Social Studies Olympiad Class 3

Social Studies Olympiad Class 3 is for students who want to excel in subjects such as history, geography, civics, politics and want to know more about the world. This exam is important as it makes students improve their existing knowledge. Class 3 is a stepping stone for students in their primary education. Here, students get to learn different concepts that they can carry with themselves in the years to come. Students need to understand different topics otherwise it is difficult for them to cope up with higher studies. Without having a strong command over social studies, it is difficult for students to score good marks in the overall exams. Thus, it indirectly affects the overall performance of the students. Class 3 students must prepare well for their social studies. One way to do this is to enroll themselves for the Olympiad exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam gives them the required support, training and idea to prepare for similar questions. 

Social Studies Class 3 is important. As parents or guardians, you would want nothing but the best for your child. In order to ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable experience, students must be exposed to different competitions right from their childhood. The content provided by Indian Talent Olympiad is constantly updated from time to time. It ensures that the latest syllabus is in line with the present requirements of the school. Olympiads are here to challenge the true potential of children. It asks them different questions from the syllabus differently. This tests their understanding of the question, which is very important to get to the right answer. Social Studies has always been an important subject since time immemorial. It teaches students how to live in a society. It is important from developing good personalities. Enroll for this exam today.

How to Prepare for Class 3 Social Studies Olympiad

To prepare for the Social Studies Olympiad Class 3 students must first develop interest for the subject. This can be done by reading different books on social studies, watching live videos and even simply scanning through school text book pages. This would give them a great deal of information that they are looking for. Once you know your syllabus, it is a good practice to start chapter-wise preparation. Carefully read each and every chapter that is part of the school text book. Get help from the subject teacher and try to clear all the doubts. The next step is to set a schedule and stick to the schedule. 

Preparing for Olympiads cannot be done within a day. It takes yearlong practice, dedication, determination and hard work to score well in these exams. Students need to have clarity of concepts. The Olympiads are based on conceptual learning. If the basic concepts are clear, they are able to answer any kind of question. It ensures to place excellent questioning, reasoning and critical thinking abilities in the young minds. The questions asked in the Olympiads are challenging. It makes students think in all direction.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 3

The syllabus for Social Studies Class 3 is as prescribed by the school. It caters to all boards namely the CBSE, ICSE, and other state boards. The syllabus includes questions from topics such as our national symbols, our universe, direction, maps, time, basic needs, community life, earth, our country, our villages, food, clothes, air, communication, occupation and so on. These are simple topics that students must be aware of. It helps to build their general knowledge on these topics. The syllabus for Olympiads helps them to prepare for their school tests too. Teachers encourage maximum participation in this exam.

It is a good practice to get a good hold on the syllabus before the exam. Students can practice for the annual Olympiads throughout the year. They must be encouraged to make their own notes. Class 3 is a year when students must be taught to take lead, practice on their own and find out the right answer. This makes them independent in their growing years. Parents supervision is a must that goes without saying, but children must be free to choose the answer, select topics and thus study on their own. When they prepare for the Olympiad exams, students automatically score well in other competitions, including the school exams.

- Chapter 1: Direction and Maps

- Chapter 2: Understanding time

- Chapter 3: Our Village, Our city

- Chapter 4: Basic Needs

- Chapter 5: Our Community life

- Chapter 6: Public services for community life

- Chapter 7: Earth-Continents and Oceans

- Chapter 8: Our country and national symbol

- Chapter 9: Religion culture and Tradition

- Chapter 10: Occupation

- Chapter 11: Local governing bodies

- Chapter 12: Metropolises

- Chapter 13: Our Early People

- Chapter 14: Transport and Communication

- Chapter 15: Maps-State, Capital and metropolises


Class 3 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Students can apply for the Social Studies Annual Olympiad Exam Class 3 exam through Indian Talent Olympiad. Please visit the Student Registration Page for more details. The examination cost is nominal. The organization charges only Rs.200 for the exam. This can be paid by parents online and the registration can be complete. Parents get all details about the exam on their registered mobile number. Indian Talent Olympiad comes up with exciting offers such as free Maths exam on selecting any 3 subjects of Olympiads. This offer is available only for a short duration, thus it is requested to keep a tab on the registration page so that you don’t miss such exciting offers.

The exam is conducted online as well as offline. Students can choose their schedule and mode of exam as per their convenience. The Annual Exam Schedule is ready on the website. Students can take a look at the schedule and register accordingly. The Olympiads are the most prestigious exams that bring a good name to all participants. These are recognized at national and international levels. It gives them a lot of confidence to take part in other competitions in their growing years. Register and take part in the Social Studies Class 3 Olympiad exam today.