Monthly Olympiad Toppers


Indian Talent Olympiad conducts monthly Olympiads for all students, providing ample opportunity for students to practice before the annual Olympiads. Students can take part in online tests for Maths, Science, English, and General Knowledge, with the monthly toppers announced on the website. Seeing their names amongst the Olympiad toppers serves as great motivation for students. Indian Talent Olympiad also offers exciting packages, including unlimited free mock tests for participants who register for the monthly tests. These online tests are similar to the annual Olympiads, allowing students to understand the exam pattern and prepare better. Regularly taking part in the monthly tests makes it easier for students to attempt the annual Olympiads.Today’s generation is much more smart and intelligent than the generations before. The education system has undergone a revolutionary change in the present century, thanks to the Internet and technology. Online education gained significant importance in 2020, when schools adopted online learning. It was also the year when Indian Talent Olympiad introduced online Olympiads for the first time. The online Olympiads were liked by the entire parents, teachers, and student fraternity. 
Monthly Olympiads give birth to annual Olympiad Toppers. Thanks to the monthly tests, that makes annual Olympiads much more interesting. 

Students participating in Monthly Olympiad practice a lot in order to secure good ranks. Students are given practice tests to practice on the questions that appear to come in the Olympiad Exams or any other competitive exams. These test series not only help in competing in competitive exams but also helps them to excel in academics.