Art Exam Class 9

International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) for students of class 9 helps them to maintain a perfect balance between studies and art. It is a national & international level drawing competition held by Indian Talent Olympiad once in a year. Art exam enhances their creative skills. Students get a chance to work on their thinking abilities. It is the best exercise we can give to young minds. Students are taught various things such as pencil shading, brush lettering, design in a circle, sketching using graphite pencils, tube colours and so on. Indian talent Olympiad rewards students with awards topping in National Arts Olympiad exam.


Preparation Material for Class 9 Drawing Olympiad


Topics For Olympiad Class 9:

  • Chapter 1: Pencil Shading
  • Chapter 2: Poster Making
  • Chapter 3: Object Drawing - Cabbage With Graphite Pencils And Tube Colours
  • Chapter 4: Design In A Circle
  • Chapter 5: Pencil Shading Portrait
  • Chapter 6: Ball Pen Art
  • Chapter 7: Water Colour Landscape
  • Chapter 8: Stone Age Art
  • Chapter 9: Pencil Shading Landscape
  • Chapter 10: Coloured Portrait
  • Chapter 11: Humming Bird
  • Chapter 12: Brush Lettering
  • Chapter 13: Colour The Picture


Drawing Books:

IDO Drawing Olympiad Class 9

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Drawing book for Class 9 for this exam is provided by the organization that provides drawing insights to children. The books contain various topics through which students get to transfer their imagination on the paper. It improves thinking capacity of students. IDO is a national & international level exam where students compete with one another. It is one of the best platforms to showcase young talent. Students should refer this book to develop their creativity.The workbooks are rich in different drawing techniques, patters and designs. Teachers recommend students to use the techniques in this book for other drawings as well. They can learn plenty of new techniques using these books. The topics are explained in the simplest manner and are easy to learn. Techniques are shown using different illustrations.