Apply For Olympiad Exam

Olympiad exams are conducted using the online as well as the offline mode. The monthly Olympiads are conducted online, for which students can use any smart phone or tablet to participate in the same. The annual Olympiads are conducted online as well as offline. Indian Talent Olympiad has kept the registration process as simple as possible. It invites applications from individual students and also from schools. Class teacher or the subject teacher in-charge can apply on behalf of the school. Follow the steps given below to understand how to apply for Olympiad exam.

1. Visit

2. Register yourself by filling the required fields on the webpage.

3. You can opt for monthly Olympiads or annual Olympiads.

4. For monthly Olympiad select your desired subjects, similarly for annual Olympiad select the subjects in which you wish to participate.

5. Click the button ‘I agree to Terms & Conditions.’

6. Click Signup.

You will be taken to the payment gateway, once you make the payment you will receive a confirmation message. You can login using your mobile number.

The team at Indian Talent Olympiad is always ready to offer a helping hand. In case of queries regarding the registration process, please contact our toll free number 1800 266 9192. The monthly Olympiads act as practice sessions for the annual Olympiads. It is the best way to practice all-round the year for the final exam. It gives students an excellent exposure to questions from different chapters. The monthly and the annual Olympiad exams help students to develop a strong subjective and objective knowledge. It is recommended for all students from class 1 to class 10.