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Why ITO?

ITO has become a credible name in the field of Olympiads. The trust, ITO carries among schools, students and parents, is evident from the following numbers.

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Video coverage from Honorable Shri P.T. Usha ma’am of BEST WISHES is delivered to all the participants of Indian Talent Olympiad. Find out more interesting videos of Indian Talent Olympiad covering the Office Environment and Introduction to Olympiad.

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Why should I register for Olympiads? What are its benefits?

The benefits of Olympiad exams for all students are innumerable. It has been reiterated time and again by teachers, parents and even students that the knowledge imbibed by these exams stays forever in the young minds. Indian Talent Olympiad exams are popular throughout the country. It has gained immense fame because of the benefits associated with these exams. The organization is proud to have stalwarts such as Madam P.T Usha, an Olympian champion herself who recommends these exams for all students in the country. Apart from the honorable Padma Shree award recipient Madam P.T Usha, there are other educationists who find these exams very useful.

During an interview with Shri Kiran Kumar Sir, ISRO Former Chairman and Padma Shree recipient, he motivated all participants of Indian Talent Olympiad. He considers Olympiad exams to boost confidence and subject knowledge among all the takers. His words of wisdom will surely help all participants at Indian Talent Olympiad. Please watch the video of Shri Kiran Kumar Sir, ISRO Former Chairman and Padma Shree recipient on our home page. He has rightly spoken about the advantages of national competitions.

Let us look at some of the benefits of Olympiad registration.

  • Registered students can login using their mobile number and password for taking the exam
  • Students are exposed to monthly tests, apart from the annual Olympiads
  • Indian Talent Olympiad rewards winners of all exams
  • The organization awards winners from the monthly test exams with Tablets and scholarships
  • Annul Olympiad winners are felicitated up to 1 lakh cash prizes, laptops, and tablets
  • Other rank holders are awarded with medals and certificate of appreciation
  • Olympiad exams improve reasoning skills and comprehension abilities among all participants
  • These exams sharpen analytical thinking
  • It identifies students’ weaknesses and helps to improve on those areas

Olympiad exams are the best way that tests individual knowledge on individual subjects. Register for Olympiads today through Indian Talent Olympiad.

Where do I find information regarding Online Olympiad exams Registration 2021?

If you are looking to register for the online Olympiad exams, you have arrived at the right page. Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes all young aspirants to participate in large numbers in these exams. Registration is open for all classes from class 1 to class 10 respectively. These are national level exams conducted in 6 subjects namely Maths, Science, English, General Knowledge (GK), Essay and Drawing. Follow the steps given below to register for Online Olympiad exams 2021.

The online Olympiads are divided into three categories:

  1. Monthly Online Olympiads
    • These are conducted every month for the above mentioned 6 subjects
    • Open to students from class 1 to class 10
    • Click the
    • Click register and fill up the online form
    • Click submit, pay the fees, choose your subject and get started
    • Login using the mobile number entered for registration
    • Password is sent to registered mobile numbers
  2. Individual Student Registration
    • Individual students can register for the annual online Olympiad conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad
    • Click to open the student registration page
    • Enter all details, select subjects, select previous year’s question papers and workbooks (if required), pay the fees and click submit
  3. School Registration for Online Olympiads
    • Click to open the school registration page
    • Teachers can choose for online registration or offline registration
    • Fill up details accordingly, upload student information and send the form to Indian Talent Olympiad

For more information regarding these exams, please call on our number 1800 266 9192.

Are Olympiad registration open for the year 2021-22?

Yes! Absolutely! Indian Talent Olympiad’s online registrations are open for all class students studying from class 1 class 10. Students can register for the monthly Olympiad, or annual Olympiads. The monthly tests are conducted every month for six subjects namely Science, English, Maths, GK, Essay and Drawing. The duration for the monthly tests is 25 minutes, in which students are asked 30 multiple choice questions. In the drawing and essay exam, students are given a topic to draw/write respectively. They have to show their talent and come out with the best possible creatives. They have to upload the file online within the given time. The annual Olympiads are conducted in 8 subjects namely International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), and National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) respectively.

What is Indian Talent Olympiad’s Olympiad Trainer?

The Olympiad Trainer is nothing but to train students throughout the year for the annual exams. Indian Talent Olympiad takes initiative to train students through monthly Olympiads. These are additional practice given on individual chapters. Through the Olympiad Trainer, students can also purchase books and sample question papers to practice for these exams. The organization aims to train all students in the best possible way and make them thorough in basic topics. Students master fundamentals in school and thus are able to crack other competitive exams in their future. Olympiad exams hold a lot of importance to shape young careers.

Where can I get Olympiad books and exams for grade 1 to 10?

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the leading platforms to buy Olympiad books. These are comprehensive books that cover the entire school syllabus. The workbooks are carefully curated by subject matter experts. Please click the to purchase books today.

How do I register for Olympiad 2021?

The Olympiad registration 2021-22 is very simple. To register for Olympiad 2021-22, parents, teachers or students have to visit the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad. The organization allows individual as well as school registrations. It conducts monthly tests apart from annual Olympiads. The registrations for both can be done on the website. The registration process is easy to understand. Teachers, students, parents or guardians can register within minutes.

Monthly Olympiad Registration 2021-22?

Click on the Student Test @ Home button on top to participate in monthly Olympiads. Fill in all required details, pay the fees and get started. The Olympiad exams for the year 2021-22 is conducted online. Indian Talent Olympiad believes in providing maximum practice before the annual exams. Thus, the monthly exams or the demo tests are one of the ways in which students can practice throughout the year. The subjects for monthly Olympiads are Science, English, Maths, General Knowledge, Essay and Drawing. These tests provide immense practice before the main exam. The duration of the exam is 25 minutes, in which students are given 30 multiple choice questions to answer. The format of the Essay and Drawing exam is a little different. Here, students are given topics to draw/ write accordingly. It is mandatory to keep the camera switched on at all times, as the exam is monitored through artificial intelligence. To successfully complete annual Olympiads, monthly exams act as a knowledge booster throughout the year.

Olympiad Registrations for Schools

For online registration of schools, please click the School Registration button on top of the website. Subject teachers or coordinators will have to fill in all the details on the page. Schools can opt for online registration or for offline registration as per their convenience. Both these registration processes are separate, the details for which are available on the website. There are more than 33,000 schools in India who encourage their students to be a part of Olympiads. Teachers and other educationalists have realized the importance of these exams. it makes students improve their memory, and subject knowledge. The web page of School Registration consists School Teacher’s Information Section, Exam Enrollment Section, Order Workbook Section, Order Previous Year’s Question Paper’s Section, Order Olympiad Study App Section all under one roof. Teachers or coordinators can download the student list form and upload the same, in case of online registrations. Schools that opt for offline registrations will have to courier forms, choose mode of payments as prescribed on the website to allow their students to participate in these exams.

Olympiad Exam Registration for Individual Students

Indian Talent Olympiad believes in providing equal opportunity to all students of class 1 to class 10. Whether your school is a part of Olympiads or not, it believes in spreading education to every nook and corner of the country. Thus, it encourages individual participation in annual Olympiads. To register for Annual Olympiad 2021-22, please click the button ‘Register Student Annual Olympiad’. Once you click on the button, the page would navigate to the individual student registration form. Students will have to fill in basic details, school details and academic details. Choose any mode of payment to complete the annual Olympiad registration process. To check the Olympiad exam online registration last date 2021 please visit the website. Indian Talent Olympiad strives to provide variety of questions, so that students can come out with flying covers in these prestigious examinations.

How do I apply for ITO Olympiad?

To apply for ITO Olympiad registration 2021-22, interested candidates and other aspirants need to understand the registration process. The organization conducts online monthly Olympiads apart from annual Olympiads. To apply for these exams, please visit the home page of Indian Talent Olympiad. The website is student-friendly and all buttons are clearly visible. Please click on the Student Test @ Home button on the home page. This would take you to the monthly Olympiad section, in which lakhs of students can take part. The monthly tests are practice tests that covers each and every chapter from the syllabus. The monthly Olympiads are conducted for Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. It becomes very easy for students to prepare themselves throughout the year. It gives them an exposure to variety of questions. The syllabus for these tests is the same as opted by individual boards. The Annual Olympiads are available in 8 subjects namely International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), and National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) respectively. Olympiad exams teach students to compete with oneself. Students

How can I register for IMO exam?

Students can register for IMO exam through the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad. The International Maths Olympiad popularly known as the IMO exam is one of the crucial examinations of all times. It helps students to build their mathematical skills, improves calculations and develops love for the subject. To register for IMO Olympiad registration online 2021 exam, please follow the steps below:

Student Registration for the Monthly International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Exam

  • Visit the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad
  • Click ‘Annual and Monthly Olympiad Button @ Home Page’ , this will allow you to register for monthly IMO exam
  • Click the button ‘Register’, fill inn all required details, pay the fees
  • Students will receive login ID and password on their mobile, the login ID is the mobile number
  • Select user type and click Submit
  • Students can check the exam schedule, which is available on the link ‘Online Student Test Schedule’ or the ‘Online Student Test Series Brochure’
  • Login using the details sent on your mobile phone on the day of the exam
  • Individual Student Registration for Annual International Maths Olympiad (IMO) Exam

    To register for IMO annual Olympiad, please click the button ‘Register Student Annual Olympiad’ and follow the steps below:

    • Fill in individual details, school details, academic details
    • Under the academic details, select your class and select Mathematics
    • Students can also opt to buy Olympiad workbooks for the IMO exam along with previous year’s question paper sets
    • Choose the mode of payment and click the Submit button for completing the registration
    • process
    The registration process is kept as simple as possible so that it is easy to understand and apply. Parents and teachers can contact Indian Talent Olympiad in case of any difficulties during registration.

    Online School Registration for International Maths Olympiad

    Maths is one of the subjects that form the base of future career options. A lot of career opportunities depend on mathematics. Maths teachers applaud students who become thorough in concepts, and believe in encouraging each and every child to have a good command over the subject. A lot of schools have opted for the International Maths Olympiad exam by Indian Talent Olympiad. If you are looking to register your school for the IMO exam, please follow the steps given below.

    • Click the School Registration button on the home page of Indian Talent Olympiad
    • Please fill the School Name, State, City, District, Taluka, Pin Code, Address, School Email ID and School Phone Number
    • Enter School Teacher’s Information, Subject, and upload all files as mentioned
    • Teachers or coordinators can also opt to apply using the offline mode

    How will Olympiad be held this year?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt on a lot of activities. Indian Talent Olympiad is one such organization that has taken advantage of the present situation and introduced online Olympiads. Schools were shut down in March 2020. Classroom learning got suddenly converted to e-learning. The sudden shift in the mode of conducting schools was new to each and every one of us. Indian Talent Olympiad believes that learning never stops. Given the present situation, the organization took up the challenge with a smile. It introduced monthly Olympiads, which are online tests conducted every month. The subjects for these regular tests include Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. The organization has a team of experienced teachers who prepare chapter-wise questions for these tests every month. It is one of the best ways to ensure in-depth learning in various topics. The Annual Olympiad is also scheduled to be held online, twice a year. Students can opt for the December slot or the February slot, as per their preparation. The pandemic or the lock down put a full-stop to a number of business activities. However, it taught the world how life can go on if we use information and technology at optimum levels. Olympiad exams that are conducted online by Indian Talent Olympiad are monitored through artificial intelligence. It is an introduction to machine learning using the online mode. The tests can be taken using any smart phone or tablet. It maintains complete transparency of all tests. The motive behind Online Olympiads is to ensure that learning does not stop. Students must take

    Can we give Olympiad exam online?

    Yes, absolutely. The entire world has seen a major shift from offline learning to online learning. Indian Talent Olympiad has quickly adapted to the new normal from class-based or school-based Olympiads to online Olympiads. Students can give Olympiad exams online using any smartphone or tablet. The year 2020 has witnessed a lot of improvements and dependency on information and technology. Thus, making most of the IT world, and at the same time keeping students engaged at home, the organization came up with online exams.

    Monthly Online Olympiads

    Students can opt for the monthly online exams that are scheduled every month. The subjects in the monthly Olympiad exams include Science, Maths, English, GK, Essay and Drawing. These are online chapter-wise tests that are conducted to ensure students gain maximum practice, well before the final exam. The monthly tests are conducted for 25 minutes, in which students have to attempt 30 questions. These tests help students to have a strong understanding of basic concepts. It promotes healthy learning right from the beginning of the academic year.

    School Online Olympiads

    Schools can become a part of Indian Talent Olympiad’s online exams and can allow their students to participate in these tests. Schools need to visit the ‘School Registration’ button on the home page. Fill in all required details, upload the necessary forms, and get started with Olympiads. It is indeed a moment of great pride for schools who encourage maximum participation. Students who perform well are rewarded with cash prizes, scholarships and other awards. Schools are also felicitated for their support and guidance.

    Individual Student Olympiad

    Students can apply for Olympiads individually, if their schools are not a part of these exams. Indian Talent Olympiad encourages each and every child who shows interest towards additional learning. Olympiad exams are nothing but an excellent way of gaining supplementary knowledge. Further to the text book learning, it teaches concepts that are used throughout the lifetime. To register for student Olympiad individually, please visit the ‘Register Student Annual Olympiad’. Fill in individual details, school details, academic details, and subjects. Students can also buy printed workbooks, that can be used to study for Olympiads. Indian Talent Olympiad offers previous year’s question paper sets too.

    Online Olympiad exams have become the talk of the town. If you have still not registered for these exams, we urge you to register at the earliest. These exams introduce students to variety of sections. Logical reasoning being an important part of Olympiads, make students use their brain. Such questions act as brain exercises, increases students’ intellect, and makes them confident in life.

    What is the qualification to take the Indian Talent Olympiad?

    There are no pre-requisites required to participate in the Indian Talent Olympiad’s Olympiad examination. All students from class 1 to class 10 are eligible to take part in the same. The organization also allows Kindergarten students to be a part of Olympiads. Students as young as 4 or 5 years old, studying in Junior KG and Senior KG can participate in Drawing and Handwriting exams. There are no minimum eligibility criteria. Teachers encourage maximum participation so that students get a good hold on variety of topics.

    How to register to take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

    The registration process for Indian Talent Olympiad exam happens online as well as offline. Individual students can register themselves for the exam on the official website. Students can register for weekly test series at home by clicking the link . Students can register by entering all required details such a name, standard, age, school, subject, and other information. It would further take them to the payment gateway, where they can pay the examination fees. Registered students are allowed to participate in the weekly test series in their preferred subjects.

    In what pattern is the Indian Talent Olympiad examination conducted?

    All examinations conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad follow the multiple choice pattern. The duration of the exam is 65 minutes for all class from class 1 to class 10. Students from class 1 to class 4 are asked to attempt 35 questions, whereas students from class 5 to 10 are asked to attempt 50 questions, within the same time limit. The question paper consists of three segments. The first section consists of subjective questions that test the understanding of individual topics. The second section comprises of higher order of thinking questions, commonly called HOT. This is a little tricky that tests advanced knowledge of students. The third section is the logical reasoning section. This is a part of all subjects that tests analytical skills and problem solving ability of students.

    Can individual students take part in Indian Talent Olympiad exams?

    Yes. The organization welcomes individual participation. Interested students can register themselves for online test series that are to be given from smart phones or tablets. To register, please click the link and fill up the registration form. Students can pay the fees from the gateway option and get started for exams of their choice. Indian Talent Olympiad offers exciting prizes for win

    I am interested to take part in Indian Talent Olympiad exams. I want to know the guidelines.

    To participate in Olympiad exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad, schools need to register themselves on the portal It allows offline as well as online registration. Get in touch with your respective school to know more about the exam. For guidelines on individual participation, students can log on to and register themselves for Monthly online test series. The test schedule is available on the link given. There are no pre-requirements from students interested to participate in these exams. All exams are conducted in the most transparent manner possible.

    How many students can take Olympiad exams from school?

    There is a minimum count of 40 students required for schools to allow students to participate in Olympiad examinations conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. There is no upper limit for participation. It is recommended that schools along with teachers understand the importance of these exams. At times, school textbooks are not sufficient to bring the best out of each child. These exams allow national participation, where students from different parts can compete on the same platform.

    What is National Olympiad exam?

    National Olympiad exam is conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. It is an exam that welcomes students from different schools, boards and states to compete at one platform. Some of the subjects in which students can participate are International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO), and National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO). Students can participate in any or all of these subjects as per their choice. Such exams bring out true potential of students. It gives them a lot of confidence to attempt any competitive exam in their future. It prepares them to face other challenges as well.

    Will Olympiad exams be held this year?

    Yes, certainly! Indian Talent Olympiad will be conducting annual Olympiad exams in December and February respectively. The organization already conducts Online Olympiads, known as the Monthly Olympiad test series. It announces weekly winners on its portal. To participate in Online Olympiads, please visit the Student Registration page and get started. To enroll for the Annual Olympiad, visit the Online Registration page. Olympiads are one of the most competitive exams. These exams provide additional practice to all participants. Make sure to grab your seat today.