the chart, win Laptops and Tablets from us. We also provide Medals and Certificates to the participants.


Certificates won at the Olympiad levels hold immense importance in a child’s life. It is not only a motivating moment for the child, but also for parents, teachers and all their well-wishers at large. Indian Talent Olympiad announces weekly winners and rewards even for those who participate in the Online Olympiads. It believes that children must be encouraged at every step. The right kind of upbringing, with the right kind of motivation, makes it easy for students to chase their dreams. Our winner list itself is a treat to the eye. It is commendable to see children of a young age scoring full marks within the time limit.


Students from different Cities and States take part in these exams. The time frame for Online Olympiads is 25 minutes, in which they have to answer 30 Multiple Choice Questions. Students can take these tests on any 2 nd and 4 th Saturday between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Winners are declared only after thorough analysis of certain parameters. Some of them include the total number of correct answers and the time taken. Those who are able to answer more number of questions correctly, within least time possible are declared at top achievers. The criteria remains the same for all subjects of Olympiads. There are children who solve the 25-minute test within 8 minutes. If you visit the weekly winner section, you will be amazed to see the score and the time taken to complete the test.


Olympiad winners are not made in a day. It takes several months of practice, dedication and a lot of perseverance to win the Olympiads. Students have to dedicate certain amount of time every day to become a master in Olympiads. All our participants take part in these exams with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Indian Talent Olympiad looks forward to increase its winner list so that it can felicitate more number of students with each passing year. We wish all our participants happy learning experience with ITO.