10 Best tips for parents: Olympiads for class 2

10 Best Tips For Parents: Olympiads For Class 2

Parents aspire that their child have a bright future and secure future,  for it they are found sparing  no effort to cater to their youngling’s requirements, providing them with only the best resources and availing them only the best of opportunities. Amidst it all, individual capability and skills of comprehension, uptake of information, skills related to learning and understanding things, along with multiple other factors, vary. When it comes to competitive exams and related preparation, these requirements should need to be specially taken care of so that it ensures that the students understand well in ways that suit them, to help retain the provided information pertaining to a subject. Here are ten tips that might help a parent of class 2 students,  guide their kids better when they are appearing for the Olympiad exams:


1.    Aid in making a routine and breakdown of things: Having any aid when preparing for an exam proves to be of much help since it allows one to make the most of their time  utilizing it productively. Scheduling tasks reduces one worry about its completion  allowing one to manage their effort and time reasonably and suitably allow for multiple activities, furthermore, syllabus holds much importance, covering it in fixed time single-handedly can become quite overwhelming for one, students are required to keep up with their regular activities besides usual academics and preparing for the Olympiad, therefore, any aid is appreciated in making things managed and simple.


2.    Help in narrowing down the pattern of questions and aid strategizing: The knowledge of the question paper pattern can be availed with quite an ease but effort to narrow it down based upon requirement can be toll taking, compared to what it appears on the outside. This knowledge allows one to form a proper exam strategy which greatly helps save time improve one’s performance in the exam. There's more in the process than what meets the eye hence any aid in these basic stages prove to be of great help. The exam strategies also vary from individual to individual, as a result of which, developing a strategy can seem overwhelming hence help might be appreciated.


3.    Practising and revision can be tedious: Practicing though important can sometimes get boring, here support and words of encouragement aid to make the process more interesting and prove to be of much help. Post completion of the designated syllabus revision despite seeming essential can be draining since one might lose interest because they don't retain much or remember it already, it is in such times that word of encouragement and some support can prove to go a long way allowing one to persevere.


4.    Self-assessment can be tough: Self–assessment despite helping one strengthen their grasp and understanding on the subject of interest and adding to the retention of information and formation of a proper strategy, the process in itself requires an investment of much time and any help in this stage can be of help. It can be done by helping out one with quick quizzes and contributing to associated discussions to keep things interesting and engaging.


5.    Aid in making notes and interaction: Making notes can be of great help to one for studying as well as revision, but besides this, any aid in gathering resources and their arrangement can be useful as well. The educational resources when handy that can be used in form of quizzes, flash notes, to make sticky notes, and more. Since exams tend to be a greatly stressful time, it is advised that one keep up with interaction, be it related to the exams or even related to things around. Even post-examination helps ease one's mind and reduce the stress caused.


6.    Help in understanding things better and provide support: The Indian Talent Olympiad encourages the students to work upon developing a better understanding of things so that they can remember them better. This can be done in various ways with the help of books, magazines, videos and more. One to one discussion also helps one in retaining the information, discussion can be in form of a quiz, interaction or a basic presentation and other ways. Students face a lot of stress during the process of preparation thus parents are advised to provide students with words of encouragement at intervals, to help them when they feel down, they should be reminded of taking breaks and a conversation should be maintained to ease their worries.


7.    Avoid stressing the students as well as oneself: The kind of environment a student is subjected to has an impact on one's performance as well, hence having a sound and calm study environment helps, if parents stress out, it reflects upon children as a result of which management of stress becomes quite essential.


8.    Help maintain health and associated beneficial habits: Health is to be always considered a priority, it should be well cared for. When one is healthy it is easy for one to focus and working towards a goal seems simpler, hence habits of proper sleep, eating and personal care should be encouraged in order to keep an individual healthy and going well.


9.    Aid in managing and balancing the workload: It is important to keep and manage workload efficiently since it helps to prevent overworking. Aid in managing work targets, pace one and help develop a proper mindset instead of letting one drain themselves.


10.    Appreciate efforts: Post-exam it is good to appreciate the hard work involved in exam preparation, it should not only be in words but actions, comparison to fellow competitors should be avoided, or questions post-exam should not only be about results, a small token of achievement, and a proper conversation, discussing the experience of learning can prove to be of much help for the students.  
These were some tips from our side to help you prepare better to support students through the process of exam preparation. We hope these prove to be of help.

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