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International Maths Olympiad Class 1

Maths Olympiad for Class 1 enables students to focus on variety of questions. The syllabus of this exam is same as prescribed by the school for standard 1. It caters to all boards in general namely State boards, CBSE board, ICSE board and other International boards. The advantage of Mathematics Olympiad is that it gives them the confidence to participate and compete at national levels. Mathematics requires dedication and hard work, which is why Mathematics Olympiad exam is given a lot of emphasis. IMO book for class 1 contains chapter-wise multiple choice questions with answers and explanations to the questions. It also contains logical reasoning section at the end of the book for students to help them think out of the box. The books are designed by experts in the field, who know what exactly is expected out of students from class 1. IMO has become the most sought after exams in most schools these days.

Syllabus for IMO Class 1:

  • Chapter 1: Shapes and Sizes
  • Chapter 2: Number System
  • Chapter 3: Addition
  • Chapter 4: Subtraction
  • Chapter 5: Time
  • Chapter 6: Money
  • Chapter 7: Measurement
  • Chapter 8: Patterns
  • Chapter 9: Logical Reasoning

Maths Olympiad Books:

Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. Mathematics is an interesting subject for Class 1 students as they get to learn the starting concepts of mathematics in a fun and innovative way. International Maths Olympiad is conducted at National level for students in class 1. Mathematics Olympiad workbook covers chapters such as shapes, addition, subtraction, etc. Whichfollows the school board syllabusThe motive of the workbook is all about letting students learn the concepts of mathematics in a simple way. Content in the book is constructed keeping in mind the ability and understanding of Class 1 students. Hence, it becomes easy for the students to practice problems and master the problem solving ability.

IMO Previous Year Question Paper:

Students and exams are two poles apart. It is not an easy ball game to get them together. However, it is also impossible to keep both away from one another. Exams require immense effort and dedication to crack it.Indian Talent Olympiad provides an updated set of IMO Class 1 Sample Papers, which consists of Mathematics question papers for students participating in Mathematics Olympiad exam. The set contains question papers of previous years. All questions provide additional guidance to students. It is easy for them to get an idea of questions likely to be asked in the Olympiad exam. This question paper set is useful not only for those participating in Maths Olympiad exam but also for those appearing for their regular school exams. All sets have answer keys for students to check the right answer. It encourages students to practice more and more questions and check for its accuracy on their own. Teachers recommend students to solve as many as questions possible from this set as it gives them an overall understanding of final exams.

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