Essay Writing Competition Class 10

Indian Talent Olympiad provides books for National Essay Olympiad class 1. All books are informative and educative. This is a national level Olympiad exam conducted for all students across the country. This exam is organized for students of standard 10. Essay book for Class 10 are designed by experts that consists of topics and sample essays. Some of the topics for essay writing include Missile Man of India – Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Importance of Education, Republic Day, Narendra Modi, Autobiography of a book, If I were a Prime Minister, Unity in Diversity and so on. Some of these Essay topics come as a part of school syllabus in their English exam as well. These books can be used by students for studying for their school exams. Students benefit immensely from these books as it improves knowledge, assists their writing skills and helps them to score well in exams.


Preparation Material for Class 10 Essay Olympiad

The Essay Writing Competition Class 10 is available at Indian Talent Olympiad for all participants. Students who are taking part in essay Olympiad or even in other similar competitions can make the most of these study material. It gives them an exposure and an idea about the expected topics, the way to write for the topics and improve their writing skills. Class 10 is the turning point in all students’ life when parents and teachers must give them the right guidance.


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 10

The Essay Topics for class 10 are as per the ability of all grade 10 students. They are tested on different topics to gauge their understanding of the world around. Students can refer to as many study material as they want and read different topics of essays. Essay writing is an integral part of all students right from high school to their graduation. Students in different age groups have different abilities to write essays. Writing is one of the best endeavors that helps to shape their futures.  An essay can be short or long that supports the topic of discussion.

  • Chapter 1: Mahatma Gandhi
  • Chapter 2: Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Chapter 3: Missile Man of India – Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  • Chapter 4: Narendra Modi
  • Chapter 5: My Neighbour
  • Chapter 6: Republic Day
  • Chapter 7: Festivals of India
  • Chapter 8: My Favourite festival – Dussehra
  • Chapter 9: My Favorite Book
  • Chapter 10: Autobiography of a Book
  • Chapter 11: The Importance of Education
  • Chapter 12: A Cricket Match
  • Chapter 13: Urban Life versus Rural Life
  • Chapter 14: A Dust Storm
  • Chapter 15: Blessings of Science
  • Chapter 16: My Aim in Life
  • Chapter 17: My Hobby / Things I like to do during My Pastime
  • Chapter 18: The Happiest Day of My Life
  • Chapter 19: If I were The Prime Minister!
  • Chapter 20: The 'Lotus Temple'
  • Chapter 21: My Visit to Agra and Taj Mahal
  • Chapter 22: A Visit to an Exhibition
  • Chapter 23: The Person I Admire – Mother Teresa
  • Chapter 24: An hour at the railway platform
  • Chapter 25: Complete Blackout a Day – Before Examination
  • Chapter 26: The Generation Gap
  • Chapter 27: My Idea of a Happy Life
  • Chapter 28: Global Warming
  • Chapter 29: Role of Computers and Internet in Everyday Life
  • Chapter 30: Plastic – A Boon or a Bane?
  • Chapter 31: Life in a Big City
  • Chapter 32: Craze of Western Culture
  • Chapter 33: Unity in Diversity
  • Chapter 34: Pollution: A Threat to Life
  • Chapter 35: Terrorism
  • Chapter 36: Liberty is not Anarchy


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 10

Indian Talent Olympiad provides essay workbooks for class 10 Olympiad preparation that is available on the website. These are idea for National Essay Olympiad Class 10. The books help students to write explicitly. It develops essential skills that is required to improve one’s writing. It develops the ability to read, write, think, organize, analyze, interpret, and communicate in an efficient manner. It helps students to build up formal and organized writing that passes information with clarity. The best that it does is, it helps students in their learning, builds vocabulary, and enables them to have a distinct style of writing. Students who have excellent writing capabilities, are able to complete other assignments. The essay books ensure that students are in regular touch with writing and can able to write on any give topic. With regular practice, hard work and determination, students can become proficient in writing. Students can also motivate others to write well through their writings. 

NESO Essay Olympiad Class 10



Class 10 Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 10

The National Essay Olympiad exam is an annual Olympiad conducted every year by Indian Talent Olympiad. This exam is the best way to enhance individual writing skills. Through this exam, students can win prizes at the national and international levels. Certificates won at this level brings a lot of confidence to all students. It is a matter of great pride for all participants, their parents, teachers, and even the school. To register for the NESO exam, please visit the Student Registration page. Fill up the required fields for class 10 NESO exam and get started. Writing an essay develops a routine, which is paramount in learning.     

Through one’s writings, students discover that they can improve themselves in various ways. In order to be proficient, students must take part in various such competitions, expose themselves to different topics and come out with excellent write-ups. They can also be an inspiration to others who would like to read their write-ups. Essay writing enables students to reflect upon an issue, and reach a conclusion. It teaches them critical thinking skills that are required in today’s times. It portrays the comprehension of the subject material. Students are able to gain deep knowledge on different topics such as history, geography, current affairs, politics, sports, environment, nature, science and technology and even personal experiences. 

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 10

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the monthly tests that are very helpful for all students of class 10 to improve their writing. Through these tests, they are in constant touch with different topics. They gain a fair knowledge about how and what to write. The value of writing a good essay goes beyond education as it extends to students’ working life too. To get a good name in the work place, students must have excellent writing capabilities. One need to possess a good command over the language, grammar, phrases, sentences and key points. Thus, essay writing helps all students to become successful in their future. Essay writing shapes students in all directions making them a global citizen. 

To participate in the monthly tests, please visit the Student Registration page, Here, you can select NESO exam class 10 and get started. The page is user-friendly which parents, teachers or even students can fill. The registration does not take much time. It can be completed within a few minutes, just by a few clicks. Essay writing creates positive curiosity in all minds. It drives an individual to search for proper understanding of all issues. When students think deeply on issues, it molds them into independent individuals who look out for truth while writing.