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Olympiad Ranking

The Olympiad Ranking of the students is a mathematical analysis of their academic scores compared to the scores of other students. The Ranking for Olympiad exams are determined considering the scores of both the rounds. The scores are the converted into ranks. The Olympiad Ranking criteria are well described by Indian Talent Olympiad. Student is eligible to perceive rank when he / she fits into the ranking criteria. There are amazing prizes for the first 4 rank holders. Ranking is determined by the grading system.

Criteria for Qualification for 2nd Level Indian Talent Olympiad Exams:

Students fulfilling either of the following 2 criteria will qualify for 2nd level INDIAN TALENT exams:
  • Top 20% of students, class wise who appear for the 1st level exam. Due priority to marks scored in different sections will be given.
  • Class topper, where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam, & scores at least 50% marks. In case of sectionwise registrations, Class toppers will be from each section where participation in each section exceed 25 nos.
2nd level exam will be held for Science, Mathematics ,English and for General Knowledge for students from class 1 to 10. In case two or more students score same total marks, ranks will be awarded to student scoring higher marks in sections accorded higher priority, as under.
International Science Olympiad (ISO)
1 Science
2 Logical Reasoning
International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
1 Everyday Mathematics
2 Mathematical Reasoning
3 Logical Reasoning
English International Olympiad (EIO)
1 Word & Structure Knowledge
2 Logical Reasoning
General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
PRIORITY Topic/ Section
1 Current affairs + General Knowledge
2 Logical Reasoning

In case two or more students score equally in all sections, they will be accorded same rank & scholarship amount will be shared among students.

Terms for Re-checking & Re-evaluation

  • The queries related to Question Papers, OMR Answer sheet re-checking & marks re-evaluation will be entertained withing only 20 days after the result is declared. Indian Talent Olypiad will not entertain any such queries after the same.
  • Indian Talent Olypiad will discard the previous rounds OMR answer sheets after one month since the result is declared according to the company policies. If the OMR answer sheets' soft copy is required school has to request the same within 20 days of the result is declared.
  1. Re-checking/ Re-evaluation process is chargeable i.e. ₹ 500/- (per subject-per OMR). (For First Round only)*
  2. Providing OMR answer sheet soft copy, re-checking & re-evaluation is allowed for the first round only.
  3. Since, in 2nd Round only few thousand students are selected, their OMR Answer sheets are scanned in OMR Machine twice to eliminate any possibility of an error. For the same reason, the answer sheets will not be scanned again for re-checking or re-evaluation purpose nor the soft copy will be provided for the same. Any queries regarding the same will not be entertained.

Criteria for Olympiad Ranking in 2nd Level Indian Talent Olympiad Exams:

In case of level 2 exams, ranks will be accorded on the following

National Rank 1 : Rs. 1,00,000 for 8 Students.

National Rank 2 : Rs. 40,000 for 10 Students.

National Rank 3 : 10 Students will be awarded with Laptops.

National Rank 4 : 200 Students will be awarded with Tablets.

State Rank 1 to 10 : Scholarships will be awarded.

State Rank 11 to 25 : Excellence Medal Award will be awarded.

Criteria: Total Marks scored in level 2 exam.

In case two or more students score same number of marks, ranks will be determined on following criteria:

  • Marks scored in sections in level two exam accorded higher priority.
  • Total marks scored in Level one exam.
  • Marks scored in sections, in level one exam, accorded higher priority.
  • In case two or more students score same marks under all the categories above, they will be awarded the same rank & scholarship amount will be shared among students.

Important Terms Regarding National Ranks:

  • According to the Indian Talent Olypiad OLYMPIAD Policies, National Rank 1 & National Rank 2 winners' scholarship amount are divided into certain years. The divided scholarship amount will be provided to the scholarship winner till the limit of the scholarship amount's extents.
  • The National Scholarship is aimed to provide Educational Benefits to extraordinary performing students. For the same reason, the Indian Talent Management has set the policies to split the National Rank Scholarships in certain years.
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