Art Exam Class 9

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) for students of class 9 helps them to maintain a perfect balance between studies and art. It is a national & international level drawing competition held by Indian Talent Olympiad once in a year. Art exam enhances their creative skills. Students get a chance to work on their thinking abilities. It is the best exercise we can give to young minds. Students are taught various things such as pencil shading, brush lettering, design in a circle, sketching using graphite pencils, tube colours and so on. Indian talent Olympiad rewards students with awards topping in National Arts Olympiad exam.


Preparation Material for Class 9 Drawing Olympiad

The preparation material for class 9 students is available at Indian Talent Olympiad. Students of class 9 must make it a point to refer to authentic preparation material that would help them in their International Drawing Olympiad (IDO). When students have the access to such material, it becomes easy for them to understand what would be expected in the exam. Drawing competition class 9 enables all children to draw with free minds. It is a competition conducted bring students on the same platform and boost their creativity. 


Topics For Drawing Olympiad Class 9

The topics for Drawing Olympiad Class 9 are as per the requirements of students and their thinking ability. They are asked to draw the same things that students of this age are comfortable at. When students practice for the drawing exam it also improves their skills and makes them ready to draw in other project works. It becomes easy to draw science based projects, geometrical shapes in mathematics and other such subjects. Drawing is a skill that is useful in all subjects when they grow up. To know more about the topics for class 9 students, you may refer to the workbooks provided by Indian Talent Olympiad.

- Chapter 1: Pencil Shading

- Chapter 2: Poster Making

- Chapter 3: Object Drawing - Cabbage With Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours

- Chapter 4: Design In A Circle

- Chapter 5: Pencil Shading Portrait

- Chapter 6: Ball Pen Art

- Chapter 7: Water Colour Landscape

- Chapter 8: Stone Age Art

- Chapter 9: Pencil Shading Landscape

- Chapter 10: Coloured Portrait

- Chapter 11: Humming Bird

- Chapter 12: Brush Lettering

- Chapter 13: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books for Class 9

Indian Talent Olympiad provides the best Class 9 Drawing book for all students. It helps students to prepare for the exam in the best possible way. The drawing book is curated and crafted by famous artists and experts who have given their best to this field. To purchase drawing books, you may visit our website and buy workbooks online. The drawing books would help you to draw the perfect sketches. These drawing books open a lot of career avenues which students may decide to pursue in the years to come. Some of the best illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers, fashion designers and animators refer to the drawing books to learn the nuances of the subject. These books are useful to students even when they grow up. Students will always have pencil and paper at home, thus the drawing Olympiad is considered the most accessible art form for all students. Purchase drawing books from Indian Talent Olympiad today. 


IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 9


Drawing Annual Olympiad Exam Class 9

The Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Drawing Exam Class 9 for all students in the form of International Drawing Olympiad. This exam is open to all those interested to improve and compete with each other on their drawing skills. The exam tests students’ capabilities in different segments such as idea, concept, colors chosen, message, neatness and other such criteria. To master this exam students need to practice well in advance for the same. To make a drawing look good students must use the right amount of details. It is attention to detail that is given utmost importance in the annual Olympiad exam. 

Students can register for the annual Olympiad through the Student Registration page. Here, students can fill up all the details, pay the fees and register for class 9 Olympiads. It becomes easy for students to login and participate in the exam after they complete the registration. Drawing is one such exam that teaches students to pay attention to detail. This is one skill that they must develop as early as possible. It is always very interesting to look at something which is carefully crafted with lot of details. The exam is all about improving such skills in all participants. 


Drawing Monthly Practice Test Series Class 9

The monthly Olympiad is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad for all students of class 9. Students can participate every month in the Drawing Olympiad Class 9, get to know what is expected out of the exam and thus prepare themselves for the exam. The registrations for the monthly Olympiad can be done using the same Student Registration page. Everything is well explained on the website for students, parents and teachers to take quick action. Drawing monthly exams train students to become better each month thus gradually build up their drawing skills. It is never too late to learn to draw, the earlier the better. 

When we draw, we use our brains. This helps to actively use both sides of the brain equally. It helps to develop strategic thinking and focus better on different aspects in life. Drawing is a means that allows individuals to self-reflect upon their thinking and ideas. It is used to externalize emotions, which is very personal. As children release their emotions while drawing, they even discover few things about themselves. Thus, drawing is also called a journey of self-discovery. Parents and teachers can understand the psyche of children to take appropriate actions. It also tests their aptitude and lets elders know the areas children are good at.