English International Olympiad Class 5

Several institutes in India organize English Olympiad Class 5 exams for students. The syllabus and curriculum is based on school syllabus, which includes prose, poetry, idioms, phrases, voice, speech composition and a lot more. International English Olympiad train students for the future. It focuses on overall development of the child. English Book for Class 5 contains practice questions that give a rough idea on the type of questions asked. There are totally 14 chapters that are well segregated in different sections. English Olympiad result monitors students’ performance and assists them in performing better with each passing year. This surely helps students score better in their upcoming Olympiad exams.


Preparation Material for English Olympiad Class 5


English Olympiad Syllabus Class 5


The class 5 English Olympiad is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. The syllabus for grade 5 Olympiad is the same as prescribed by school. In class 5 students are expected to be well versed with grammar, sentence structures, essay writing, letter writing, proverbs and a lot more. Olympiad syllabus is regularly updated with school syllabus to ensure students get to learn exactly what is taught in class. The language skills acquired at school determine their future. Olympiad provides students a comprehensive preparation material for class 5 that is rich enough to train school level English learners to use the language confidently. It enables them to become better for academic purposes as well as for social interaction.

Some of the key features of the syllabus of class 5 Olympiad are engaging text, develops core skills, values, life skills, and has an elegant presentation of content. The students of class 5 are introduced to a rich and representative selection of contemporary as well as classic literature. It includes folk tales, stories, anecdotes, episodes from history, factual writing, poems, plays, real stories, rhymes and a lot more. The core skills develop reading and comprehension skills. It improves listening, general vocabulary, thematic learning, speaking, grammar, aesthetic appreciation etc. It improves creative and functional writing. The Olympiad books for class 5 are colorful, rich with imaginative illustrations, and uses a contemporary layout.

  • Chapter 1: Word Power
  • Chapter 2: Nouns and Pronouns
  • Chapter 3: Verbs and Adverbs
  • Chapter 4: Adjectives
  • Chapter 5: Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • Chapter 6: Tenses
  • Chapter 7: Types of Sentence
  • Chapter 8: Punctuations
  • Chapter 9: Sentence Formation
  • Chapter 10: Voice and Speech
  • Chapter 11: Composition
  • Chapter 12: Comprehension
  • Chapter 13: Forms of Expression
  • Chapter 14: Idioms and Proverbs
  • Chapter 15: Logical Reasoning


Class 5 English Olympiad Workbook

EIO English Olympiad Workbook Class 5


Class 5 English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper

EIO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5


Class 5 English Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad

English Annual Olympiad Class 5

The Annual Olympiads for class 5 are conducted in online as well as offline modes. The registration for annual Olympiad is open for individual students as well as for group registrations for school. The English annual Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 45 minutes. The class 5 students are given 50 multiple choice questions to solve from. They have to carefully read option and find out the right answer.

To register for class 5 Olympiad please visit the School Registration page for school registrations. Individual students can participate in these exams by clicking the Register Student Annual Olympiad button on the home page. The registration process is kept simple. Class 5 English is a very interesting subject. It consists of poems and stories that students can enjoy reading. It contains basic grammar readings that strengthens the vocabulary. English is divided into sections consisting of grammar and prose. The stories here help to build curiosity among the young minds. It helps the investigate and arrive at right answers. It helps them to build scientific skills, and analysis to overcome fear. Some chapters teach them about social behavior too. There are chapters that are full of fantasy, adventure and travel. It helps to build leadership qualities, and gender awareness among all the participants.

Indian Talent Olympiad provides Olympiad books for class 5 that covers exhaustive questions and answers for practice. To buy Olympiad books for class 5 please click the buy books button. Students can also buy individual question paper sets of previous years and practice unlimited questions.


English Monthly Olympiads Class 5

English Olympiad for class 5 are conducted online as well as offline. The monthly tests are a unique feature of Indian Talent Olympiad. These are practice tests conducted every month for all students of class 5. The monthly tests are online tests where in students are given unlimited questions to solve from each chapter. It increases their knowledge and helps them to think in new directions. The online exam can be taken by students anytime between 10:00 am 6:00 pm. The questions are shuffled for all students, so there is no chance of giving away questions or their answers to another participant. The test goes on for a duration of 25 minutes, in which students have to solve 30 multiple choice English questions.

The approach of learning English through this approach helps students to achieve functional knowledge of the subject. It develops deep understanding present in its linguistic structures. Some of the questions cover core values such as tolerance, women empowerment, national identity, protection of the environment, and ethical conduct in the society. Apart from enhancing subject knowledge, it aims them to make better citizens of tomorrow. The carefully graded questions involve different levels of difficulty and challenge that is aimed to develop different learning styles.

Lesson plans, interactive modules, supplementary material and all content used in this exam builds learning abilities in all students of class 5.

To register for the monthly Olympiads for class 5 English, please click on the Student Test @ Home button on the home page. Registration is open for the present year. The other subjects for which students can participate in the monthly Olympiads are Maths, Science, English, Essay, Drawing and GK.