How to Boost your Child's Confidence with Olympiad

The need for confidence in students for facing exams and academic challenges is universal. It is a key to academic success and building a strong personality from a young age. Students must start gaining confidence from the start of their academic career for effective learning and scoring well in exams. It enables them to be assertive that they are qualified to deal with difficult... READ MORE


Maths Olympiad 2021: Tips and Tricks to Score Well

Math Olympiad is the best thing that could ever happen to an aspiring mathematician. It helps you train your mind for problem-solving, and it also provides a lot of opportunities for you to win scholarship money.
We all know that maths is considered one of the toughest... READ MORE


How to check your IMO Results 2021- 22

As you know, the examination results are one of the most critical parts of any student’s life. After the end of the exam, the next part that students will be curious about is results and ranking status. The faster the results... READ MORE


10 Reasons to Get Your Kids Interested in Olympiad Exams

We live in a world where our kids are constantly surrounded by smartphones, tablets, TV, and games. But this generation is also considered to be the bearer of the most critical thinkers ever. The real question is how you can nurture... READ MORE


Get a Chance to be a Winner of International Drawing Olympiad

Every year, many young artists from all over the world participate in a large-scale competition known as the International drawing Olympiad. IDO is an international contest that displays the masterpieces of pencils and their owners. This competition is an event that allows students from varied institutes to come together and... READ MORE


Stay Ahead with ITO General Knowledge Olympiad 2021

As a student or a professional, General Knowledge is a field that you can never ignore. There are many ways to study and learn from this vast subject matter. But the only way you can become a master at it is by constantly studying and... READ MORE


Hindustan Olympiad, India's Biggest Talent Hunt

Olympiad exams are International and national level exams conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO). They give students from all over India a big platform to compete against each other at a very competitive level. Olympiad exams... READ MORE


Class 6 GK Olympiad Preparation Kit 2021- 2022

General Knowledge Class 6 Olympiad exams cover major topics about the latest happenings around the world. The complete content in the books and study material is written according to the current and updated... READ MORE


Common GK Olympiad Questions for Class 4

General knowledge is first and foremost crucial for students, as it helps them in the overall development of the children. On the one hand, general knowledge will open up your child's mind by making him aware of our country, culture... READ MORE


IDO - A Platform to Realize Your Hidden Talent

International Drawing Olympiad class 3 is a global competition for standard 3 students in art and creativity. Art for the younger generation has become an ideal genre within the cultural environment. Such skills are... READ MORE


Are You All Set For Your Olympiad exams?

Preparing for the Olympiads require much hard work but, despite putting in much effort one is not always able to guess if it is enough or if one is working in the right way. The exams tend to be highly competitive and in turn equally rewarding. The hard work, practice, time READ MORE...


ISO International Science Olympiad To Be Conducted Online This Year

The Indian Talent Olympiad organizes the International Science Olympiad to encourage the student to have a deeper understanding pertaining to the subject and for the enthusiasts to work on their passion. Olympiads are highly competitive but equally or more rewarding READ MORE...


10 reasons why all students should appear for Olympiad exams

Olympiads are a good option for students who want to learn and develop an interest in one or more subjects. These are subject-specific highly competitive exams, crafted to bring out the best in a student, by putting their understanding to the test. Olympiads are READ MORE...


8 tips to crack the English Olympiad

Olympiads are subject specific competitive exams held at various stages at different times of the year. The exams help a student get a better idea of where they stand amongst peers of the same educational level. The tests are put in place to READ MORE...


Importance of Olympiads – Indian Talent Olympiad

The future of our country lies in the hands of today’s students. It is of crucial importance that we prepare our students for the challenges of the future. This cannot be done by simply educating them through textbooks. Actual learning...Read More


ISO International Science Olympiad and its Importance | ITO

Science is a subject loved by many for it has much to offer, from surprising facts to mind boggling theories with a possibility of being justified, it intrigues one’s will to learn and keep doing so , keeps people curious ...



Online Olympiad – Registration for Exams and Schedules

Online resources prove to be of great help when one is unable to be physically present at an event, the data remains accessible to them flexibly at the time of their need. The situation that the world is currently..



International Science Olympiad Registration

Have you ever thought, why science is the most adorned subjects amongst students in the earlier staged of their learning? Be it the way zinc reacts with oxygen to produce zinc oxide, the magical change in the color of potassium permanganate from purple to pink when dissolved in water...



Know More About ISO Science Olympiad

Science intrigues many, encourages them to learn and amazes them with the numerous possibilities, the subject has much to offer and much to explore, hence it does not come as a surprise that it happens to be among the most beloved subjects of a student. The fact that..



ISRO Chairman Appreciates Indian Talent Olympiad and its Efforts

By Tushar on January 13, 2021In List Of Olympiad Exams In India, olympiad exams

Indian Talent Olympiad and its entire team were proud to interact with Shri Kiran Kumar Sir, ISRO Former Chairman, and Padma Shree Recipient at ISRO headquarters, Bangalore. It is a moment of great satisfaction to have such a well-regarded personality...



Know the significance of Olympiad exams for your child’s future

By Tushar on January 9, 2021In benefits of olympiad exams

Every parent always tries to provide the best for their kids and constantly encourages them to achieve new milestones. They feel proud whenever their child makes any small achievement and lookout for opportunities that can give their child the platform, ...



How to prepare your child for Olympiad?

By Tushar on January 2, 2021In olympiad exams

‘How should I prepare my child for Olympiad?’ is one constant question that bothers every parent when their child is appearing for Olympiad exams. Olympiad are school level competition conducted from Class 1 to 10 that are conducted at state, …



Important tips to prepare and perform well in mathematics Olympiad

By Tushar on December 26, 2020In Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics is one of the crucial subjects which act as a foundation for a strong academic performance and professional background. There are many students who fear mathematics however there are also many students who love to solve a maths problem. ...



Dos and don’ts to achieve success in Olympiad exams

By Tushar on December 19, 2020In olympiad exams

The Olympiad exams are school-level competitive examinations held from Class 1 to Class 10. These exams are conducted to inculcate problem-solving and analytical skills among students from an early age to develop their minds and help them form a ...



Practice with online Olympiad tests to prepare yourself well

By Tushar on December 12, 2020In olympiad exams

Education has seen a major digital transformation ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 last year. Schools have been shut down for several months and all students have now got used to the new normal of attending virtual classes. Everything right ...



What are the best resources for Olympiad exam preparation?

By Tushar on November 28, 2020In benefits of olympiad exams, olympiad exams

Olympiad is meant for students from Class 1 to Class 10 and is held every year by various organizations like other competitive exams. It is a great way to assess and find out the talent of a child in which ...



Is appearing for Olympiad beneficial?

By Tushar on November 21, 2020In Olympiad, olympiad exams

Olympiad are competitive exams held at the national and international level that gives exposure to students to present their skills and knowledge while competing with other deserving students. It makes them ready to face other competitive exams in the future ...



How do workbooks help students to prepare for Olympiad exams

By Tushar on November 14, 2020In olympiad exams

What are Olympiad exams and how do they benefit students? The Olympiad exams are held for students from Class 1 to Class 10 at the national and international level giving them a big platform to showcase their talent and hone ...



Everything you need to know about types of Olympiad exams in India

By Tushar on November 7, 2020In olympiad exams

What are Olympiad exams? The Olympiad exams are competitive examinations held at national and international level. It is conducted by various organizations in India and abroad. The pattern of these examinations is based on the school curriculum in correlation of ...



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