Essay Competition Class 2

Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts National Essay Olympiad for students of class 2. It provides essay on books for Class 2 that consists of several topics. All topics are simple and easy to understand as per student’s requirement. Participating students are tested on their language abilities, thinking capacities and writing skills. Teachers along with parents must encourage students to participate in this exam to improve their grammar and essay writing aptitudes. This book can be used by students to study for their school English exam as well, where essay writing is an integral part of the exam. It helps them to perform well in school exams. It develops vocabulary, improves writing skills and encourages competition among one another. National Essay Olympiad or NEO as it is popularly called is the best platform to bring together young talent. It encourages reading and writing among students. It makes them confident to think about various topics to write for.


Preparation Material for Class 2 Essay Olympiad

National Essay Olympiad Class 2 preparation material is provided by Indian Talent Olympiad. Here, students can not only apply and participate but also prepare well in advance for the exam. It conducts monthly tests through which students can be assured of regular practice. It also provides workbooks for the exam using which students can gain additional knowledge to write on any topic asked in the exam. For learners as young as class 2, this exam is an opportunity to build their writing skills, express their ideas and even discover knowledge about variety of topics.


Topics For Essay Olympiad Class 2:

The topics on which students of class 2 are tested are as per their ability, knowledge and understanding, Indian Talent Olympiad has listed variety of topics as per their age which they can practice on their own or refer to workbooks. The topics are generic based on simple topics that all class 2 students are aware of. The basic format of any essay is the introduction, body and conclusion. Students must follow the same format when they write essays. Flexibility is also equally important. While students keep the basic format in mind, they can write according to the topic and their understanding on the given topic.

  • Chapter 1: Our Clothes
  • Chapter 2: Our Body
  • Chapter 3: Plants
  • Chapter 4: The Fruits
  • Chapter 5: The Sun
  • Chapter 6: Water is Life
  • Chapter 7: Various Flowers
  • Chapter 8: Wild and Pet Animals
  • Chapter 9: The Rain
  • Chapter 10: Birds
  • Chapter 11: The Sky
  • Chapter 12: My Teacher
  • Chapter 13: Vegetables We Eat
  • Chapter 14: Homes of Animals
  • Chapter 15: My Mother
  • Chapter 16: My Father
  • Chapter 17: My Grandparents
  • Chapter 18: Myself
  • Chapter 19: My Family
  • Chapter 20: My Town
  • Chapter 21: My Classroom
  • Chapter 22: My School
  • Chapter 23: My Home
  • Chapter 24: My Garden
  • Chapter 25: My Hobby
  • Chapter 26: Diwali
  • Chapter 27: The Peacock
  • Chapter 28: My Pet Animal
  • Chapter 29: My Best Friend
  • Chapter 30: My Country
  • Chapter 31: Our National Flag
  • Chapter 32: The Cow
  • Chapter 33: Why should be drink Milk?
  • Chapter 34: The Mango
  • Chapter 35: The Tiger


Essay Olympiad Books for Class 2

To write means to put thoughts on paper. Students can express their thoughts and emotions in the form of an essay.Class 2 students generally have a lot of questions in their developing mind. They are excited about learning, they are great listeners, and have creative mind. In this stage their grasping power is good and hence there are plenty of thoughts going in their small mind. To extract their thoughts on to the paper and to encourage them, Indian Talent Olympiad has organized Essay Olympiad. It also provides Essay on books for Class 2 to the students. The language in the workbook is altered to the simplest way so that the student may easily read and understand the topics. This books help them in improving their vocabulary, their collection of the words get upgraded.

NESO Essay Olympiad Class 2


Class 2 Essay Annual Olympiad and Monthly Olympiad - 

Essay Annual Olympiad Class 2 - 

The annual Essay Olympiad is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad for all class 2 students. This exam tests students’ skills on writing essays in their own words. To apply for this exam, you need to fill up the registration form available on the link Student Registration. Here, fill in all details and get started with the exam. Parents can fill the form and encourage their children to take part in this exam. It is one of the most prestigious exam and a matter of great delight to see your young ones expressing themselves on different topics. It is one of the best Essay Writing Competition Class 2.

Essay writing has a lot of benefits. It promotes critical thinking. It allows students to reflect on an issue and even reach a conclusion on their own. It makes students assess different arguments so that they are able to come up with better points. It also makes students learn through different views and perspectives. The other benefits of participating in this exam are improving your child’s language, word, syllable, style, spelling, phrase, grammar and everything related to writing. Writing for an audience helps students to think from different point of views, apart from bringing forward their individual point of view. 

Essay Monthly Olympiad Class 2 - 

The essay monthly tests are similar to annual Olympiads; the only difference is that these are conducted every month. Students are given new topics to write on every month that ensures that are well prepared before the final exam. To apply for the monthly test, you can click the Student Registration button and register your child for the exam. After the registration is complete, you would get all details on your mobile number. You can even check our website for the timetable, syllabus, topics and every buy workbook before the NESO exam. When students practice essay writing, they build up a central idea around which they try to frame short sentences. It teaches them to lay down their points in a logical flow that appears smooth when read. In short, everything that they write, should make sense. 

When students practice writing since a young age, they develop excellent writing skills, enhanced language abilities and even general knowledge that helps to increase their confidence. They are able to participate in other Essay Writing Competition Class 2 conducted at class level, school level, inter school level or elsewhere. The Olympiad exam is here to make students into all-rounders who would have the capability to outshine themselves at national and international levels too