Computer Olympiad Class 2

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) exam for students of standard 2 focuses on identifying students who have a great technical vision. It is important to have a keen interest in the subject. Computer teachers identify such students in school and play a crucial role in motivating them to appear for Olympiad exams. This exam helps to recognize a child’s capability and real potential that helps him/her to compete at International & national levels. All schools these days have well-equipped computer labs that allow students to take hands-on experience on topics that are taught in class.


Preparation Material for Class 2 Computer Olympiad

Syllabus For Olympiad Class 2:

  • Basics Of The Computer System
  • Information Processing Cycle
  • Essential Computer Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Categorized Storage Devices
  • Mental Ability Exercise


Computer Books:

ICO Computer Olympiad Class 2

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Class 2 Computer Annual Olympiad

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is the Olympiad exam established by Indian Talent Olympiad for class 2 conducted at a National Level. This exam reflects the syllabus from all school boards. This is a competitive exam carried in India and several students compete from numerous schools across India. This exam makes sure that the study of computer science is understood easily and effortlessly as it consists of concepts regarding computers and the future which gradually increases as per the higher grades. The annual Olympiads for computers are conducted in both online and offline mode which are generally conducted in the month of December. This exam has a single round where students of class 2  are given MCQ-based 35 questions to solve within the time boundary. Students can register through their respective schools or individually. Students can register from their respective schools and the school will decide the mode of exam - Online/Offline. Students registering individually can register their names by filling the registration form online and will have the exam in an online mode. To register for Olympiad exams click on the below link.