Drawing Olympiad Class 1

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) is a drawing and colouring exam conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) in several schools across India.

Drawing competition class 1 for students generally targets inspiring students to enhance their drawing skills. Students get hands on experience of handling pencils and making studies of different techniques. Knowledge of different types of lines - thick, thin, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curve, spiral, wavy and zigzag lines and, basics like shapes, combinations and extensions are tested in this exam. Class 1 Drawing book is designed by the experts in drawing subject. Drawing Exam class 1 helps to maintain a balance between academics and art skills. It is the best way to enhance one’s imagination. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in this exam. Drawing is one of the best hobbies developed by children of this age. It is one of the easiest ways to encourage talent and keep them busy.


Preparation Material for Class 1 Drawing Olympiad

Students of class 1 need to refer to authentic preparation material that would guide them in their International Drawing Olympiad (IDO). These may be online material, workbooks, previous year’s question paper sets and other such references. When students have the access to such material, it becomes easy for them to understand what would be expected in the exam. Drawing competition class 1 enables all children to draw with free minds. It is a competition conducted to enhance thinking skills along with creativity.


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 1

Class 1 students are considered to be observant by nature. They have an inquisitive bent of mind. They also have the tendency to express very well through drawings. This brings out their feelings in the most innocent forms. The topics for Drawing Olympiad Class 1 are as per their ability. Teachers believe that the perfect stroke can be mastered only when students have years of training in any subject. Thus, class 1 is the right time to introduce students to such competitions. The topics for this exam are listed below, which students can practice using their own imagination or refer to workbooks for the same.

- Chapter 1: Background Patterns

- Chapter 2: A Pen Stand

Chapter 3: A Blimp

- Chapter 4: A Hanging Toy

- Chapter 5: Rocking Horse

- Chapter 6: Colourful Kite

- Chapter 7: Funny Scare Crow

- Chapter 8: Colourful Boats

- Chapter 9: Space Rocket

- Chapter 10: Charlie Robot

- Chapter 11: Teddy And Spidy

- Chapter 12: Christmas Tree


Drawing Books for Class 1:

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the best of workbooks for Drawing Exam Class 1. These books are designed by creative personalities, artists and other experts who have a flair for the subject. The topics in these books are as per the understanding and grasping power of class 1 students. They are given topics that are easy to comprehend, imagine and recreate. The books have very good explanation of how to take the strokes in the right direction to get the required object. The workbooks make students understand using simplest language. Drawing using shapes, lines, numbers, dots and other things makes the learning process easy. It is easy for children to grasp looking at the instructions. The workbooks are colorful that attracts all students of different age groups. Drawing is considered to be the best past time among the children of today. It not only keeps them busy in a productive way, but gives them a way to express their feelings and imaginations. Class 1 Drawing book can be purchased from our website, which is sure to give wings to your children to enable them to fly.

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 1


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 1

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), which is an annual Olympiad conducted for all class 1 students. This exam is to enhance creativity within the minds of all children. The exam is conducted online as well as offline. Students are given topics on which they need to complete their drawing, coloring or painting and complete the same within the given time limit. Students who participate online for these exams are monitored using artificial intelligence. The organization ensures that there 100 % transparency in these exams. It makes use of audio video record and eye ball recognition so that it is ensured that students are judged properly. 
The winners of the Drawing Olympiad Class 1 exam are awarded with cash prizes, certificates, scholarships, and medals to boost their morale. The annual drawing Olympiad is a motivator in itself. It inspires many children to take part and showcase their talent to the world. Conducted at national and international levels, the exam is beneficial to all participants in the long run. Any rank or certificate won at such levels helps them in their future. Some parents may feel that class 1 is too early for annual Olympiads, but it is actually the other way round. The earlier students are exposed to such competitions; they get accustomed to such competitions. To participate in the Drawing Competition class 1, please visit the Student Registration page and enroll for the IDO exam today


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 1

Winners are not born in a day. It takes years and years of practice to win the International Drawing Olympiad. In order to make students’ journey a little less cumbersome, Indian Talent Olympiad has started with monthly tests for all subjects including drawing. These are conducted online every month for class 1 students. Students need to draw in front of their laptop or mobile and upload their drawing within the given time limit. Every month students are given topics, which they need to upload in the monthly tests. This gives them a proper understanding of the topics that may be asked in the annual Olympiads. It also acts as practice for annual Olympiads. 
Drawing Exam Class 1 monthly Olympiads make students confident not only for the annual Olympiads, but also for competitions that are conducted at school levels. It becomes easy for them to draw on topics that may be asked in other drawing competitions. The topics for the monthly tests are as per students’ ability and caliber. Parents can also appreciate their child’s talent when children try their level best to draw concepts directly from their minds. Drawing is one such subject that is helpful in all fields. It helps to build soft skills that are required in their future.