English International Olympiad Class 9

Students studying in standard 9 are always under pressure to score well this year and also the coming year. Students must have proficiency in their language skills, which can be improved by attending English Olympiad Class 9 competitive exam. They must develop strong vocabulary skills. Indian Talent Olympiad’s English preparation material for Class 9 helps them to do so and also help them to enhance their reasoning skills. It prepares students to understand how to solve tricky questions. Practising English workbook makes them proficient in English language. Students of class 9 must have a sound knowledge of different words from the vocabulary. Their reading and writing skills must be at par with international standards, which is why Indian Talent Olympiad’s workbooks focus on providing best of content in all their Olympiad books.


Preparation Material for English Olympiad Class 9


English Olympiad Syllabus Class 9


Class 9 English is one of the crucial subjects for all students. Most students complain that it is difficult to score full marks in languages. However, looking at the recent trends in the country, there are several students who have scored 100 per cent in English too. This is because of the impeccable grammar and sentence structures used in the subject. Indian Talent Olympiad’s English syllabus is the same that is prescribed by schools. The linguistic concepts covered in the exam allows students to grasp them easily. This subject has diverse chapters that allow students to explore the world of literature. Students preparing for class 9 Olympiad can benefit from referring to the syllabus and practicing a variety of questions. The organization provides Olympiad workbooks that will allow clear understanding of all chapters included in school text books. It acts as an added advantage to all participants as they get to practice unlimited questions. The organization also provides previous year’s question papers thus making students aware of all important questions. Students can keep an eye on all key points that would help them score better.

Class 9 English Olympiad exam proves to be a helpful aid as it gives students an edge over the others. Indian Talent Olympiad takes pride in the fact that it has successfully made learning fun. It has simplified core concepts with an aim to provide additional guidance to all learners. It is one of the best exams to prepare for further competitions. Students who are exposed to the class 9 English Olympiad find it easy to crack other exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. They develop an excellent command over the language. The syllabus for class 9 English Olympiad is the same as prescribed by school. Thus, it is in accordance with the ICSE, CBSE and State boards respectively.

All the study material provided by Indian Talent Olympiad is very simple and based on the latest syllabus. The aim of all subject matter experts is to make learning easier and interesting for all participants. Students who follow this syllabus become more confident and knowledgeable.

  • Chapter 1: Word Power
  • Chapter 2: Clauses
  • Chapter 3: Infinitive, Participle and Gerund
  • Chapter 4: Modal and Auxiliary Verbs
  • Chapter 5: Tenses
  • Chapter 6: Transformation of Sentences
  • Chapter 7: Figures of Speech
  • Chapter 8: Grammar Exercise I
  • Chapter 9: Grammar Exercise II
  • Chapter 10: Composition
  • Chapter 11: Sequencing
  • Chapter 12: Comprehension
  • Chapter 13: Idioms and Proverbs
  • Chapter 14: Logical Reasoning


Class 9 English Olympiad Workbook

EIO English Olympiad Workbook Class 9


Class 9 English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper

EIO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9


Class 9 English Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad

English Annual Olympiad Class 9

The annual Olympiad is similar to the monthly tests, the only difference being these are final exams that are conducted in December and February respectively. The class 9 annual Olympiad registration can be done on the website. The duration of this exam is 45 minutes. Here, students are given 50 multiple choice questions to solve.

Online Olympiad exam registration for class 9 students in English can be done by a click. The registration process is kept as simple as possible. The organization welcomes individual student participation and also school registrations. The exam dates, schedule and all other details are given updated regularly. The annual Olympiad not only makes students score good marks in their school exams, but increases their subject knowledge. All questions are drafted by experts in the language. The complexity of the subject has been made simple by teachers at Indian Talent Olympiad. The entire team at this organization works as together to help students build up an excellent vocabulary. Register for annual Olympiad today to improve existing knowledge. Online Olympiad registrations are open for the upcoming exams. Book your slot to experience national competition at home.


English Monthly Olympiads Class 9

The monthly Olympiads offered by Indian Talent Olympiad are an excellent way to ensure in-depth practice of unlimited questions. As the name indicates, these are monthly tests that cover chapter- wise questions from the school syllabus of class 9. With Indian Talent Olympiad’s online learning platform, students can choose to take these tests from home. All they would need is an electronic device such as a smart phone or a tablet. The online monthly tests ensure students make progress in studies at their own pace. It gives students a lot of time to prepare individual chapters, master concepts and grasp fundamentals easily. It gives them abundant knowledge about particular topics.

The monthly Olympiad is conducted for a duration of 25 minutes. Here, students of class 9 are given 30 multiple questions to solve. The exam can be taken anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The questions are shuffled and new for each and every single participant. Online registration for Olympiad exams are open for class 9. To register for monthly Olympiad class 9 please visit the School Test @ Home section on the home page. Students can opt to participate in the power packs that are conducted for Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. The monthly tests help students to gain detailed knowledge about the subject. It clears all doubts in grammar. Thus, all those who want to crack further competitions must start to prepare right from the beginning. It helps them to face tough competitions in the future.