Social Studies Olympiad Class 8

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 8 is mainly divided into three subjects such as History, Geography, and Civics. These are important subjects that help students to improve their academic scores. Political and social life, historical events, pasts, resources and other such elements are included in the subject. History includes topics from trade to territory, countryside, colonialism, women, caste and reforms, making of the national movement, India after independence, factory owners, weavers and a lot more similar topics that are important for the overall development of all students. Geography includes topics such as resources, land, soil, water, natural vegetation, wildlife, minerals, human resources, industries, and agriculture. Civics is all about the Indian constitution, secularism, parliament, judiciary, understanding the laws, public facilities, social justice, and marginalization.

Social Studies Class 8 plays a significant role in students’ lives. It helps them understand their surroundings and their country in a better way. The subject deeply explains the various events that took place in the past, helps students to remember important dates associated to events, and also the names of great personalities. When students get into social studies, they also understand the laws and regulations of the country. Laws govern the welfare and security of people. Laws bring about a social change. Students of class 8 must be introduced to these subjects so that they become well informed citizens of tomorrow. They are able to make decisions based on their knowledge and understanding. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts this exam for all class 8 students. Its motive is to bring all students together at the same platform. The subject provides clear understanding of the topics. It gives importance to conceptual learning as compared to rote learning. As students need to memorize a lot many things in social studies, getting a good grip over the subject matter is of utmost importance.

How to Prepare for Class 8 Social Studies Olympiad

Social Studies Class 8 Olympiad exam is conducted for students from different schools and different boards. Students can use their school textbooks, NCERT books to prepare for the exam. The Olympiad exam is conducted using the multiple choice pattern in which students are given four options out of which one is the correct answer. Students need to have a very strong command over the subject as the answers are often confusing. Thus, students must make their own notes, try to remember dates and personalities in their own way. They must be in touch with the latest syllabus to understand what kind of questions can be included in the exam. It is important to practice different types of questions, read all the chapters thoroughly and never skip any chapter in between. Olympiad preparation should begin right from the beginning of the academic year. Students can refer to different resources to gain maximum knowledge.


Chapters For Social Studies Olympiad Class 8

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 8 syllabus is as per the leading boards of the country. It includes syllabus that is prescribed by the school. Students need to follow the same curriculum that is pre-decided by the schools. The syllabus includes topics from history, geography, civics and even politics. It teaches them about the laws of the country. Laws are guidelines that are accepted in the society. Without laws there would be conflicts between the communities. Laws also help to change the society. Indian Talent Olympiad has a team of expert teachers, and well-qualified professionals who have carefully crafted questions for the exam. Each and every question for the exam is unique. Class teachers and subject teachers must also encourage students to try to complete the syllabus in the given time.

The syllabus of the Social Studies Olympiad Class 8 has been created to help students delve deeper in understanding and discovering true aspects of the subject. Indian Talent Olympiad adds new dimension to help students learn and approach new concepts. Through social studies syllabus, students can learn how the past societies operated, governments functioned and how technologies were built. It helps to paint a picture of where the society stands today.

- Chapter 1: Geographical Features and Pre-historic India

- Chapter 2: Ancient Civilization of India and World

- Chapter 3: British rule

- Chapter 4: Freedom Movement

- Chapter 5: India gains Independence

- Chapter 6: Wars

a. The Carnatic Wars

b. Battle of Babur

c. Batte of Plassey

d. Dual Government in Bengal

e. Anglo Maratha

f. Anglo Mysore

g. Anglo Sikh

- Chapter 7: Colonialism

- Chapter 9: Rise of Jainism and Buddhism

- Chapter 10: Mauryas, Kushans, Guptans, Vardhanas

- Chapter 11: South India

a. Shatavahanas, Kadambas, Gangas

b. Chalukyas of Badami, Pallavas of Kanchi

c. Rashtrakas of Manyakheta

d. Chalukyas of kalyana

e. Cholas, Hoysalas of Dwarasamudra

- Chapter 12: Our Constitution and Parliament

- Chapter 13: Human Rights and UNO

- Chapter 14: Judiciary System of India

- Chapter 15: Caste System

- Chapter 16: Natural Resources

- Chapter 17: Economic Activities

- Chapter 18: Vegetation and Wildlife

- Chapter 19: Inside and Outside of the Earth

- Chapter 20: Population

- Chapter 21: Structure of Ocean Floor

- Chapter 22: Money-Saving and Investment

- Chapter 23: National Income and Sectoral Aspects

- Chapter 24: Maps


Class 8 Social Studies Annual Olympiad

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the Social Studies Olympiad Class 8, which is an annual exam conducted once a year. The syllabus for this exam is the same that is prescribed by schools. It is open to all students irrespective of the school or board they belong to. The registration for class 8 Olympiad exam can be done on the official website. Please visit the Student Registration page and select the exams you wish to apply for. The organization welcomes individual registration along with school registrations. This exam is conducted only using one round. The results are displayed after a few weeks.

Schools can register their students by visiting the School Registration button. Subject teachers or class teachers can take up the responsibility of encouraging maximum participation. Being a multiple choice exam, this exam helps students to gather confidence in attempting their school tests. It makes them sure about their answers. It improves their memory, grasping power and also their confidence. Class 8 is when students have entered their high school and look out for subjects that they are interested in. Parents must keep a tab on their children’s interest and must motivate them to perform the best of their abilities.