Drawing Olympiad Class 1

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) is a drawing and colouring exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) in several schools across India.

Drawing competition class 1 for students generally targets inspiring students to enhance their drawing skills. Students get hands on experience of handling pencils and making studies of different techniques. Knowledge of different types of lines - thick, thin, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curve, spiral, wavy and zigzag lines and, basics like shapes, combinations and extensions are tested in this exam. Class 1 Drawing book is designed by the experts in drawing subject. Drawing Exam class 1 helps to maintain a balance between academics and art skills. It is the best way to enhance one’s imagination. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in this exam. Drawing is one of the best hobbies developed by children of this age. It is one of the easiest ways to encourage talent and keep them busy.


Preparation Material for Class 1 Drawing Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 1:

  • Chapter 1: Background Patterns
  • Chapter 2: A Pen Stand
  • Chapter 3: A Blimp
  • Chapter 4: A Hanging Toy
  • Chapter 5: Rocking Horse
  • Chapter 6: Colourful Kite
  • Chapter 7: Funny Scare Crow
  • Chapter 8: Colourful Boats
  • Chapter 9: Space Rocket
  • Chapter 10: Charlie Robot
  • Chapter 11: Teddy And Spidy
  • Chapter 12: Christmas Tree


Drawing Books:

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 1

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The organization provides books on different topics of drawing for Class 1 students of class 1. Books give them ideas to draw in the most innovative manner. It also teaches them the importance of colour combination and colour coding. This exam tests soft skills of students such as colouring, sketching, drawing, etc. Class 1 Drawing book are created by experts in the field of art. Students can use ideas provided in the book and draw as per their own creativity.Drawing enhances the imagination of the students and Indian Talent Olympiad gives a platform for such students with inspiring creativity. These skills can flourish with the time passes.