English International Olympiad

English is the most important school subject for students to learn. English International Olympiad (EIO) exam aims to improve English spellings, grammar, sentence structure and master student’s language skills. Learning a language is a never-ending process. Such subjects always have scope for improvement. This can be done only with sheer hard work, love for the subject and deep diving dedication. The purpose of the English Olympiad exam is to improve the skills of the student by making them familiar with the basic important concepts. Therefore, Indian Talent Olympiad exam helps students to get an exposure to face national & International English Olympiad level competitions. Students from different schools across the country participate in this exam.The test comprises of knowledge and competence in English language. The exam is open for students from class 1 to 10. It assists them in becoming proficient in the field of English.
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-English is one of the most loved subjects among students. All the credit goes to its story-telling approach of learning.

-Comprehensions, essays, letters, grammar, prose and poetry makes it interesting to participate in English International Olympiad (EIO).

-Interested schools must register with Indian Talent Olympiad online. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) will automatically get in touch with schools and help them to enroll its students for Olympiad exams.

-The exam is conducted in two levels and consists of all multiple-choice questions. Students, who qualify the first level, can sit for the second level.

-Indian talent Olympiad rewards deserving students with prizes and awards topping in English Olympiad exam at international level.

The English International Olympiad (EIO) is one of the important exams that develops language skills. It is an English Grammar and Language competition that judges’ students in terms of their knowledge on the subject. Students from class 1 to class 10 are invited to participate in this exam. They can be from different schools and different boards. The syllabus for this exam is the same as prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE and State boards. Thus, it caters to the need of different boards. The objective of this exam is to test students’ English knowledge against the others. Apart from this, it makes them thorough in sentence structures, parts of speech, comprehension, and improves their writing skills at large. English is one of the important languages that demands good command. Both, spoken and written skills are equally important. It makes them confident and builds their communication skills. There are no specific criteria to participate in these exams. Also, there is no minimum requirement. It welcomes all those who want to improve their languages skills.
Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks to practice for the International English Olympiad exam. The workbooks are available for all classes. Parents can check sample workbooks required for their children by clicking the Sample Workbook button given below on the page. Here, parents will come to know how content is carefully crafted according to the class. For instance, it starts with class 1 English workbook, that consists of several multiple choice questions. The questions relate to punctuations, nouns, jumbled words, capitalization, articles, plural forms, synonyms, antonyms, verbs and so on.
EIO English Olympiad Workbook
EIO English Previous Year Question Paper
Previous year’s question papers are a good way to understand what type of questions were asked previously. Teachers often recommend students to solve as many questions from this set, to ensure thorough practice. This set consists of 4 question papers, answer keys, solutions and OMR sheets for practice. It gives the feel of taking the actual. Students who practice from these sets at home, must set a timer and stick to the time limit to ensure transperancy.


Annual Olympiad and Monthly Tests conducted for English International Olympiad are based on the academic syllabus of the school.
The International English Annual Olympiad is conducted in the similar manner as the monthly exams. However, here students are asked 50 questions within a time limit of 45 minutes. All are multiple choice questions. The annual Olympiads for English are twice a year – December and February.
Students can choose any slot as per their convenience. The other subjects for which annual Olympiads are conducted are Science, Maths, General Knowledge, Computer, Drawing, Essay and Social Studies.
Online registrations for annual Olympiads are open for all aspirants. Check out the timetable, exam schedule, buy books, previous year’s question papers and gain maximum benefit of these exams through Indian Talent Olympiad. Register today for annual Olympiad exam.
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The International English Olympiad (EIO) monthly tests are demo tests or practice tests that are carried every month. The questions focus on chapter-wise topics from English. Languages usually require extra practice. This is because, grammar of English language is vast. The more the students are exposed to different questions, the better they become in understanding the basic concepts. The English Monthly Olympiad is open for class 1 to class 10. These are online tests that can be taken online with the help of any device – smart phone or tablet. English monthly Olympiad exam is conducted for 25 minutes; in which they are asked 30 questions. Students have to manage their time properly to complete the exam in an appropriate way. The power pack exams allow students to take part in other subjects too, such as the Olympiads for Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. To register for the monthly Olympiads please click the button below. Online registrations are welcome for students belonging to different boards and different schools in the country.
As you scroll down the sample workbook, you will notice that the syllabus gradually shifts and moves on to deeper concepts. The entire workbook covers all topics that are taught in class. Students who practice using the Indian Talent Olympiad’s workbooks become thorough in grammar. It brings a lot of clarity to concepts such as adjectives, adverts, modal verbs, capitalization, substitution, prefix, suffix, pronouns, tenses, spellings, participles, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning. All workbooks provided by Indian Talent Olympiad include logical reasoning as part of the subject. No matter which Olympiad subject you choose for, reasoning is included in all exams. This section helps students to use their brain. It inculcates thinking abilities among all participants. To know class-wise syllabus for your child, please click the link below.
The sample question paper allows students to understand the type of questions asked in the English International Olympiad (IEO) exam. It gives them thorough knowledge of what is expected, how questions are framed and how to prepare for the same. The sample papers are available for all classes from class 1 to class 10. Parents and teachers can check the class-wise syllabus given on the sample question paper. It would help them to understand the topics that students need to prepare before the exam. All subjects are divided into three sections, section 1 consists of questions from the school syllabus, section 2 consists of questions from higher order thinking, which are again a part of syllabus but a little tricky to answer.
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English International Olympiad (EIO) is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad at national and international levels. It tests students’ knowledge on grammar, sentence structures, writing skills, vocabulary and a lot more. It prepares students for higher levels of English examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS and GRE. It improves language skills, speaking skills and overall confidence. It makes sure students write and speak impeccable English in front of a huge crowd. English being an international language requires a lot of practice. EIO is one such exam that gives the required practice to all participants.

To participate in the English International Olympiad (EIO) students need to register themselves with Indian Talent Olympiad. Registrations are open for individual participants as well as schools. The organization conducts Online Olympiads that allow students to take exams every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday from their respective homes. These can be taken on any tablet or smart phone. Schools who want their students to participate and win in these exams, must register with the company. Teachers often recommend more and more students to take part in these exams. It is open for classes from 1 to 10.

To study for Olympiad exams, you need to refer to good books, previous year’s question paper and other study material. These are provided by Indian Talent Olympiad, one of the best Olympiad organizations in the country. The workbooks are available for all classes from class 1 to class 10. These provide chapter wise questions, answers and the reason for correct answers. It allows students to understand fundamentals thoroughly. It ensures that basic concepts are clear so students are able to solve tricky questions. Students must make it a practice to maintain a regular study habit and study well for Olympiad exams.

To check the result of English International Olympiad (EIO), students need to login to the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Enter your respective roll number. It will display all details about the student such as name, age, class, subject, school and score. Students can also check their weekly test results by going to the page of Student Test @ Home. Click on the weekly winner test and see where you stand. Olympiad results hold a lot of importance in students’ career. These results boost confidence, prepare for other competitive exams and brings a good name to the participant and school.

The International English Olympiad (IEO) conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad has only one level. The exam is conducted in two slots. Students can participate in annual exams for the first slot in December or the second slot in February. It tests students’ vocabulary, sentence construction, writing skills and knowledge of grammar. It ensures master the language well. Students can also refer to previous year’s question paper to understand the format of questions. Workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad provide in-depth knowledge on variety of questions.

ndian Talent Olympiad charges minimum price for Olympiad exams. Students can opt to participate in these exams by paying just Rs 150 per month. They get to participate in Online Olympiads every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday. The reason for the price being kept so low is to encourage maximum participation. The exams are open to all schools and all boards. For more details on the registration process, price of Olympiad, books or question papers, please visit the student registration section and register yourself today.

IEO Olympiad is the International English Olympiad, conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad organization. It is one of the best exams to improve language skills, grammar and vocabulary. To prepare for IEO Olympiad, students have to refer to the syllabus well. Students can practice each and every section of the book, solve more and more example based questions and refer to IEO workbooks by Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam prepares students for other competitive exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. It holds a lot of importance when students go abroad for higher education.