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GK Olympiad Class 1

General Knowledge Class 1 Olympiad exams aim at bringing the best talent forward. It focuses on overall development of a child. In class 1, students are expected to know a little about their country and the world. Many schools have GK as an additional subject. Teachers conduct small class test to encourage participation and help young minds know about their surroundings. The topics chosen for the same are based on environment, science and technology, sports, current affairs and so on. Indian Talent Olympiad has designed GK Class 1 syllabus knowing the topics on which emphasis should be laid on for class 1 children. Teachers encourage more and more students to participate in this exam to make children ready to face international competition at a young age. This exam tests proficiency and knowledge of students on different subjects taught in school. It sets a benchmark allowing students to explore more about the world they live in.

Topics for GK Class 1:

  • Me & My Surroundings
  • Plants & Animals
  • India & The World
  • Science & Technology
  • Language & Literature
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Math Fun
  • Life Skills
  • Current Affairs
  • Logical Reasoning

General Knowledge Book::

General Knowledge is something that really helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. Indian Talent Olympiad has come up with new ideas and creative way to design General Knowledge book for class 1 students. This workbook also helps students to grow their confidence level and may prove to be of some great help during the exams. Indian Talent Olympiad constructed this Olympiad workbook using step-by-step method so that students understand the concept in better way. The workbook is designed under the administration of professional from General Knowledge province. Students can be able to learn from this book effortlessly. Students can enlist their name in National General Knowledge Olympiad to know better than what is taught in schools.

General Knowledge Question paper:

Class 1 is a crucial stage for students as they have just stepped into the school. They are unaware of their surroundings and have minimal knowledge about it. So, learning basic general awareness will enhance their knowledge and current affairs for Class 1. Here we have compiled GK Olympiad Questions for Class 1. These quiz questions for Class 1 cover a wide range of areas. Solving these GK questions will not only strengthen students’ general awareness but also build their vocabulary. General Knowledge International Olympiad previous year question papers are specimen papers which have been specifically designed to give an insight into the type and format of the General Knowledge Olympiad content. Indian Talent Olympiad understands the exact need of the students.

Who is eligible for Olympiad?

All those students studying from class 1 to class 10 are eligible to participate in the Olympiad exams conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. There are no pre-requisites or any other eligibility criteria for these exams. Students can choose their subjects as per individual interest. It boosts students’ knowledge in the subject they participate in. Some of the popular exams are International Maths Olympiad (IMO), International Science Olympiad (ISO), English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO), National Essay Olympiad (NESO), National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO). These exams give them the correct guidance for respective subjects..

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