GK Olympiad Class 2

Students studying in 2nd grade are assumed to know the basics taught in grade 1. Teachers often conduct revision as part of the syllabus. General Knowledge Class 2 Olympiad Exams for students consists of topics such as surrounding, India and the world, entertainment, sports, current affairs and so on. Questions are framed keeping in mind the recent developments in and around the world. Indian Talent Olympiad’s GK Class 2 books are in accordance with the level of understanding of the children as well as it is competitive at national level. The course content is of high quality that provides in-depth knowledge to children. Practicing General Knowledge book for Class 2 aid towards holistic development of a child. It makes children confident to appear in different national and international exams. It makes them industry-ready at a small age. It acts as a guiding star for young minds, which set their first foot with dreams and aspirations.


Preparation Material for Class 2 General Knowledge Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 2:

The GK Olympiad for class 2 is one of the best ways to inculcate general awareness in young minds. Children as young as 6 or 7 have inquisitive minds. To satisfy their thirst for knowledge, Indian Talent Olympiad is here with its online GK exam. The topics for this exam are very generic. This exam ensures that students become more aware about their surroundings. It teaches them about plants, animals, science, technology, language, literature, entertainment, sports, arts, fun, and many more interesting topics. General Knowledge is as important as other subjects that are taught in school. Although the marks scored in this exam does not count for the total marks, it helps students in the long run.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s online tests in GK for class 2 is the best way to increase their general awareness. The more students get acquainted with current affairs, the better they become in knowing their surroundings. GK for grade 2 focuses on topics that are fun to learn. Mathematics is one such subject that is made fun through GK. The questions asked from this topic include figures, numbers, before, after, equal, clock and other word problems. Similarly, from science, some questions that are asked are about the human body, teeth, plant, paper, animals and their habitats, houses, clothes, traffic signals and lot more.

Test on general awareness informs parents how up-to-date their children are. All students must have ample knowledge about what is taught in class, but many times bookish knowledge does not help children. In order to succeed in all walks of life, students must have knowledge from different fields. Other questions include about the states in India, the first man to step on moon, capitals of countries, capitals of states in India, largest and smallest animals, vitamins and minerals, tallest statue in the world, Prime Ministers of India, planets, famous personalities, sports, currencies and so on.

Online Olympiad registration are open for students of class 2. To register for the online Olympiad, please read about the two types of exams conducted by the organization.

  • Me & My Surroundings

  • Plants & Animals

  • India & The World

  • Science & Technology

  • Language & Literature

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

  • Math Fun

  • Life Skills

  • Current Affairs

  • Logical Reasoning


General Knowledge Book:

GKIO General Knowledge Olympiad Class 2


General Knowledge Question Paper:

GK Privous Year Question Paper Class 2



Class 2 General Knowledge Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad:

Annual Olympiad

The annual Olympiads are conducted in December and February. The annual Olympiad for class 2 is conducted in online and offline mode in which students are asked 35 and 50 questions respectively for class 1 to 4 and class 5 to 10 students. The total time limit to answer all questions is 45 minutes for the online exam and 65 minutes for the offline exam. Offline exams can be taken in the school premises. The online exam can be taken using any tablet or smartphone. They need a stable internet connection to take these tests at home. It is a good habit to develop general awareness skills from a young age. In order to excel in academics, they must have knowledge on current affairs and other happenings. Indian Talent Olympiad is a friendly platform that allows students to excel in academics. Olympiad exams are a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills. There are unlimited advantages of taking the online GK exam. It exposes students to a whole new world of knowledge. It assists mental growth. Students tend to learn new topics, new words and thus build up their vocabulary. Children become sharper and more attentive to what’s happening around them. They become expressive and have an opinion of their own.

With the advent of technology, parents cannot be dependent on schools for everything. Today, life has become so competitive that parents at home have to share the responsibility of making their children better citizens of tomorrow. The GK questions asked for all class 2 students are as per the intellectual capacity of these children.

Register for online Olympiads today at Indian Talent Olympiad. Online Olympiad registrations 2020- 21 are open for all aspirants.


Monthly Olympiads

The monthly Olympiads for students of class 2 in GK are conducted online. The tests include 30 multiple choice questions, for which students are given 25 minutes. These questions are based on the topics that were previously discussed. To know about the details of the exam, please visit the Monthly Olympiad section on the home page. The monthly tests are conducted every month on different topics. It is one of the best ways to keep students engaged throughout the year.

Online Olympiad registration can be done through the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, students can opt only for the GK exam or opt for the combo packs. The combo packs give them access to subjects such as Maths, English Science, and GK. All of these exams are based on the school syllabus. The tests for all the subjects are conducted online. Students can choose any of the subjects or all of them as per their preferences. They need a smartphone or a tablet to take these exams.

General Knowledge is one subject that imparts skills on general awareness. It is very important for the holistic development of all children. It becomes easy for them to answer questions when they take part in other competitive exams. Thus, parents must motivate their children to register and participate in the online Olympiad exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad.