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Science Olympiad class 10

Science happens to be a subject that intrigues many because of the very fact that it provides one with the tidbits of mind-blowing facts and information that drives their will and has them curious to learn grow and understand the...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 9

For the students of class 9, Olympiads tend to be quite beneficial for the students, for they get to learn develop and grow a better understanding of the subject of their interest. The Olympiads prove to be golden opportunities...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 8

Younger students tend to be quite enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects of interest. Science being one such subject provides one with a multitude of amazing facts and mind-blowing theories and interesting tidbits of...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 7

Science is a subject that grabs many people’s interests for it has much to offer, be it amazing facts, surprising theories, or mind-blowing tidbits which make one interested in the subject allowing them to develop a liking and passion...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 6

The Olympiads happen to be quite a golden opportunity for willing students to learn more about a subject of their interest, it brings out the best in them, for the exams are planned out and designed in a way such that they challenge the... READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 5

Students tend to be quite curious when something quite crass their attention but when it comes to subjects like science there are numerous topics of interest that add to their curiosity and make an individual passionate about learning allowing...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 4

It is an accepted fact that hard work results in success hence when it comes to the  Science Olympiads students require to have quite a dedicated input of effort but not without proper guidance. Science being the subject that intrigues...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 3

Students often find themselves quite interested and driven by the subject of Science for it is one which offers them a multitude of topics which are discussed and included and tend to add to their curiosity and willingness to...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 2

Science is the subject that holds the interest of many students it is so because the subject has much to offer be it intriguing and groundbreaking facts or be it the number of mind-blowing theories, it pulls people...READ MORE


Science Olympiad class 1

The Olympiad exams are put in place to bring out the competitive edge in the students in fields more than one. The Science Olympiads promote the student’s interest and understanding related to the subject of science...READ MORE


How do I improve my Drawing skills?

Art is a way of expressing your thoughts through your hands. Drawing by itself is a pleasurable and profitable form of art, but learning to draw well can also lead to better work in other mediums. Having an accurate drawing is especially important as the...READ MORE


10 reasons why you should prepare your child for Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiads for students from class 1 to class 10 at both national and international levels. These Olympiads are conducted on multiple subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Computer Science and English. They are conducted with the aim to develop...READ MORE


Problem Solving Skills and Strategies for Olympiads

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiads for students from class 1 to class 10 at both national and international levels. These Olympiads are conducted on multiple subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Computer Science and English. They are conducted with the aim to...READ MORE


Importance of Sample Papers for Olympiads

Olympiads are competitive exams conducted for students from class 1 to class 10 at both national and international levels. These exams are conducted by various institutions with Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) being one of the best among them. They are conducted on various subjects like...READ MORE


How Can One Manage Time When They Appear For Olympiads?

Every student in the exam hall thinks of this sentence at least once “I wish I had more time, the questions were doable, I just needed a little more time”, that’s something quite usual and it happens to everyone. But why does it happen? We happen to know the solution to all the questions yet we end up not answering...READ MORE


Why Should Students Be Encouraged for Mathematics Olympiads?

Mathematics can be simply termed as the study of numbers, shapes and patterns. It is one of the most important subject in every student’s study life. It has a huge scope in every field of our life, such as medicine, engineering, finance, natural science, economics. We are all...READ MORE


The Importance of Logical Reasoning

Indian Talent Olympiad has been striving to promote skilled learning in all subjects for students across the entire country. It becomes important for students to inculcate the skill of logical reasoning at a young age to be able to master any subject they are...READ MORE


What is International Science Olympiad?

When you hear the word ‘science’ what do you think of? Lab coats and test tubes? Telescopes and stars? Einstein? Dog-eared text books? While these represent various aspects of science, none of these truly signify ‘science’ as a whole, because...READ MORE


IMO Mathematics Olympiad Class 10 Concepts and Solutions

In a competitive exam like the International Math Olympiad, students are required to give answers in the shortest possible time. The answer should be chosen based on the question and not on their...READ MORE


9th Class Maths Olympiad Study Material

Mathematics is a branch of science that deals with numbers. Usually, we learn the nature by observing it closely. Mathematics is the language of nature as it helps us to understand...READ MORE


The Maths Olympiad: Ace Class 7 IMO With Us

The world of Olympiads has always been considered “out there”. It was a place that many were scared to venture into. Everyone would tell you how boring and tiresome it is, how it did not test your smartness, and that if...READ MORE


International Maths Olympiad: How to Ace Maths for Class 6

International Maths Olympiad for Class 6 is a fun-filled and engaging exam for the students. These exams contain a variety of problems on a large number of topics and have been framed to build a strong understanding of basic mathematical...READ MORE


The Best Study Material For IMO Class 5

Are you a Mathematics lover? Are you also looking to bag a high score in the International Mathematics Olympiad exam? Well, ITO has introduced an exciting way to get help in your Mathematics study. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the...READ MORE


How to Pass Your Class 4 International Math Olympiad

Are you looking for ways to score well in the International Math Olympiad for class 4? Well, this is the place where you will find complete solutions to each problem mentioned in...READ MORE


International Maths Olympiad Study Material For Practice

Are you up for some brain-straining maths questions? If so, you might want to invest in the Indian Talent Olympiad Book Class 3 Maths. This book covers a variety of maths concepts and helps children systematically tackle...READ MORE


Best Maths Olympiad Study Material for Class 2

Children love to compete and they always try to beat their records. But when it comes to mathematics, it becomes troublesome for them. In today’s world, the subject of Mathematics has become very important in every field. Schools consider it to be the base subject and most of the board...READ MORE


ITO Privileged To Be Under The Tutelage of PT Usha

Indian Talent Olympiad is honored to have the continuous assistance and support of Madam P.T Usha in Olympiad exams conducted for students of class 1 to class 10. Being an Olympian Champion herself, Madam encourages young budding talent to improve their academic performances. She constantly provides...READ MORE


Test Your Math Skills Today For The International Mathematics Olympiad

Studying mathematics is never a cup of tea for any student. It requires hard work and dedication, but the results pay off in the end. So if you’re looking to ace your class 1 grade math Olympiad exam, you’ve come to the right place. Maths Olympiad for Class 1 is a great exam to test...READ MORE


How do I prepare for General Knowledge Olympiad?

General Knowledge Olympiads are conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) every year for students from class 1 to class 10 in different parts of the country. ITO has gained a lot of recognition and appreciation for conducting GKO...READ MORE


How do I prepare for Social Studies Olympiad?

National Social Science Olympiad (NSSO) is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) every year to test the student’s knowledge on the subjects like History, Geography and Civics. This exam is conducted at a national level. It is conducted for the students from class 1 to class 10...READ MORE


How do I prepare for English Olympiad?

The English International Olympiad (EIO) is a language-based exam conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. This exam is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) with an aim to help students judge their efficiency in the English language with that of international standards...READ MORE


Awards and Cash Prizes for Olympiad Exams

Olympiads are exams that are conducted throughout the country. With the conduction of exam at such a large scale, it is obvious that the number of participants will be in millions. Students work hard day in and day out to stand...READ MORE


Various Courses Provided by Indian Talent Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the best organizations in the country that conducts Olympiads for students from class 1 to class 10. Apart from providing a nationwide platform, it becomes important for every organization to provide students with appropriate courses and study materials...READ MORE


Various Olympiad Exams Conducted In India

India is home to over a billion people, and the majority is constituted of youths, for our nation to thrive and grow, education hence holds great importance. It serves to provide the young with an opportunity for a secure and bright future. Students are sent to school so that they can start early, develop...READ MORE


Olympiads Are Not As Hard As You Think

Competition can always be challenging but with the right amount of effort and strategy, it’s easy to ace any competition. The Olympiad exams are no different. The Olympiads are essentially subject focused exams that aim to bring out the student’s best helping them gain a better understanding...READ MORE


Olympiad As A Status Symbol For Parents And Students

We live in a world where change and competition are ever pertaining and improving, hence parents seek to provide their child with the best of resources for an opportunity at having a bright future. They aim to provide their ward with the edge over their peers, which is one of the main reasons why Olympiads...READ MORE


Common myths about the Indian Talent Olympiad exams- busted!

Olympiad exams are organised to provide students with an opportunity to shine bright for their hard work and merit. The Indian Talent Olympiad has been conducting Olympiads all across the nation for students of classes 1 to 10. ITO works with an aim to cater to the varying interest of the students which is why it...READ MORE


What is National Olympiad?

Olympiads are exams conducted throughout the country that lets students compete with each other on similar education level. They are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. These exams are conducted by various organization...READ MORE


How do I prepare for Olympiad exams?

There are various ways students can prepare for Olympiads. The basic aim of conducting Olympiads is to bring out the best in children. The first step of every student should be to choose the subject of their interest. Student have multiple...READ MORE


Scope of Olympiad exam for students

Olympiads are exams that are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10 on various subjects at both national and international level. They basically promote skilled learning in subjects likes...READ MORE


What is Maths Olympiad?

Maths Olympiad is an initiative for students from class 1 to class 10 to showcase their talent and knowledge in maths at an international level platform. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Maths Olympiads in various schools across the country. All the questions asked in this exam are in the form of...READ MORE


What is Science Olympiad? 

Science Olympiad is an initiative for the students from class 1 to class 10 to showcase their talent and knowledge in science at an international level platform. It tests the conceptual and practical knowledge related to the subject and prepares the student to face the challenges that are to come up in the modern...READ MORE   


What is Olympiad?

Olympiads are exams that are conducted throughout the country that lets students compete with other students on a similar education level. These exams are conducted by multiple organizations, the Indian Talent Olympiad being one of the...READ MORE


Why do we need Olympiad exam?

Olympiad exams are conducted for the students of class 1 to class 10 to promote Mathematics, Science, Computer Education, Art, English and General Knowledge skills among children at a young age itself. Basically, the curriculum in schools set by the boards is to deliver basic knowledge regarding...READ MORE


Do we need extra coaching to write Olympiad exam?

The aim of conducting Olympiads is to bring out the best of children. They are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. Students can take up their choice of subject among multiple options...READ MORE


 Why online test series before attempting online Olympiad?

Education plays a great role in future of many, allowing them to have a secure life. In today’s time, everyone strives to achieve their dreams and work hard for their goals, all one needs are...READ MORE


Advanced guide for Indian Talent Olympiad preparation

The Olympiad exams are quite a sought after practice these days, all thanks to the benefits they have to offer the budding young minds. The exposure, the platform, the feedback greatly...READ MORE


10 Best tips for parents: Olympiads for class 2

Parents aspire that their child have a bright future and secure future,  for it they are found sparing  no effort to cater to their youngling’s requirements, providing them with...READ MORE


Important Books to Improve the Drawing of Class 2 Students

It is always like an escape from the studies when children begin their drawings. They want to get lost in their imagination and make the best art possible. They can make their efforts more effective by learning from...READ MORE


Students can Improve their Drawing with These Tips

It has become a stereotype for guardians to exclude drawing from education when it comes to studies and subjects. Many think drawing is a waste of time, and rather kids should focus on other subjects. But drawing...READ MORE


Learn some of the Best Essay Topics for class 10

English Essay writing is becoming popular which means students are now getting more involved in it. Essay writing is a skill. It is a talent that many people have not been...READ MORE


FAQ on Participating in the Indian Talent Olympiad

What is the requirement to participate in the Olympiad exam? The Indian Talent Olympiad conducts its examinations every year to provide a platform for the talented students of the country, who aspire to nurture and hone their creative...READ MORE


Indian Talent Olympiad – We believe every child is special

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) is one of the best Olympiad exam conducting bodies in India. It was founded with a mission to provide education and knowledge enlightening opportunities to talented...READ MORE


Prepare for the GK Olympiad with ITO

General Knowledge Olympiad GKIO is an exam that tests students on their general knowledge and what they remember from their school studies. It also tests whether they can apply the things they learn as they progress...READ MORE


Training for IMO - Practice is the key to success

(IMO) International Mathematics Olympiad is an annual international maths exam that is conducted for high school students. It includes participants from across the country and is regarded as the most prestigious mathematic...READ MORE


International Drawing Olympiad 2021-22

The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) team intends to initiate the younger generation to participate in art activities. Keeping the same in mind, the Indian Talent Olympiad conducts an event called the "International Drawing Olympiad" for the students of class 7...READ MORE


Are You Prepared for The GK Class 3 Olympiad?

Students of class 3 need to be aware of subjects such as climate, global issues, language & literature, entertainment & sports, etc. General Knowledge Class 3 Olympiad exam is a National Level online competition organized under the Indian Talent Olympiad...READ MORE


How Class 5 Students can Prepare for GK Olympiads?

The world in modern times has become more competitive than ever before. This makes it important for a budding child to acquire knowledge about various things in day-to-day life. The general knowledge olympiad for class 5 students...READ MORE


Essay Writing Guide for class 5

National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is an exam conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad, one of the renowned organizations for Olympiad exams. NESO is an essay writing...READ MORE


Advantages of GK Olympiad for class 2 

General Knowledge can be defined as a set of facts, information, or data. GK topics vary from one school to another. GK is one of the important subjects in academics and competitive exams. GK questions for class 2 include topics such as history, geography, science,...READ MORE


How to prepare for GK Olympiad - Class 1

General Knowledge (GK) plays an important role in various competitive exams. GK questions test not only your knowledge about India but also about various countries around the...READ MORE


How To Check Olympiad Results Online

Olympiad results are a very crucial phase after the exam for students. A student must always strive to get maximum scores in all the exams. It is necessary to have a stronghold over the question paper and...READ MORE


India's Youngest Doodler Makes it to the International Stage

Creative minds are nurtured by regular participation in competitions and events that will test their skills. Indian Talent Olympiad aims to provide the students with the strength to challenge their...READ MORE


Top 7 Tips To Improve Drawing for class 5

Drawing is the art of creating imaginative and competent drawings with the use of different media and techniques. The drawing consists of arranging lines, colors, and...READ MORE


5 Facts You Must Know About The International Mathematics Olympiad Exam

In countries with their own Mathematical Olympiad programs, IMO has a similar status to other big international tournaments. In contrast to other math competitions, competition at IMO is highly...READ MORE


Class 1 GK Olympiad Preparation Kit 2021- 2022

It is the age of information. It is therefore very important that our children are well versed with various things happening around us. They must know the history, geography, culture, etc. of the...READ MORE


Practice General Knowledge Questions for Class 2

GK stands for General Knowledge. It is a way to assess the intelligence of a student. We can evaluate all their answers to questions on varied aspects of subjects like science, mathematics, history, geography, and...READ MORE


Practice General Knowledge Questions for Class 7

In the competitive world, GK is mandatory for every person to gain self-confidence and become a distinguished personality in society. General knowledge includes a variety of regular information based on several topics. A lot of awareness...READ MORE


Benefits of Sample Papers and Mock Tests

Preparations for Olympiads are incomplete without sample papers and mock tests. They are a crucial part where the performance and preparations of the students can be tracked. Sample papers give an idea about how the actual exams will be, and the mock tests are done in a similar environment as that of a final Olympiads...READ MORE


This Should be the Daily Timetable of Class 1 Students preparing for the Maths Olympiad

Today the world is more competitive than ever before. It is required for every child to develop some skills outside the school. The school academics aren’t enough for the children to excel in life. That’s why Maths Olympiad is an integral...READ MORE


Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Essay for Olympiad

An essay seems to be an easy thing in school, but it needs to be accurate when it is being written for Olympiads. Mistakes should be avoided as...READ MORE


Difficulties in the Olympiad of GK for Class 6

Most of the time, students feel weighed with their school syllabus. Which could also add up to their Olympiad preparations, and they might feel worn out. This can be considered...READ MORE


Benefits of the Monthly Olympiad by Indian Talent Olympiad


Many guardians think that preparing their children for Olympiad isn’t worth the time and burdens them with more to study. But that isn’t the case if the parents provide their children with accurate material...READ MORE


Top 10 Drawing Tips To Improve Drawing Skills

Drawing for class 2   - As children develop, they need to expand beyond letters and numbers. Young children begin to develop an understanding of the world, and this understanding starts with the things that are around them. Drawing is an important skill that children...READ MORE


Class 10 English Essay Exam NEO

Essay Exam for Class 10 - Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) provides books for the National Essay Olympiad of standard 10. This is a national-level exam conducted for all students across the country. It’s a prestigious exam to highlight your academic talent. Indian Talent Olympiad books...READ MORE


Indian Talent Olympiad Conducts International Drawing Olympiad

International Drawing Olympiad - Drawing is an art that encourages kids to create and show things that they see differently. It takes a lot of practice, but it is an investment in creativity. Some parents worry that their kids are not getting creative and it is because they are not learning to...READ MORE


India's Youngest Artists and Olympians

International Drawing Olympiad - The children of India today are young and full of potential and talent. The glow and glitter of the finest and the biggest arena in the world would indeed dazzle any child, but little did we know that some actual budding artists...READ MORE


Lets Score well in Olympiads with ITO

GK Olympiad for Class 2 - Many students are enthusiastic about learning, which is their biggest strength. The children are young and have a lot of eagerness to learn. They have the best memory capability to distinguish one thing from another. Class 2 is considered a tough year for students because they are...READ MORE


Why Prepare for the GK Olympiad with ITO

In this age of harsh competition, parents need to give their children a competitive edge over others. Participation in a variety of competitions is a great way to improve a child's knowledge and skills. The Indian Talent Olympiad has been offering this opportunity to...READ MORE


IDO - A Platform to Realize Your Hidden Talent

International Drawing Olympiad class 3 is a global competition for standard 3 students in art and creativity. Art for the younger generation has become an ideal genre within the cultural environment. Such skills are an important aspect of children's self-expression by encouraging...READ MORE


Common GK Olympiad Questions for Class 4

General knowledge is first and foremost crucial for students, as it helps them in the overall development of the children. On the one hand, general knowledge will open up your child's mind by making him aware of our country, culture, and society. On the other hand, children can use their general knowledge to crack an...READ MORE


Class 6 GK Olympiad Preparation Kit 2021- 2022

General Knowledge Class 6 Olympiad exams cover major topics about the latest happenings around the world. The complete content in the books and study material is written according to the current and updated information. Olympiad exams are designed to give students an idea about international affairs,...READ MORE


Hindustan Olympiad, India's Biggest Talent Hunt

What is the Hindustan Olympiad ? Olympiad exams are International and national level exams conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO). They give students from all over India a big platform to compete against each...READ MORE


Stay Ahead with ITO General Knowledge Olympiad 2021

As a student or a professional, General Knowledge is a field that you can never ignore. There are many ways to study and learn from this vast subject matter. But the only way you can become a master at it is by constantly studying and learning from that subject. As a student, read through it and learn the important facts...READ MORE


Get a Chance to be a Winner of International Drawing Olympiad

Every year, many young artists from all over the world participate in a large-scale competition known as the International drawing Olympiad. IDO is an international contest that displays the masterpieces of pencils and their owners. This competition is an event that allows students from varied institutes to come together and share their artistic skills. So if your child is searching for something special which could be beneficial to...READ MORE


10 Reasons to Get Your Kids Interested in Olympiad Exams

We live in a world where our kids are constantly surrounded by smartphones, tablets, TV, and games. But this generation is also considered to be the bearer of the most critical thinkers ever. The real question is how you can nurture the problem-solving skills of your child. For starters, entry into an Olympiad Exam can... READ MORE


How to check your IMO Results 2021- 22

As you know, the examination results are one of the most critical parts of any student’s life. After the end of the exam, the next part that students will be curious about is results and ranking status. The faster the results are out, the easier... READ MORE.


Maths Olympiad 2021: Tips and Tricks to Score Well

Math Olympiad is the best thing that could ever happen to an aspiring mathematician. It helps you train your mind for problem-solving, and it also provides a lot of opportunities for you to win scholarship money. We all know that maths is considered one of the toughest subjects to crack. With so many concepts and methods to learn, it can be an uphill task to score well in the math Olympiad. Some brilliant students... READ MORE


How to Boost your Child's Confidence with Olympiad

The need for confidence in students for facing exams and academic challenges is universal. It is a key to academic success and building a strong personality from a young age. Students must start gaining confidence from the start of their academic career for effective learning and scoring well in exams. It enables them to be assertive that they are qualified to deal with difficult situations later in life. Recent research has shown that we remember information better if we practice it or test it, providing we are confident about what we know. Let’s check out  how we can build up your child's confidence with the help of Olympiads...READ MORE


8 effective tips to help one crack the General Knowledge Olympiad

General Knowledge spans a huge range of subjects and topics, from old to the current times, it holds the value it does for it helps one keep a track of the world they live in, it also helps one realize as to how fast the world we live in, changes. It ranges from activities and events around the world to those...READ MORE


Are You All Set For Your Olympiad exams?

Preparing for the Olympiads require much hard work but, despite putting in much effort one is not always able to guess if it is enough or if one is working in the right way. The exams tend to be highly competitive and in turn equally rewarding. The hard work, practice, time...READ MORE


ISO International Science Olympiad To Be Conducted Online This Year

The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes the International Science Olympiad to encourage the student to have a deeper understanding pertaining to the subject and for the enthusiasts to work on their passion. Olympiads are highly competitive but equally or more rewarding...READ MORE


10 reasons why all students should appear for Olympiad exams

Olympiads are a good option for students who want to learn and develop an interest in one or more subjects. These are subject-specific highly competitive exams, crafted to bring out the best in a student, by putting their understanding to the test. Olympiads are...READ MORE


8 tips to crack the English Olympiad

Olympiads are subject specific competitive exams held at various stages at different times of the year. The exams help a student get a better idea of where they stand amongst peers of the same educational level. The tests are put in place to...READ MORE


Importance of Olympiads – Indian Talent Olympiad

The future of our country lies in the hands of today’s students. It is of crucial importance that we prepare our students for the challenges of the future. This cannot be done by simply educating them through textbooks. Actual learning...Read More


ISO International Science Olympiad and its Importance | ITO

Science is a subject loved by many for it has much to offer, from surprising facts to mind boggling theories with a possibility of being justified, it intrigues one’s will to learn and keep doing so , keeps people curious ...READ MORE


Online Olympiad – Registration for Exams and Schedules

Online resources prove to be of great help when one is unable to be physically present at an event, the data remains accessible to them flexibly at the time of their need. The situation that the world is currently..READ MORE


International Science Olympiad Registration

Have you ever thought, why science is the most adorned subjects amongst students in the earlier staged of their learning? Be it the way zinc reacts with oxygen to produce zinc oxide, the magical change in the color of potassium permanganate from purple to pink when dissolved in water...READ MORE


Know More About ISO Science Olympiad

Science intrigues many, encourages them to learn and amazes them with the numerous possibilities, the subject has much to offer and much to explore, hence it does not come as a surprise that it happens to be among the most beloved subjects of a student. The fact that..READ MORE


ISRO Chairman Appreciates Indian Talent Olympiad and its Efforts

Indian Talent Olympiad and its entire team were proud to interact with Shri Kiran Kumar Sir, ISRO Former Chairman, and Padma Shree Recipient at ISRO headquarters, Bangalore. It is a moment of great satisfaction to have such a well-regarded personality...READ MORE


Know the significance of Olympiad exams for your child’s future

Every parent always tries to provide the best for their kids and constantly encourages them to achieve new milestones. They feel proud whenever their child makes any small achievement and lookout for opportunities that can give their child the platform, ...



How to prepare your child for Olympiad?

‘How should I prepare my child for Olympiad?’ is one constant question that bothers every parent when their child is appearing for Olympiad exams. Olympiad are school level competition conducted from Class 1 to 10 that are conducted at state,…READ MORE


Important tips to prepare and perform well in mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics is one of the crucial subjects which act as a foundation for a strong academic performance and professional background. There are many students who fear mathematics however there are also many students who love to solve a maths problem...READ MORE




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