ITO Olympiad Syllabus

Olympiad exams are one of the prestigious examinations of today’s times. All students studying from class 1 to class 10 can apply for the same. Until year 2019, it was mandatory for schools to register for these examinations. However, presently, in the year 2020, Indian Talent Olympiad allows individual participation. This can be done at the convenience of students with the help of a mobile phone. Students are now allowed to participate in subjects of their choice and opt for online exams. All they require is a smart phone to get started.

Parents often worry that Olympiad syllabus may be troublesome for children. That’s definitely not true. The questions asked in these exams are based on school curriculum. It suits all boards namely CBSE, ICSE and other State boards respectively. The questions are objective in nature and are conducted for 65 minutes. Olympiads are the best diagnostic tool. It acts as one of the finest preparation instruments for other competitive exams. It tests their analyzing skills along with the ability to explore various options. These exams form the base for future competitive examinations.


Olympiad exams evaluate students on the topics taught in school. The only difference being, the questions here are trickier. The complexity level of these questions are slightly on the higher side as compared to school exams. This enables students to attempt variety of questions from the same topic. To outshine in Olympiads, students must understand exam pattern, type of questions, and practice as many worksheets as possible.

Olympiad syllabus is not vast, only the questions are asked differently. There are many ways of framing questions from one particular topic. This ensures that the child has understood fundamental concepts well. A child must be able to answer questions, even if it is framed inversely. Olympiads allow students to practice such questions at home. School text books provide a basic understanding of chapters. All those who have an analytical bent of time, would want to explore more out of the textbooks. Thus, Olympiad books are the best resources for such talented minds.


Indian Talent Olympiad offers workbooks and practice question paper sets for students. The books have high quality content, relevant to all respective classes. The team of Indian Talent Olympiad ensures that topics and sub-topics are well explained to students. All chapters from school textbooks are covered in detail. The exam has 35 to 50 questions depending on respective classes. Variety of questions and of varied difficulty ensures proper practice for final exams. It also has separate questions on logical reasoning that assists in solving patterns, alphabet queries, series, blood relationships and other questions.

Olympiad exam syllabus is divided into three sections. The first being subjective questions, the second is the High Order Thinking Section, commonly called HOT section and the last is the logical reasoning section. All questions are of one mark each. All subjects for all classes include questions from the logical reasoning segment. This ensures that students think out-of-the-box to arrive at the right answer.


Students from class 1 to class 4 are asked 35 questions within the time limit of 65 minutes. Whereas, those from class 5 to class 10 are asked 50 questions within the same time limit. The logical reasoning segment includes patterns, grouping of figures, ranking test, measuring units, geometric shapes, odd one out, analogy, special understanding, embedded figures, blood relations, direction sense test, mirror image, water image, paper folding, paper cutting, figure matrix, mathematical operations, cubes and dice, Venn Diagrams, analytical reasoning, figure formation, puzzles, and ranking. The topics discussed above are seldom found in class textbooks of any class. This may not be a part of school syllabus, but such questions enhance thinking abilities. It assists mind development from a young age. It ensures students undergo exhaustive brain exercises and utilize their intelligence in the best possible way. Olympiad exams are the only exams that allow students to explore different possibilities. It gives them wings to fly right from a young age.

Thus, Olympiad syllabus cover in-depth details about topics covered in class. It encourages students to fare well in their school exams. It allows them to practice a variety of questions of different types. Students get accustomed to practice tests, with the help of which it becomes easy to score well in their final examinations.

If you are looking for the subject sise Olympiad Syllabus for class 1 to 10 syllabus of Olympiad exams, you are at the right page. We provide class-wise and subject-wise syllabus for all classes from 1 to 10 here. Although the syllabus is the same as prescribed by school, the questions are different. Check the syllabus of each sybject by clicking on the buttons below.

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What Syllabus Is Covered In The Indian Talent Olympiad?

The syllabus for Olympiad exams are the same as prescribed by respective schools. It caters to all boards namely CBSE, ICSE and State boards respectively. Students who practice for Indian Talent Olympiad exams indirectly practice for their school academics. These exams help them to prepare for school exams well in advance. The concept, and topics in both remain the same. Olympiad exams are the best diagnostic tool to evaluate one’s understanding of topics. It acts as one of the finest preparation tool for other competitive exams. It exposes students to tricky questions, which may not be covered in school exams. Students who attempt such advanced level questions, find it easy to attempt other national and international competitions.