Social Studies Olympiad Class 6

Social Studies Olympiad Class 6 teaches students various topics such as understanding diversity and discrimination, government its laws, duties and functions, the major land reforms, our country India, climate, vegetation, wildlife and so on. The topics are very interesting for a general read. Some students develop interest into these subjects gradually when they delve deep into the topic. It quests their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It also builds up their general knowledge. The exam spreads across subjects like history, geography, and civics. When study these subjects, they learn social science proficiently. Students are more likely to score better marks when they regularly practice and study beforehand. Last minute preparation never helps anyone in the long run. Olympiads are exams that require regular practice. History is an important subject that helps students to understand important events that happened in the earlier days. Some children find this information to be very interesting. At times, students may find it difficult to remember names and dates. However, with regular practice, they are able to recall and retain whatever learnt and thus score well in the exams.

Olympiad exams gives them tips and tricks to remember things easily. When students attempt questions from geography, it helps them to understand about environmental changes. It also makes them confident to score better marks in such tests. Olympiad exams help students to focus on important concepts so that they are able to frame proper answers according to their understanding. Civics includes rights and duties of a citizen. It is a branch of social science that plays an important role in developing responsible citizens. This subject enables them to understand about the rights they possess in our country. The highly experienced teachers and other staff who are responsible for Olympiad content creation ensure that each and every question asked in the Olympiad exam is unique.

How to Prepare for Class 6 Social Studies Olympiad

To prepare for Social Studies Class 6 Olympiad exam, please refer to the textbook thoroughly. Students need to divide their practice time for the different subjects included in social studies such as history, geography and civics. Students need to practice questions from the NCERT textbooks. Students can get a strong hold over the concepts through these books. These books are designed as per the latest syllabus. Students need to get a clear view of the syllabus. Students must learn to write the answers correctly in their practice books so that they are well aware about the right answer. Being in touch with the syllabus and updating oneself from time to time is also a good practice to prepare for Olympiads. Students must be encouraged to make their own notes. Parents and teachers can supervise children and keep a tab on their effort. The only way to win Olympiads is through sheer dedication, hard work and perseverance.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 6

The syllabus for the Social Studies Olympiad Class 6 is available on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam is important for the overall development of all students. The syllabus includes history about human beings, civilization, Vedic age, culture, kingdoms, architecture, literature, trade, citizenship, human rights and lot more. These are very interesting topics for students to know and study about. The syllabus helps students in building a strong foundation for future studies. It gives students a fair idea about the changing society and its effect in today’s times. It teaches them about the contemporary world, democratic politics, economics and other similar subjects.

Social Studies is an important subject as it creates better institutions, better citizens and even people. It helps students how to interact with the world around them. It teaches them how to influence policies, develop new networks, promote democracy and even helps to learn about the government’s accountability. The syllabus will guide students towards the course and the questions asked in the exam. It also includes all the topics from which questions are likely to be asked. Indian Talent Olympiad’s exams helps students to improve their existing knowledge. Register for the Social Studies Olympiad Class 6 exam today.

Chapter 1: Sources of History

Chapter 2: Life and Early Humans

Chapter 3: Civilization

Chapter 4: Vedic Age

Chapter 5: Religion and Culture of ancients India

Chapter 6: Kings and Kingdoms

Chapter 7: Architecture and Literature

Chapter 8: Towards gender equality

Chapter 9: Ancients Traders- India and world

Chapter 10: Community life

Chapter 11: Government –Nations, States, City, Village

Chapter 12: Citizenship and Human Rights

Chapter 13: Globes and Maps

Chapter 14: Asia, Europe and Africa

Chapter 15: Natural Resources and Energy

Chapter 16: Maps-Asia, Europe and Africa


Class 6 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Class 6 Olympiad exam for all those interested to improve their marks in this subject. At times students focus only on Maths and Science as they are considered to be important. However, it is believed that each and every subject is important to improve the overall scores. The individual registration as well as school registration can be done on our website. For student registration please click the Student Registration button on the home page. Fill up the form, pay the fees and get started. For school registration, teachers may take lead in encouraging maximum participation.

The annual Olympiad schedule is available on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. The exam is usually conducted during December and January. Social Studies exam is conducted only using the first round. Here, students from different schools and different boards can take part. The fees charged is also nominal. The main motive of the exam is to encourage maximum participation, which is why Indian Talent Olympiad charges a very small amount. The exam can be given using the online or the offline mode. This is as per the convenience of students and parents. Register for the Social Studies Class 6 Olympiad exam today.