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Cyber Olympiad for Class 4

Olympiad exams in computers are conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) at an International level, which is one of the well-known organizations for arranging Olympiad exams. It conducts Olympiad exams in all subjects taught in school. It has tied up with schools across India that cater to different boards namely State boards, International boards, CBSE board and ICSE board. The syllabus of this book is the same as prescribed by the school and is updated from time to time. Workbooks also contain content from the same syllabus, thus making it easy for students to study for their school exams as well. Workbook also contain mental ability exercise for students to solve all of these questions and be ready to compete with one another at International and national levels. Cyber Olympiad for Class 4 exams boosts students’ confidence in undertaking other exams too.

Syllabus for Computer Class 4:

  • Basics Of The Computer System
  • Information Processing Cycle
  • Essential Computer Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Categorized Storage Devices
  • Mental Ability Exercise

Computer Books:

Computer book for Class 4 are designed in a simple way. Students can read and go through the topics in the book effortlessly. Step-by-step method is introduced for effective learning. It conforms to the guidelines framed by the school boards. The chapter emphasizes key learning objectives. Number of different interesting exercises is constructed for comprehensive assessment of learning. There are different sample practice questions to prepare students for International Computer Olympiad. This exam helps to recognize child’s capability, and real potential that helps him/her to compete at International & national levels. This helps them to perform well in their upcoming Olympiad exams apart from regular school exam.

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