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What syllabus is covered in the Indian Talent Olympiad?

Indian Talent Olympiad Organization is conducting exams at national & international level for State board, International board, ICSE & CBSE boards, for class 1 – 10. Students have to refer their specific board patterns, Olympiad books provided by Indian Talent Olympiad along with the previous year’s question paper sets which are available on our website at The questions pattern are of multiple choice.


What is the qualification to take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

Interested students can participate in Indian Talent Olympiad from their respective schools Only (all boards). Students from class 1 – 10 can participate in all subjects for Olympiad exams. There are no other eligibility criteria.
Newly introduced Kindergarten exams for LGK/ UKG i.e. Jr. Kg & for Drawing and Handwriting subjects. Now the students studying from kindergarten to class 10 are eligible to participate in Olympiad examinations.


How to Register to Take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

The registration process is available online and offline for new and existing schools. New schools can send request at – or may contact on toll free no. – 1800 266 9192.

Online process -

Interested schools can fill the registration form by visiting our website to complete the process.

Offline process -

  1. Indian Talent Olympiad sends brochures/prospectus containing the registration details every year to the all the schools.

  2. Schools can download the registration forms, from website and send the hardcopy to Indian Talent Olympiad.

Indian Talent Olympiad In-charge Teacher has to fill the registration form & enrolls the student names as per the guidelines given in the brochure/prospectus. Filled registration form & student enrollment details to be sent to Indian Talent Olympiad’s office at Mumbai on or before the last date of registration.

New Schools- Interested New schools can get the brochure/prospectus by filling the communication details by clicking on the link


In what pattern the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination is conducted?

For class 1st to class 10th exam duration is 65 minutes.


No of Questions





Division of marks in question paper section wise:

There will be two section in each question paper for every class.

Section 1: This section contains of MCQ’s related to respective subjects to test the understanding of fundamentals at each level.

Section 2: This section contains of MCQ’s related to logical reasoning, problem solving skills & analytical skills.

Class 1-4: Section 1: 25 Marks (25 questions); Section 2: 10 marks (10 questions).

Class 5-10: Section 1: 35 Marks (35 questions); Section 2: 15 Marks (15 questions).


What are the Participation Fees for the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

School has to collect Rs.150 as the participation fees for Olympiad exams per student per subject. School has to retain Rs.25 per student per subject as organization expenses (supervision charges included) from Kindergarten to Class 10th.


In how many languages the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination is conducted?

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts exam in English language only. Question paper pattern is on MCQ’S format students have to mark the correct answers in OMR sheets.


Can I take a part in more than 1 Subject Exam?

Indian talent Olympiad conducts 9 Olympiad subjects in total, as it is conducted by same organization all the subjects are different from the other, a student can take part in all the subjects according their interest and as per class eligibility.


Can an Individual student take part in these Indian Talent Olympiad Examinations?

Students have to register through school only if the school is participating. But, from the year 2020, Indian Talent Olympiad has introduced ‘Online Student Test’ for the Individual students; which is conducted weekly & can be taken online from a Mobile. In this weekly Online Test, Individual Students can win Rs. 1,00,000 & Laptops every month with Tablets & Scholarships every week.


I am interested to participate in the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination, tell me the guidelines.

All the details regarding the exams will be sent to the schools, the Brochures, Registration forms & Posters in the month on June, students can get all the information from school teachers or can visit India Talent Olympiad (ITO) website at –


Are there any specific books which student can refer before taking an Olympiad Exam?

The students can refer to the syllabus of their respective academics (State board, CBSE, ICSE & International board). Indian Talent Olympiad provides study materials as Olympiad books which are available on study app.


Can I get Sample Papers OR Previous Year Question Papers of Olympiad Exam?

Students willing to get previous years question paper can visit the website For more reference students may purchase the online available Olympiad app.


What are the Criteria for Ranking?

Please follow the link to know about the criteria for Ranking


How many students can Take Olympiad examination from a school?

Minimum count of 40 students is required from an individual school to get registered with Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO). There is no limit for maximum participation.


From where can a student get Preparation & Study Material of Indian Talent Olympiad Examinations?

Students can get preparation & study material of Indian Talent Olympiad examinations in two ways.

  • Through School: School can order the study material through the registration form.

  • Website: where students can individually order the books of particular subjects.

  • For more information, visit our YouTube channel and get the latest updates


How do I Prepare for an Olympiad Exam?

Olympiad exams are competitive exams held at the school level. These exams are introduced in order to improve and enhance the problem solving skills and analytical skills. It helps students to recognize their talent and build confidence that would help them to be ready for future competitions. Preparation for Olympiads does not require any extra classes or lectures to be attended. We can be Olympiad ready when we regularly practice and focus on the areas we lack in. Here are some useful study tips which will help you prepare rightly for Olympiads.

  • Know the syllabus -
    One should go through the syllabus and have a fair idea on what topics the Olympiad exam focuses on. Once you are clear with what you need to study, you can make a strategy accordingly.

  • Plan and schedule you study -
    The one preparing for Olympiads need to plan his / her study accordingly. Proper time and practice to each and every subject and topics should be scheduled and followed thoroughly. Scheduling helps in making it easy for the student to focus more on the learning and decreases the pressure of study.

  • Refer Olympiad books / solve previous year question papers -
    Olympiad books and previous year question papers are of great help. Olympiad books help in making the concepts clear and learn different topics easily. On the other hand, Olympiad previous year question papers proves to be the best pick in the process of preparation. Previous year question papers gives a rough idea of how the exam pattern will be. Practicing previous year question papers thoroughly will improve the score of a student.


What are the benefits of the Olympiad?

Every student has his or her unique sets of skills and talents. These hidden skills and talents of the student need to be discovered. Therefore, Olympiads lend a hand to lift up the learning ability of the student and enhance his / her knowledge.
Appearing for Olympiad exams benefit in understanding and improving the concept that a student studies or learns in the school. The level of Olympiad exams is way higher than the regular academic exams and its unique and easy learning concepts are well structured by the subject experts knowing the learning ability of the student. Problem solving skills, analytical thinking, writing skills, reading ability, and reasoning ability is enhanced. These skills remain with the child for a long run.
Also, awards and special recognitions help students stay motivated and the sense of encouragement stays within them. With these students take more interest in their studies which makes them prepared for other upcoming challenges.


How was your journey to a Science/Math Olympiad?

Science and Math were the scariest subjects in my academics. Being a kid of 5th class, I used to find it very difficult to remember the theoretical reasons for few topics in Science and solve the Logical problems in Math. In our school we came across the Olympiad Exams through one of the Olympiad coordinator. Our teachers encouraged us to participate. Yes, I was the participant too. I got my name enrolled for the Olympiad. At the beginning, I had terrible anxiety of how I was going to perform in the exam. But, the learning process became simpler when I referred Olympiad books and Olympiad Old Sample Papers. It did not make me feel of having any extra tutorials for Olympiad or any tutor to make me learn. I myself prepared a schedule for the topics which I was lacking in. Along with learning new topic I kept on brushing up the existing knowledge that I had. This thorough practice helped me a lot in improving the scores in Science and Math subject. Not only in the Olympiad but also in the academics my scores got improved. I remember solving out the Logical Reasoning Section of the Olympiad Book which I felt was more interesting. I got to learn many new facts and logics behind almost everything that goes around. The journey to Science / Math Olympiad started with a fear but as the day passed, repeated efforts made that fear vanish.

You can check out for more about the Olympiads on


What is Olympiad Examination?

Olympiad Exams are competitive exams that are held at the national and international level. Many students from various schools take part in these competitive Olympiad Exams. Mostly Olympiads are considered as an extra burden on the students. But, when actually understanding the benefits an Olympiad Exam provides definitely changes the opinion. Apart from providing extra knowledge, these competitive exams gives an opportunity for students to showcase their talent on a big platform. Competing students of the same age group builds confidence in them. Many essential skills of a student are enhanced. Importantly, it makes students learn that no competition is hard when they practice thoroughly. Olympiad exams are actually very helpful in shaping the future of the student by improving their academic as well as social knowledge.


Are Olympiads difficult?

Yes, Olympiads are difficult but when practiced with proper study guide and study material, it becomes very easy to achieve good numbers in the Olympiad Exams. Tough these competitive exams have a huge number of competitors, students interestingly participate in these exams. The study material that are required for the preparation of the Olympiad Exams are made available to the students by the organizations who conducts the exam. They have their study material constructed in a very reader friendly way. Multiple choice questions is the pattern of the questions that an Olympiad follows. While answering each and every question a student gets to learn the logic explained for every correct answer. Concepts are explained clearly and the gap between the lacking of information is filled. It may seem that Olympiads are the difficult exams, but not hard to learn.

Keeping a regular touch with the topics that one lacks in benefits him / her in achieving good numbers in the Olympiads as well as in the academics.


How do I Study for Olympiad Exams?

Students appearing for Olympiad exams do not have to worry about the preparation. Olympiads generally follows the regular school board syllabus. This means the students’ academic knowledge get enhanced and is been multiplied. Referring of either regular academic books or the available Olympiad books and previous year question papers can make a lot help in the preparation. Easy to learn concepts with variety of questions covering various different topics that requires logical reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills are designed and put together in the Olympiad study material. All you need to do is, stay focused and practice thoroughly. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses by solving previous year question papers. Studying for Olympiads is just like regular study, but a proper schedule and practice to be made on day to day basis. Sticking and abiding by the planned schedule benefits in achieving desired goals.

Grab your Olympiad study material by visiting


What does it take to crack the International Mathematics Olympiad?

Mathematics is considered to be a tough subject. Qualifying in International Mathematical Olympiad needs a lot of practice. One should start practicing in order to score good marks with ease. One need to plan his / her study schedule. It becomes easy to organize the study according to the schedule. Keep those topics as your priority in which you lack in or need improvement. Spend more time practicing and solving problems because the more you practice the more you score. Gather all the related study material you have for Olympiad. But be clearer about the syllabus of the examination. Regularly keep a track of your progress. Analyze your skills and make yourself competition ready. It only takes right study material, efforts, thorough practice, dedication and hard work to crack any International Mathematical Olympiad.


Is it worth it to get good at Math Olympiad?

Yeah! There is no second opinion on whether it’s worth to get good at Math Olympiad. Math is the important part of our life. We practice simple calculations in our day to day life. Math teaches us to compare things, differentiated between the quality, quantity, shape, size, etc. Both, students one who are very much interested in Math and also the one to whom Math seem difficult can enroll their name for Math Olympiad. Math Olympiad not only adds in new information but also helps in enhancing and improving the existing knowledge. Math needs a lot of practice in order to achieve excellence in the subject. Excelling in Math Olympiad simultaneously increases the academic performance which leads to a better future of the student.

All about International Math Olympiad on


What are the Olympiads? How can one prepare for Olympiad for Grade 1?

Olympiad exams are most renowned competitive exams which are held across or within countries. The Olympiad exams are organized and conducted on different platforms – Regional, National, and International. Students get an opportunity to compete other students of similar age group and educational level. Level 1 students are keener of learning new things. This is the right time to give them a competitive exposure and enhance their knowledge. It is said that at this age kids grasp thing fast. Olympiad for class 1 are designed to bring out the best in the child.

When it comes to the preparation of Olympiad exams for Grade 1, parents often get confused about what the syllabus would be, what would be the difficulty level, and etc. Parents of the students studying in grade 1, must not pressurize their kids to get top rank. Let the child participate and experience the competition through which they can be able to inculcate new skills and abilities. Make kids familiarized with MCQ type of questions and OMR answer sheets so that they can attempt the exam without any difficulty. The Olympiad sticks to the regular school board syllabus but with some advanced questions that may help child think analytically. Solving questions from the Olympiad study material would be of great help to the child. Olympiad books and previous year question papers contains number of question a student can practice on. With thorough practice a child starts improving his / her performance which results in better scores in the Olympiad as well in academics.

Stop worrying about the syllabus of the Olympiad for Grade 1. Find out the detailed syllabus and study material on the below-given link.


How do I apply for an International Olympiad?

There are number of Olympiad exam organizers. The process of registering yourself for the Olympiad differs from organization to organization. Either there are offline registrations or online registrations or even both. Generally, if a student wishes to enroll his / her name for Olympiad exams, he / she need to get in enrolled through his / her school. The school registers through online or offline mode of registration with the list of students participating in Olympiad exams. Indian Talent Olympiad one of the well-known Olympiad organizer, conducts the exams for class 1 to 10 students on National & International Level. Applying for any Olympiad one need to visit the website and register the school along with the details of the participants. Once all the registration procedure is completed, schools receive a confirmation notification on their registered number or email.

For any queries regarding the registration procedure feel free to contact our support executives on 1800 266 9192 or write us an email on


How can I Prepare for Math Olympiad?

We all do basic mathematical calculations in everyday activities whether we are aware of it or not. Math is in very thing we do – from playing games to counting chocolates, listing groceries, counting money, cooking food, etc. math plays an vital role in explaining and creating new things. Math is not that difficult what we make it. Anyone can excel in mathematics with dedicated practice. Sticking to the planned schedule help in covering up the lacking areas to get cleared. Time is more precious. Make a proper use of time while studying. Give each topic its separate time and understand it thoroughly. Refer Olympiad books or previous year question papers of Olympiad. Indian Talent Olympiad has made it easily available for the students who want to excel in the subject. This study material helps in minimizing the efforts that a student might take to search for the best pick of study material and facilitates to focus more on improving his / her performance.


How to Check Olympiad Results?

Students participating in Olympiad Exams can check their Indian Talent Olympiad results from on 20th March, 2021 by entering their roll number. Results of the students participating in Olympiads can view their Science Olympiad results, Maths Olympiad Results, and etc. for the respective subjects separately. The ranks secured by the student will also be displayed once the student view the result.


Are IMO results declared?

The Olympiad results 2020-21 IMO will be declared on 20th March 2021. To check your result please click the Result button on the website of Indian Talent Olympiad. Enter your roll number and click the Get Result button to see your results for the International Maths Olympiad. Students will come to know their rank and the award won (if any) in the IMO exam. These are prestigious examinations conducted at national levels, any prize won at such levels motivates students and boosts their morale. Olympiad results IMO inspire all participants in positive ways.


Are Science Olympiad results declared?

The results for the International Science Olympiad or the ISO exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad is about to be displayed on 20th March 2020. Please login using your roll number and click the Get Results button. It would then display student name, parent name, subject, rank and the award won by the participant. Indian Talent Olympiad login is kept as simple as possible. Science Olympiad results help students to feel motivated and achieve great heights in the subject. It ensures that all basic concepts from school textbooks are clear. We wish all our participants good luck for the results. We hope that you would continue participating in such national competitions and make yourself and your country proud.


Olympiad results IGKO 2020

The Olympiad results for the General Knowledge International Olympiad exam will be announced on 20th March 2021. You may log in using your roll number and check the result. Students will be able to check their name, parent name, rank, standard, subject, and the award won from the result section. It takes a lot of effort to attempt the Olympiad exams. Dedication, hard work, and perseverance are key to such competitions. Each and every participant of the Indian Talent Olympiad must be proud of themselves to have participated at the national level.


Is IEO Result 2020 declared?

Students can enter their roll number and click the Get Results button on the webpage. Alternatively, you may visit and check your results within no time. The International English Olympiad result for the year 2020 will be live on the website. You may check the rank and award (if won) on the portal. We wish all our participants all the very best for their results and appreciate the efforts taken to compete with one another on national levels.