Indian Talent Olympiad conducts International Science Olympiad for class 4 students. It also offers books that are informative and engages students thoroughly. Olympiad books for class 4 for the science exam are designed keeping in mind the existing school syllabus. It becomes easy for students to attempt school exams because of this book. They are able to practice questions that may not be given in their school textbooks. Olympiad workbook comprises various topics such as states of matter, birds, animals, human body, living and non-living things, and so on. All these topics are explained through questions in simple language. The content is designed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. The exam questions are all multiple choice with options to choose from. This book also has a logical reasoning section at the end to enhance the reasoning and thinking abilities of students. It also boosts confidence to be a part of various national and international competitive exams. All questions have answers and explanations to correct answers.
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Preparing for the Class 4 Science Olympiad can be made more manageable with the help of a workbook and the previous year question paper. These are a part of the educational materials ITO provides to help students succeed; they typically present concepts in a logical, sequential order, so that even the most difficult concepts can be understood by the time the exam rolls around. Including visuals like diagrams and real-world examples in a workbook makes the material easier to understand and remember. Students can be confident that they will have a complete understanding of all course material thanks to the workbooks' methodical organization and progression. Workbooks provide easy access to essential formulas, definitions, and concepts, while previous year question paper. serve as useful reference guides that students can use to keep up with preparation.


The syllabus for class 4 International Science Olympiad exam is similar to the school syllabus. This exam is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad to familiarize students with tricky questions. The school teaches the same chapters as part of the class 4 syllabus. The only difference being here is that the questions asked in Olympiads are at advanced levels. The questions are based on interactive quizzes; in multiple-choice format that includes chapter-wise topics. Parents can check the syllabus for their wards studying in class 4 below. This gives a good comparison between what is being prescribed by schools and what is being offered at Olympiads. Students who practice from the Olympiad syllabus gain better subject knowledge. Generally, all Olympiad exams include questions from the present year and a small percentage of questions from the previous year. This ensures a better recall of concepts learned previously. No matter which board your child belongs to, Olympiads are suitable for all boards of education. Check out the chapter-wise syllabus that would be covered for students of class 4.
  • Chapter 1: States of Matter
  • Chapter 2: Birds
  • Chapter 3: Clothing
  • Chapter 4: Animal
  • Chapter 5: Earth and it's Neighbour
  • Chapter 6: Our body
  • Chapter 7: Plants
  • Chapter 8: Environment
  • Chapter 8: Food
  • Chapter 11: Logical Reasoning
ISO Science Olympiad Workbook Class 4


The Olympiad Workbooks by ITO are specifically designed for students competing in the International Science Olympiad for Class 4 and are aligned with the competition's syllabus and standards. These workbooks offer a suitable coverage of the necessary subject matter and provide practice exercises that are formatted in a manner that is quite helpful to students as they gear up for participating in the competition while keeping up with learning in fun, organized and innovative way. These resources have been put in place in the hope of cultivating students' natural aptitude for science, inspiring students' natural curiosity, and boosting their self-confidence in preparation for international competition.


The question papers from previous years are often a very helpful source of information. When it comes to the Science Olympiad Class 4, these serve as a tool that helps identify areas in which there is room for improvement. Students can evaluate their own progress, identify problem areas, and focus on specific concepts that need more attention. This focused method not only helps them learn more and retain more information, but it also allows them to practice answering the kinds of questions they can expect to see on the real exam.Students also learn time management by solving previous year question papers. They learn to allocate enough time to each question to finish the exam on time.
ISO Science Previous Year Question Paper Class 4


The Monthly as well as Annual Science Olympiad for class 4 complements classroom learning by providing students with additional opportunities to apply their scientific knowledge. It encourages students to delve deeper into the subjects they are studying, exploring topics beyond the scope of their regular coursework. The Olympiads as a whole encourage independent learning and research, as students strive to excel in the challenges presented. This self-directed approach to learning fosters a sense of curiosity and a lifelong love for science. The two formats have been put in place so that the students have an option to opt for the format that best suits their convenience and schedule, putting them in a cycle of learning that helps them stay ahead of their peers.


Annual Olympiads are similar to the final examinations of any school. The difference being here is that school final exams have certain limitations, with regards to the number of participants. It has a limited number of students who compete with one another. Annual Olympiads on the other hand opens the door for participants across the country. These are national-level exams that cater to students from different schools. It is one of the best ways to test individual capacity. Students who perform well and secure ranks in the Annual Olympiads become self-motivated individuals in their future. It makes them proud of their achievements, which can be carried forward in their future careers.
The Annual Olympiads by Indian Talent Olympiad are held twice a year. The first slot is the December slot, and the second slot is in February. Students can prepare well the whole year and then participate in these prestigious exams. The Annual Olympiads is conducted for subjects such as Maths, English, General Knowledge, Computer, Drawing, Essay, and Social Studies. Students are given 60 minutes for the drawing exam, and 40 minutes to complete the essay exam. The exams for the other subjects are conducted with a limited time duration. All students of class 1 to 4 are asked 35 questions and 50 questions are for class 5 to 10 students which they have to solve within the given time limit.
Similar to the monthly Olympiads, annual Olympiads can be taken any time respectively on the exam dates. All subjects include multiple-choice questions except for the drawing and essay exam. Participants of the drawing and essay exam are given topics to draw/ write within the time limit. After completion, they have to upload legible photographs of their work. It is mandatory to keep audio and video switched on at all times of all exams. All the students require is a smartphone or a tablet, and a stable internet connection to get started. Indian Talent Olympiad encourages all its participants and welcomes all of them to the most competitive exams – Annual Olympiads.
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Students of the 20th century are considered smarter than the earlier generations. All thanks to the advancement in information and technology, children as young as class 4 have become tech-savvy. Keeping in mind the requirements of today’s youngsters, Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced the monthly Olympiads. These can be taken in Science, Maths, English, GK, Essay, and Drawing. The monthly Olympiads allow students to practice as many questions as they want each month. The exam works well on any smartphone – android or apple, and even on tablets. It supports all OS.
Students like to solve interactive questions that engage them for a long time. These tests are conducted for 25 minutes; in which they are supposed to solve 30 questions. Students can attempt these tests any time between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. These questions are from varied topics. Students have to select the correct option and click the Submit button to move to the next question. Indian Talent Olympiad gives the liberty to students to select subjects as per their choice.
Children of grade 4 can select 1 or all the subjects of Olympiads. The combo packs contain Science, Maths, English, and GK subjects together. There are several benefits of these online tests. It ensures a complete understanding of topics taught in class. As these are multiple-choice, objective questions, parents are able to know how much of the portion have the children understood.
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